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April 11, 2011
Vol 4, No 1-11  




A celebration of trailer boating and trailer sailing, too    


When you come to think of it, it's amazing how varied the personalities of our area lakes can be. Many of them were created by damming a river to serve as a reservoir or as flood control, but even among those, the variety is striking.


Rathbun Regatta Run
Rathbun Regatta runPhoto by Jim Day--TwoDays Photogray

Take Iowa's Rathbun Lake for example, which Gary Kramer talks about. So large that it's called "Iowa's Ocean," it is nevertheless not well known in the heartland. Fishing and coving out are favorite pastimes on this windy haven for wildlife.



Then, there's Lake of the Ozarks, which graces the cover of the issue.  


May 2011 Issue 


Rental Chalet
Floating rental chalet at the Ozark Yacht Club  Photo by Sara Clark.


When a lake has been popular for generations, as this one has been, there must be a reason. Kate Godfrey- DeMay talks about one reason, The Ozark Yacht Club.





Dixie Paddlewheeler

The Dixie paddlewheeler still serves as transportation at Webster Lake. Photo courtesy Kosciusko County CVB

Newcomer Jane Ammeson tells us about a lake in northern Indiana where visitors can feel the rhythms of true old-fashioned lakeside living. It's Webster Lake, in Kosciusko County.  


And so many other lakes as well: Lake Lanier in northeast Georgia, Carlyle Lake in southern Illinois, Table Rock Lake on the Missouri-Arkansas border, and even little Lake Julian in Buncombe County, N.C.


Information about all these lakes, plus advice from Art Lee about what to check when your engine suddenly sputters to a stop,

Do you know what to do when you're looking at
something like this engine? Sure hope so!
Photo by Arthur R Lee

and a roundup of great ideas for a Mother's Day gift from Sandy Lindsey. 


Maine Glass Art ornament


Working clock from Ship's Hatch Fine Nautical Gift


Kristen Holeman turtle pendant

Photos courtesy of manufacturers


Look for the May issue soon in your mailbox.



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A Thoroughbred Houseboat on display at the Houseboat Expo, Louisville
Photo by Mark Gentry 

See "Tracking Asian Carp in the Mississip
pi," a video by the Nature Conservancy, and watch photographer John Guider talking about his effort to kick start his try at the Great Loop, here. 


 Also find very cool pictures like this one, of boat shows we've recently visited.



Another indicator of growing problems with waterway maintenance


Disturbing news came on the last day of March from the Aspinwall Herald, a newspaper that is part of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Reporter Mary Ann Thomas said that the Rimer and Templeton locks were scheduled to close to Allegheny River boaters.


Earlier, Thomas had reported that "The president's proposed fiscal 2012 budget slashes the Allegheny River's locks and dams budget by more than 50 percent. The president's proposal sets operating funds at $4 million for the next fiscal year, which begins in October."

route map
Route of the Allegheny River

HeartLand Boating has run stories about the beauty of the Allegheny River, but because it has steadily carried less and less barge traffic for several decades, the infrastructure of the Allegheny doesn't qualify for very much federal funding. Such funding is based on the amount of commodities moved. That's why Lock No 8 in Templeton, Pa., and Lock No 9 in Rimer, Pa., will be closed completely to recreational boats on Oct 1. The Army Corps of Engineers also plans to drop 24-hour service from Lock 2 No in Highland Park, Pa. to Lock No 4 in Natrona, Pa. Corps officials also announced that as many as 18 Corps employees who work on the Allegheny River would be re-assigned.


Commercial vessels will be able to pass through all locks during operating hours and any time by appointment.   

vintage view

Vintage view of the river at Kittanning, Pa.

Reaction from recreational boaters who use the locks, along with riverside community leaders, came quickly when the proposed budget cuts were announced in February. At a public meeting in Kittanning, Pa., to solicit suggestions for keeping the locks open, turnout of recreational boaters was impressive. It's where boaters would have been most affected by the elimination of lock services in the upper reaches of the Allegheny. Also, officials from Armstrong County, businesspeople and boaters might form a coalition to try to bring more money to the navigation system and spur more business on the river.


They also suggested a toll or fee for recreational boaters to pass through the locks to help finance future operations of the navigation system.


Boating season officially opens next month. Let's make the most of it.


Happy spring,


Lee Braff

From the editorial offices of HeartLand Boating