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Nov. 2, 2010
Vol 11 No 1-10

ORSANCO Revises Standards, Opens River Sweep Poster Contest


The Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission, ORSANCO, is the water-pollution control agency for the Ohio River and its tributaries. Member states include Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. The commissioners approved proposed revisions to its Pollution Control Standards for the Ohio River two weeks ago at its 194th meeting.

Miss Q   map 

 Mississippi Queen cruises the Ohio.      Map of Ohio River

     Photo by L. Braff 

After public review, two of the three proposed revisions were adopted. The third one, restoration of criteria for total dissolved solids, was deferred pending additional evaluation and studies. It will be reconsidered at the commission's February 2011 meeting.

Specification of design river flows to be used for human health criteria, and a provision to allow consideration of variances to mixing zone requirements both passed. The second revision has generated considerable opposition from individuals and groups who believe it would result in increased amounts of mercury discharges to the river. Click here for more details about concerns rising from mixing zone requirements.


Last week, ORSANCO announced its 22nd annual River Sweep poster contest. It is open to students in primary and secondary schools, public and private, K-12. It challenges them to design a poster to spread the word about the 2011 River Sweep.


Participating students must live in or attend schools in counties bordering the Ohio River, or counties participating in the River Sweep. Deadline is Dec. 10. All entries must be postmarked on or before that date.


River Sweep takes place to create awareness of water quality problems caused by litter and illegal dumping. Posters submitted for the contest should encourage  volunteer participation. The 22nd annual River Sweep is scheduled for June 18, 2011. River Sweep is a one-day cleanup project for the Ohio River and its tributaries. The Sweep covers nearly 3,000 miles of shoreline from Pittsburgh, Pa., to Cairo, Ill. All trash collected is either recycled or placed in approved landfills. 


Winning poster from 2009. Poster courtesy ORSANCO


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2011 GIFT GUIDE, Part 1

The holidays are right around the corner, so it's time to talk about the wonderful gifts available from our own contributors.

 "Nautical Crosswords"


Our own puzzle guru, James Longton, has put out his first book of boating-themed crosswords, called "Nautical Crosswords, Vol I." That's right, 25 beautiful crosswords about the joys and lore of boating.

hol puzzles

Truly a wonderful gift for your favorite boater to take along on the next cruise. Click here to order.

Handmade Handbags

Joan Wenner told us about the great handbags and tote bags her friend Kay makes from genuine blue jeans. Kay offers ladies', teens' and little-girl bags.


jeans bag 

To order, call (276) 632-7380, which is the number for Kay's Shop at 20 Walnut St, Martinsville, Va. 24112. Or, you can e-mail Ms. Wenner.

 Cartoon Portrait


 Commission a Cartoon Portrait (caricature) by our art director, Jack Cassady. He can do a cartoon version of your favorite captain, first, mate, crewmembers or ship's pets from photographs. Drawings are color or grayscale on a sheet measuring 9 by 12 inches, suitable for framing. Contact Cassady and put "Cartoon Portrait" in the subject heading. Here he is with his own pets.

Terrific Young Person's Book


Got children or grandchildren? You cannot go wrong with "The Anti-Pirate Potato Cannon: 101 other things for Young Mariners to build, try & do on the water," by David Seidman and Jeff Hemmel. It's published by International Marine.


Turn right away to page 31, with its diagram of yes, an anti-pirate potato cannon made of PVC pipe. It comes right after the instructions explaining how to play a bosun's pipe.

            It's page after page of cool nautical stuff. Along with your memories about say, binoculars or water skis, there isn't a better way to convey knowledge of waterfront skills with love for them. Click here to order. (Oh heck, order one for yourself. You know you want to.)




2011 CAL

Our 2011 Calendar

News For Boaters

Nautic Launches Owners' Boat Clubs


Nautic Global Group (NGG) has launched four new owners' club. The four clubs include:


* The Rinker Owners Club, for owners of Rinker sport boats, deck boats and express cruisers

* The Godfrey Pontoon Boats Owners Club, for owners of Sweetwater, Aqua Patio, Sanpan and Parti Kraft pontoon boats

* The Hurricane Owners Club, for owners of Hurricane deck boats

* The Polar Kraft Owners Club, for owners of Polar Kraft fishing boats


Each club is free to join and open to owners of new or used boats.


"This is our way of showing appreciation to our loyal customers, who are passionate about their boats and boating lifestyles," said Steve Tadd, director of marketing for NGG. "Our new owners clubs will provide more opportunities for owners to get the most out of their chosen boating lifestyle and meet other people who enjoy similar activities," said Tadd. "After all, boating is the 'best social medium' in the world."


For details, go to the Web site.  


RBFF Conducts Survey; Shows Boaters Are Active, Thrifty

The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) recently concluded a survey titled "Quantitative Study of Consumer Attitudes." It showed that boaters have shifted their buying habits.


"People are going to continue to buy boats, but more cautiously, without applying for as much financing," RBFF president and CEO Frank Peterson said in a statement.


Nearly half of the consumers polled said they are still in the market for a boat in the next three years. Nevertheless, they are looking for ways to make the boating less costly, such as making repairs themselves.


RBFF and BrandSpark International conducted the study. It provides detailed information about 1,885 boatowners and 977 non-boatowners aged 18 to 69.


The Wharf Foreclosed

The Mobile, Ala., Press-Register noted that The Wharf development, in Orange Beach, Ala., has been foreclosed. It opened in May 2006. Elliot Free reviewed the condominium-amphitheater-marina complex in July 0f 2008.


Birmingham-based Regions Bank seized 80 percent of The Wharf's acreage for auction. The marina included 190 slips. AIG Baker Shopping Center Properties originally projected building about 1,000 condos with more than a million square feet of retail space, but adverse economic conditions meant that only the first phase was actually completed. For more details, click here.

The Wharf in happier days. Photo by Elliot Free

Boats in Wales

Elliot Free went to Wales recently, and what did he find? Boats.


He writes, "Wales was the prettiest country that I have visited--everything so lush and green because it receives generous rainfall. Very friendly people and 12 million sheep."

red boat sailboat

"They have 40-50 foot tides! The sailboats have dual keels so that they remain upright when no water is under the keel at low tide."

roller    blue skiff
                                                                       Photos by Elliot Free
"This small skiff has a roller attached to bottom for ease of launching on the ramp."

1986 48' CHB SEAMASTER MOTORYACHT -- New Price!  Low hours, beyond excellent condition, remodeled, new appliances, etc.; great liveaboard, entertaining,SEAMASTER traveling boat, no issues, consider trade for a smaller boat. Tenn River. $120K. gdriggers@hotmail.com or 256-677-3840.

Featured Boat of the Month


5 liter Mercruiser, dual batteries, full width swim platform, full
Baylinercabin with enclosed porcelain head. Many extras. Located Montgomery, AL area. $15,000. gypsy5262@aol.com or 334-201-1890.

         THE WINTER?

HeartLand Boating has frequently talked about the dangers E-10 gasoline-the kind that contains 10 percent ethanol-presents to equipment on boats. Now that it's time to put away the boat, here are some tips from fuel industry insiders about how to safely store a boat.

First, the Octane issue.

During winter storage, E-10 gasoline loses octane at about the same rate as non-ethanol gasoline. So leaving the gas tank mostly empty, then refilling in the spring in the hopes of "refreshing" the fuel, is not necessary.

However, a nearly empty gas tank introduces the strong possibility of phase separation. As an alcohol, ethanol attracts water. It also absorbs about 10 times more water than regular gasoline. When ethanol can no longer absorb the water, it will "phase separate" from the gasoline. When that happens, the water-soaked ethanol settles to the bottom of the tank. Unfortunately, that's also where the engine's fuel system pickup is located.


If the tank is mostly empty, less E-10 gas in the tank is going to be present to absorb the moisture. This combination of more water and less absorption greatly increases the chances of phase separation. A water separator is not a solution to the phase-separation problem.  

 ice boat
  Does your boat have E-10 gas in the tank? To avoid problems during a long winter, fill the tank to nearly capacity.
Photo courtesy BoatUS.com pressroom
What about the Fuel Additive issue?

Fuel additives are good for many reasons and should be used when laying up a boat for winter, but no additive will stand up to a good-sized slug of water. Once too much water has entered the tank and the gas has begun to phase separate, no additive will return the fuel to its original state. The only solution to phase-separated gasoline is to have a professional drain the tank and start again.


So, best advice about storing E-10 in your boat's gas tank is to:


Keep the tank nearly full. This greatly reduces the volume of moist air that can enter the tank via the fuel tank vent when temperatures fluctuate in the fall and spring.


With any fuel, an antioxidant will help keep it fresh during lay-up.


Finally, never plug up a fuel tank vent. It creates pressure that could cause dangerous leaks in the fuel system.


For more information including free downloadable winterizing checklists, go here. Click here to watch a short video about ethanol and winterization.  

Best wishes,


Lee Braff 

HeartLand Boating

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