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Spring, 2012

Spring Events
Social Media
Where I focus my attention is what is drawn into my life. How many times and in how many ways and in how many books have we heard this? The entire Universe must shake it's head at how long it takes us to get it!
I just finished Wayne Dyer's book "Wishes Fulfilled"...mastering the art of Manifesting.
I  enjoyed it and ,like all books, came at just the right time. This year will take us all on a wonderful manifesting journey...I'm excited!!
Spring Events

 I will be doing quite a bit of traveling this month, but I am open for private parties in May and June and also open to coming to your area. I set up readings in various cities such as Cambridge, Lancaster, Newark,Zanesville and Athens just to name a few and will gladly add your city if you feel there is a need.


Here are  the places I will be this April:


Gift of Light Expo April 14th and 15th in Cleveland, Ohio

Victory of Light in Cincinnati, Ohio April 21st and 22nd

I also plan to attend a Toastmaster's Conference in Cincinnati over the weekend of April 28th and 29th. I will be staying at the Eastgate Holiday Inn if you are interested in arranging a private reading on Friday evening the 27th or Saturday evening the 28th just let me know.


In May there will be a three day paranormal conference in McConnelsville, Ohio near me. The date is May 4th,5th and 6th. I've bought my ticket and it should be fun. The link to the site is



Social Media for the Psychic


My top priority when I started doing psychic readings professionally (now over 20 years) was confidentiality. I work in the medical field, so it was an easy concept to adopt and because I started in a rural area that was most definitly NOT pleased with me starting a metaphysical business...well, confidentiality was even more important for my still is.


So, now with our amazing smart phones and computers and with FaceBook and Twitter, we can connect more. My concerns are with all this easy connecting that confidentiality is going to be harder to maintain.

Now, I have entered the computer age kicking and screaming. I happen to love beautiful paper and pens. I like to see my notes pasted here and there in my office. I love picking out a new appointment book every year and tucking it into my favorite leather book jacket. I also want to be a good business woman and maintain clients all over the I have a website, Facebook etc.

My question to all of you is this:

Do you feel that Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc are important for you to connect to or know me better?

Are you concerned that my medical job has the right to read all my social media content..public and private..if they should ever desire to?

I am seriously asking for help and advice on what I shoud plan for the coming year. My soul's path work...depends on what you need and how I can help. Please, fill my inbox with advice, thoughts or suggestions.

[email protected]






I do hope you'll check out my blog at


I would like to use this blog site to share with you more as I retreat from other social media . I will write often, but would really love your feedback and thoughts.



I have been working more this past year on developing my medium abilities. I have found it a sometimes sad but ,more often, a funny adventure communicating with those who have passed. Thank you to those who have trusted me with bringing your messages back from the Other Side. 

Ellen Bone
The Intuitive Edge