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Ellen Bone

May, 2011

Ghost Hunting

Happy Mother's Day to all!

 I am so fortunate that my mother is still living . Although, at 84, blindness and bad knees have narrowed her world and mobility, her mind and as sharp as ever.

My own beautiful daughter is now raising her own child, my very precious granddaughter.

In less than 20 years, I will be my mother's age,my daughter will be mine and the granddaughter will be a woman grown.

 So, the world goes on in it's own perfect pattern and each generation learns from the last. Embrace the moment, it flees so quickly.


 I have never called myself a medium....until now. A psychic isn't always a medium, but a medium is always psychic. To speak to the Other Side had always been a hazy ability for me...if someone popped into a reading, I could give some information, but in the same way one sees spirits or a fog like way.

In April, I had the great pleasure of spending some time with Columbus Medium, Gayle Pelz, and she taught me a way to sharpen my ability to speak to those who have passed. It has been a wonderful experience and they(your loved ones and mine) have been teaching me so much through the messages they send. I am so happy and humbled by the privilege to be able to add this to my readings. I sincerely thank Gayle for opening this metaphysical door for me. Please check out her amazing website


Ghost Hunting

  About a year ago, I joined a group of paranormal investigators partly out of curiosity as to how ghosts are detected scientifically and because I love old buildings and mansions. I have grown to appreciate the hard work involved in setting up high end recorders and cameras,lugging cable up many flights of steps,working in the dark and often without heat.

Imagine sitting in a dark, cold basement asking for a ghost to come forward and show themselves, or to actually speak to you! Sometimes in the twelve hours nothing seems to happen and then the second grueling job of paranormal investigators is actually listening to hours and hours of recordings to detect EVP's (electronic voice phenomena)and watch hours of camera views section by section to see any changes.

I have had the good fortune to have been accepted into a group of one of the most professional groups, the Southeastern Ohio Paranormal Investigators. Please check their fantastic web site to see a little of what we are about. Don't look for my picture in the group, my schedule doesn't allow me the opportunity to go on many "hunts", so I am not in the featured clips.

It has been a wonderful experience and I still admit that I am not afraid of ghosts, but if anything brushes against my cheek in the dark it had better be a ghost and not a spider!!! UGH

I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of you and it continues to be a great honor to do readings. Wishing you a beautiful and prosperous Spring.



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