It's March!! Hurrah!! That means that spring is just around the corner and we begin to awaken from our winter doldrums and get busy again.


On the 4th,there was a new moon in Pisces and it is said that at the new moon, plus or minus 3-4 days, you should make a list of what you intend (or wish ) for the coming month. I  haven't done that for some time, but, I made my list yesterday and feel light and excited about what surprises the Universe may have for me.


I spent a fantastic weekend at the Colonel Taylor Inn bed and breakfast in Cambrige, Ohio. Three friends(Linda,medium, Bettie,astrologer,Sue,hypnotist) and I read for about 10 people. The hosts at the Inn were wonderful and the food was divine! I would love to do it again if you know of any lovely bed and breakfast in your area, I'd love to plan something for this summer and then again in the fall.

March  Events


Sacred Way Psychic Expo, March 5th

Dils Center, 521 Market Street, Parkersburg, WV


( I was supposed to be at this event, but home instead with a stomach virus. This will be a great event, so if you live nearby, stop reading this and GO!)

Gift of Light Expo, March 19 &20
Veterans Memorial Hall
Columbus, Ohio
Come and see me in Columbus. I'll be sharing a booth with the well known Columbus psychic, Joey Smith.
I am considering teaching some classes to a small group of real plan yet, but I keep getting a gentle nudge from the Universe :)




I am making some changes this month and in the coming months with The Intuitive Edge.


I am raising the fee for the....$20 ,2 question email reading, to $30...effective immediately.


My fee for my half hour readings will also change beginning in April from $50-$60.


If you have had a reading from me, you know I pack a lot of guided information in your reading and the increase will allow me to properly hire an assistant and to concentrate even more on you.


I have also deleted the online scheduling program from my website. The feedback was that it was more bother than it was worth. I  am working on a different program that will allow you to sign up for my newsletter easier  and/or contact me.  
I look forward to bringing new ideas and plans to you.
I sincerely thank you for your patience and continued support.
Love and Light,