March news from The Intuitive Edge
March is always a relief for me and a little sad. My father passed away years ago in March...just as the hope of Spring was in the air. He disliked winter and the lack of light and sun and his beloved garden. He would have been restless this year with the huge drifts of seemingly endless snow. I feel his spirit over my shoulder as the seed catalogs have begun to arrive and I'm sure he'll be tromping beside me as the potatoes go in the ground in a few weeks.
Hope you have a March filled with comfort and beauty.
Just wanted to say "Thank You" to all the people who took advantage of the special last month. It was great to give a mini reading to some new folks.

Gift of Light Expo
 I will be at the Gift of Light Expo at the Veterans Memorial in Columbus, Ohio. The event will be from 10-7 on Saturday , March 13th and from 10-6 on Sunday the 14th. Please check the website for more details. Don't forget the time changes on Sunday the 14th...we jump ahead an hour !
Stop by my booth for a reading or to say hello:) This is a large expo!
 I do hope you are clicking on my blog from my website and reading my monthly story or thought. I am always open to hearing your ideas and thoughts and any stories that you might wish to share with don't hestitate to comment!
Ellen Bone
The Intuitive Edge
Words are great forces in the realm of life.
Be careful of their use. Who talks of hate,
Of poverty, of sickness, but sets rife
These very elements to mar his fate.
When love, health,happiness and plenty hear
Their names repeated over day by day,
They wing their way like answering fairies near,
Then nestle down within our homes to stay.
Who talks of evil conjures into shape
The formless thing and gives it life and scope.
This is the law: then let no word escape
That does not breathe of everlasting hope.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox