December News from The Intuitive Edge
  I haven't quite recovered from pumpkin pie overdose and here it is December! My 2010 appointment book has been opened and appointments and events have already been started! Thank you for enhancing my life with the honor of knowing  and being of service to you.
  Whatever this season means to you, spiritually or religiously, I sincerely hope it offers you peace and the promise of prayers answered.
With Love, Ellen
Chillicothe, Ohio
This is rather last minute, but I will be at the Comfort Inn at 20 Plaza Blvd. in Chillicothe, Ohio on December 12th. I will be available for readings by appointment from 8:30AM-noon. If you are interested, please email me soon..
Gentle Wind
After a year or more away from Gentle Wind Bookstore in Gahanna, Ohio, I will be back on January 23rd,2010 from NOON-6PM Your appointment must be made through the store
at 614-471-2281 
 I look forward to seeing some Columbus clients in person again!
Spirits Everywhere 
I have been just as overwhelmed as you, over all the 2012 books, movies and  predictions, but one thing I can say with absolute certainty...something is changing. I have had more people in the past year go from seeing "shadows of spirits" to full frontal confrontations and discussions with them. I am fasinated, curious and excited by this thinning of the veils between the dimensions and what this will mean for our higher vibrations and growth.I don't fear 2012 because it is happening now and 2010 may be a year that launches us to where we need to be.
 Don't forget, I am offering through the end of December the opportunity to buy gift certificates at a reduced price. Buy one half hour reading for $50.00 and for only $25.00 more get a second gift certificate for another half hour reading!
Offer ends Decmebr 31st.
Ellen Bone
The Intuitive Edge