I sincerely hope this newsletter finds you preparing for family for the Thanksgiving holiday.....even if it's something special for the cat.
I ended my employment with Genesis hospital effective the 31st of October and have had a week to feel the euphoria and slight panic attack of being in business for myself full time again. I know this is my soul's path, so I continue to trust intuition and be guided.
After your own holiday seasons have settled down, please call me for an appointment or to reconnect friendships. I have juggled two careers for seven years ...based mostly on economic fears...and I have sacrificed time with friends in the process. So, know the coffee pot is always on and my heart and door are opened wide.
November Schedule
I will be in The Plains (Athens, Ohio area) at On The Path  740-797-7284 on November 17th
from 10:30AM-5PM. Please call their number for an appointment.
I will also be at the Victory of Light Expo at the Sharonville Convention Center in Cincinnati on November 21&22 from 10AM-7PM. This is a HUGE metaphysical event that takes place twice a year.
I also have two private psychic parties scheduled in December . I will be available for your parties and events throughtout the coming year,please feel free to call to schedule and to get details.
Ted Andrews
Many of you in the metaphysical world may have already heard that Ted Andrews , in the words of one web site,"passed through the Veil to be with the Great Mother" on October 24th.
I, with countless others, was fortunate to call Ted Andrews a friend. His book, "Animal Speak" is as tattered and well thumbed in my library as most people's Bible.
Ted's talents were many.He was an accomplished healer often utilizing sound, music and voice. He was an amazing clairvoyant and utilized many ancient techniques to help people
He wrote many,many books and had liscensing to rehabiltate birds of prey. The hawk was especially significant for him.
Ted used to laugh and tell me that a hawk would show up when a State Trooper was ahead on the road and Ted would know to slow down.
 I was traveling on my country road this past week, tears streaming from my eyes, remembering Ted, when a big red-tailed hawk slowly and seemingly with deliberate calm passed in front of my windshield.
Thank you ,dear friend,and good-bye.
In keeping up with the times, I am forced to be more involved with Internet social media. I admit, I am entering the world kicking and protesting. I am on Twitter and will be looking for someone to help me launch a Facebook as my book reaches completion the beginning of next year, I'll be able to keep you and many friends better informed.
My email provider has been sold hiss. This seems to happen right after I purchase 5000 business cards (no psychic jokes here, please) so, my email may change before January. Please keep sending my mail to [email protected] , but my back-up email is [email protected] if you run into problems. I rarely look at my AOL account, except to delete, but that may change. I'll keep you posted.
Ellen Bone
The Intuitive Edge
Inside the Mind of a Psychic...shocking true stories and real  life lessons
My book will be finished in 2010 and I sincerely hope it will be worth the wait and the hype.
I have been frustrated by the process and delay, but in the words of motivational speaker, Larry Winget "To begin a jouney and not make it is forgiveable. NOT TO BEGIN THE JOURNEY is unforgivable"
The journey has begun ....
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If you use PayPal, make sure the address you'd like me to send the certificates is correct and be sure to say it is for gift certificates.
Offer Expires: December 31st,2009