The Intuitive Edge Newsletter
    It's July!! I am excited because I have taken a huge step that began this month to work with a business coach to launch my business to another level. One of the projects, and the most important is an E-book. I'll keep you posted on how that is progressing.
I have , with some kicking and screaming, entered the world of blogging and now Twitter.
I can remember my father , years ago, commenting on the fact that the TV would talk about and list ,a web site. He was totally bewildered by what that meant and did not live long enough to see how that changed the world. Now, I feel like he did when I see on the TV a note to follow on Twitter.
So, if you "Tweet" or blog, please check mine out and help me along. I am told it can be fun and/or addicting...I still need convinced :)
Survey Coming Soon
 I am writing an E-book and I need your help. I have some wonderful stories and information to share with you, but I want to address what you really want to hear or know from me.
This weekend I will be sending out a survey ...........
Okay, if you are like me and you see the word "survey" you immediately get an itch in one finger over your computer Delete button.
Please, resist the "delete"and take just a minute or two and send me some feedback so that this book will be what you want.
Thank you!! Thank you!!
Schedule for 2009

 I will send a notice with the newsletter each month about where I'll be and the exact dates and location, but here are the cities planned
Zanesville, Ohio---August
Lancaster, Ohio.....September
Athens, Ohio.........September
Columbus, Ohio.....October 10th and 11th for The Universal Light Expo at the Veterans Memorial.
Cincinnati, Ohio......November 21st and 22nd at the Sharonville Convention Center for the Victory of Light Expo
Marietta, Ohio.......December 
Remember, I travel for private parties and am open to visit other areas.
Cambridge, Ohio

I will be at the Days Inn in Cambridge, Ohio on July 24th and July 25th. I will be doing readings by appointment. Hours will be from 3PM-9PM on the 24th and 9AM-noon on the 25th.
Email me at or call 740-962-6887 fo your appointment. 
Ghost Story

If you haven't already, please read my true ghost story on my website  I am not easily scared by spirits or ghosts, but this was a bit unnerving and a different experience for me.
Send me an email or, better yet, a twitter about what you thought. 
I will be officially celebrating my 20th year in business in 2010. I can never begin to thank you enough for the gifts of your friendship and trust.

Ellen Bone
The Intuitive Edge