June 2012
 YouTube Channel Now Available!!!



SBIR is excited to announce the release of the first in a series of videos that will focus on infrared testing and methodologies for performing IR camera characterization. This introductory video will set the agenda for the following few months of video sessions.  Click here or on the penguin below to be redirected to our new YouTube channel.  

In future videos, items discussed will include how to do measurements like MRTD (Resolution), NETD (Noise), SiTF (Sensitivity), MTF (Focus), Boresight and many more.  We will also discuss the equipment required to perform these tests: primarily a blackbody source (DB Series Differential Blackbody), or an Infrared Target Projector with the necessary targets (14001Zi, 14003Zi, 14008Zi or a Custom Infrared Target Projector).    

There will also be a series of videos discussing our automated testing software package - IRWindows4 and how to successfully utilize all of the tools it has to offer.


Keep your eyes open for SBIR's newsletter with updates to future video links.  Or, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel and view them at your own convenience.  We are confident that you will find these videos both educational and resourceful.  


Feedback is more than welcome.  


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