Santa Barbara Infrared, Inc.May 2012
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Founded in 1986, (SBIR) designs and manufactures the world's most technologically advanced test instrumentation used to test, calibrate and validate the performance of Infrared (IR) and Electro-Optical (E-O) sensor components and systems. SBIR is focused on providing well engineered, cost effective hardware and software solutions to the E-O community. For more information about SBIR, please visit our web site

Target Group Joins SBIR as Sales Representative for Turkey
Target Group
Santa Barbara Infrared, Inc. (SBIR) is pleased to announce that we have a new representative in Turkey.  We have recently finalized a long term agreement with the TARGET Group.  This is an exciting transition for both SBIR and TARGET and we strongly feel that TARGET is a perfect match for serving our Turkish customer base.  They have expertise and years of experience in military sensor technologies & testing, and are well known in Turkey.  TARGET has a core of technically trained personnel that will be capable of providing excellent customer support.  You can continue to contact us directly-as you have in the past- but we believe you will find that TARGET can provide a benefit to your group.  SBIR looks forward to a long and successful association with TARGET.