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Mothers in EnekreMothers, grandmothers, sisters, wives. They inspire us. They believe in us.    

How do you express your gratitude to your most tireless champions? 
Honor them with a gift contribution to RAIN or choose a unique gift that supports women in West Africa!  

 Make a gift donation to RAIN and we'll send her a personalized card notifying her of your special gift!

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tif ring

Silver Tifinagh Ring

Give her a gift of enduring beauty! 
100% of your purchase will go to RAIN programs. 
Click on any item to learn more.
Your gift can be sent on the day you order and shipping is free!
stripe etched cuff

Etched Tuareg Cuff Bracelet

polka dot earrings

Silver Earrings with Ebony

ball cuff

Tuareg Wrap Around Bracelet


silver tuareg ears

Etched Tuareg Earrings

stripe choker
Silver Choker with Agate


crown neck
Tuareg Crown Necklace

Sale at Street!

Enjoy the food you travel the world for at   

Starting at 10AM on May 6th,
   come for Brunch  - 
RAIN will be selling beautiful Tuareg jewelry and other unique gifts for Mom!