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Upside down world  

Today's message from our featured country - Australia -makes me think of two things:

  1. Aging
  2. Turning Things Upside Down
As you will read below, the lay Marianists in Australia are aging - nothing wrong with that; it's natural. But it does mean that the ways they meet are changing and they need to be flexible. They meet in the morning and have lunch together. Bottom line? They pray, discuss, and support each other. Not all that different from many MLCs.
As geography buffs and fans of Crocodile Dundee know, Australia is also known as the land "down under." Seasons are reversed in Australia and other countries south of the equator. Thus, Australians are approaching spring. It's not rocket science, but it does take stepping into another's shoes and looking at the world from a different perspective.
Being in an MLC is often like that. Everyone has their own truth and commitment but joins with others who may look at the world differently and understand God through a different lens. Sometimes it forces us to re-examine our way of thinking and doing things. 
This is good. Isn't that what the Magnificat is all about:
  • lifting up the lowly,
  • filling the hungry with good things
  • and the rich go away empty 
 Think about it.
Vogt, Susan w mug
United across the miles & kilometers, 

Susan Vogt,  


Regional Rep: N. America, Asia, Australia, Ireland 


PS: To balance the topic of aging, next month I'll focus on the challenges that emerging communities of young adults face. (If that's you, I'd like to hear from you.)

Australia spring  
Greetings to the Family Of Mary, from Australia.

As you can see by the photo spring is around the corner for us, in fact in 10 days time. The garden is starting to bloom, and we are all looking forward to some nice weather.

Over the winter months, some of our elderly members find it hard to attend our meetings because of sickness, doctors appointments, or it's just too cold to come out. We have six member in their 80's, and a few in their late 70's. As you can see we are all getting older. But that doesn't stop the ladies from wanting to be part of the Family Of Mary. That is why we are quite flexible sometimes in changing the date of our meeting to suit most of our members. We have a couple of ladies who work part time, as well.

The most important thing to me is that after each meeting members say how they enjoyed our time together, sharing the readings, and the discussions. Seeing their smiling faces when they say how happy they feel uplifts me. Sometimes after our meetings we go out together for lunch, so it's a time for building friendships and getting to know each other that bit better.

May God bless you all, and all that you do. 
Julie Ahern
National Responsible, Australia



HAITI - seemed lost in cyberspace but has been found 
Etienne, Wesly 1
Wesly Etienne

After having received several spam emails that purported to be from Wesly Etienne, National Responsible for Haiti, I had almost given up hope of reaching the real Wesly. Fortunately, I just received a genuine email from Wesly saying that they had a special Marianist program during the summer and that some MLCs have organized camps, trainings, and pilgrimages. He promises more information soon. Stay tuned.



  • For those suffering from the floods in the Philippines and the drought in the USA.
  • In the spirit of Mary, mother of a murdered child, we pray for all those killed in violent crimes.
  • As the academic year begins in the northern hemisphere, we pray for all those involved with education - teachers, students, parents.
  • For those in the southern hemisphere, we pray for a restful, refreshing, and safe summer.


Next Intl. MLC Meeting Set for Lima, Peru 

Peru in green

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

The International Team of MLC is pleased to announce that the 6th International Meeting of Marianist Lay Communities will be held in Lima, Peru from January 26 to February 2, 2014.

The Marianist Lay Communities in Peru have graciously accepted the task of preparing the site for this next meeting. Isabel Duarte Quapper (Regional Responsable for Latin America) will be coordinating their efforts. We thank Isabel and our sisters and brothers in Peru for their generous and faith-filled response to this challenge.

The theme for the next meeting is: Faith of the Heart, in the Heart of the World. All of us on the International Team are excited about the upcoming meeting and ask our worldwide Marianist Family to join us in prayer for the success of this endeavor. May we continue to walk with Mary in the way of her Son, Jesus.

IO/MLC logo


Read the announcement by clicking below:





Zaragoza Province in red
Zaragoza holds Provincial Meeting of CLMs
Felix Arqueros, Regional Responsible for Europe, spoke on the international dimension of the MLCs at the recent Assembly of the 60 MLCs of Zaragoza Spain. This Assembly is held every four years and this year's theme was "Called to Mission Family."

The Assembly adopted goals for Zaragoza CLMs for the next 4 years. During this assembly Boris Giambanco completed his term as head of the Province of Zaragoza and Irene Miñon of Vitoria was installed as the new head. Click here to read Isabella Moyers welcome letter.



FMI chapter logo FMI Leadership Message to Marianist Family
Sr. Franca Zonta, FMI, new Supeiror General of the FMI, sends this letter from the FMI General Chapter delegates to the Marianist Family. Laura Leming, FMI adds: Thank you for all the prayers for our Chapter - we were keenly aware of them! Here's to courage for our shared endeavor to "go into the deep," to fulfill our Marianist Mission!

Marie Therese de Lamourous


September Feasts  
Friday, September 14 
On this day, we mark the death of Marie Thérèse de Lamourous in 1836. She helped Blessed Chaminade establish the Sodality of the Madeleine in Bordeaux and participated in the foundation of the Daughters of Mary Immaculate and the Miséricorde.
Click here to see other September Feasts. 

Friday Magnificat - August  
2012-8 S Korea strollers  
In 2006 the FMIs of S. Korea opened the House for Multi-Cultural Families. Most of the foreign women are from Southeast Asia who moved to Korea after marrying Korean men. The families suffer hardships such as poverty and language barriers. The Multi-Cultural House helps the women to adapt to their new circumstances.      
Read more at Archived Friday Magnificats





WDP 2012 Togo  

Marianist World Day of Prayer - 2012
Save the Date: October 14, 2012
Our Lady of Lake Togo, Mother of Mercy 
Togoville, Togo 
More information in coming months



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