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JULY 2012

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How does it feel to be a citizen of the world? Most of us can't travel to far flung parts of the world - or even across the continent of N. America. 

But, as lay Marianists, we truly are connected around the world. 

Although Gifts & Tasks is primarily focused on the MLC region of N. America, Asia, Australia, and Ireland, the past few weeks have been full of news from other parts of the Marianist World. For example, this past week our brothers and sisters (SM and FMI) held their International Chapter meetings and elected new leadership.

SM Chapter 2012  

The newly elected leaders for the Society of Mary are:

  • Fr. Manuel J. Cortés Soriano - Superior General
  • Fr. André Fétis (Ivory Coast) - Religious Life
  • Bro. Maximin Magnan (Togo) - Education
  • Bro. Ed Violett (USA) - Temporalities.

FMI chapter logo  

The newly elected leaders for the Daughters of Mary Immaculate are: 

  • Sr. Fanca Zonta - Superior General
  • Sr. Susanna Kim (Korea) - Religious Life
  • Sr. Ana Lúcia de Goes (Brasil) - Education
  • Sr. Gretchen Trautman (USA) - Temporalities

We rejoice with our brothers and sisters in their discernment of those who will serve and lead in their name. May God bless them.


Read about all the other parts of the world like the Philippines and Africa that are also part of your family. It's amazing.

Vogt, Susan w mug
United across the miles & kilometers, 

Susan Vogt,  


Regional Rep: N. America, Asia, Australia, Ireland 

Johneleen Lardera
National Responsible

Blessed William Joseph Chaminade said "We are all missionaries." Yes, indeed we are all missionaries and we can't reach out to our needy people by ourselves. Mostly we pray, work together, and share our gifts especially with our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

On June 24, 2012 the Marianist Lay Community of Davao, together with German volunteer Miss Anne Fleischmann, helped the project of Mr. Giussepe Pugliese of Associazione Madre Teresa (based in Cantanzaro, Italy). Giussepe's wife, Chona, is a member of the Davao MLC. We painted the outside part of the newly built house of the Marcial Sanchez family, the beneficiary of the Associazione Madre Teresa.
house painting crew

At our back, the finished paint job by the MLC members and volunteers. It was white and blue to represent our Mother Mary.  




Isabella Anne Publiese1  




At right is our youngest MLC member, Isabella Anne Pugliese. She is the Italian/Filipino daughter of Giusseppe & Chona. At seven years old she has a sense of helping others and often helps with the MLC feeding program.


Sanchez family w Kemmitt  





The Sanchez family amd 5 of their 7 children plus some of the work crew and "helpers." George Kemmett, SM (in green t-shirt) bought slippers for the Sanchez family.  





This beautiful video at right describes the Marianist Mission in Davao Philippines. It's 10 minutes but well worth the time. It shows many of the service and justice efforts of the Marianist Family there. Enjoy.

From India:
Marianus Lugun, SM
July 1, 2012
Dear Mom (Ed. note: That's what he calls me),
Greetings and blessings. Thank you for sending me "Gifts and Tasks." At present I am appointed in Binda near to Ranchi. We have a school for the poor neighboring villages and some social development projects for the people around us. I hope that our Marianist Family will have a good root in Binda. Thanks for your service and dedication.
With prayers,
Fr. Marianus

From Korea:
KIM, Christina
KIM Kyungnam
July 6, 2012
Hello Susan & Jim (and Greater Cincinnati Marianist Family).
I arrived in Seoul safely but am having trouble with jet lag. It's 4:00 a.m.
My mom came out of the hospital, but she is in no condition to walk alone. She is trying to walk little by little. So, I don't know when I leave to East Timor & India. I'll play it by ear.
My experience with America was a memorable one of Marianist love. All I know comes from God's love. 
In love of Mary.
Kyungnam Kim


prayinghands 2LET US PRAY 
  • For the recently elected leadership of the SM.
  • For the recently elected leadership of the FMI.
  • For the victims and families of those killed in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater.
  • For those who commit such tragic crimes, that their troubled minds may be healed. 
  • For KIM Kyungnam's mother who is ailing.
  • For those whose parents have recently died, especially Gail Miller of the Anawim Community in Cincinnati.

Pan African Congress Pan African Conference 
Ernest Kasongo, the MLC Responsible for Africa has been invited by the Pontifical Council for the Laity to represent the African Marianist Lay Communities at the Pan African Congress in Yaounde, Cameroon in September, 2012. The theme will be "Being Witness of Jesus Christ in Africa Today. There are over 50 MLCs in Africa with approximately 1.200 lay Marianists. The countries which Ernest will represent are Cameroon, Congo (Brazzaville), Congo (Kinshasa), Cote D'Ivoire, Kenya, Malawi, Togo, and Zambia. 
(Next month I hope to have Ernest's report translated.)

Assumption 2012-8 August Feasts
August 15, The Assumption

The belief that Mary was assumed into heaven at the end of her life reflects the Church's desire to recognize Mary's special and intimate relationship with her son, Jesus.
We can grow deeper in faith by contemplating what it means to bring Christ into the world. We ask Mary to help us understand how to do this since Jesus grew, not only in her womb, but presumably also under her watchful care as a child. She was with the apostles during Jesus years of public ministry, and she stood by him at the crucifixion. We can assume that Mary experienced the human emotions that any parent would: joy in their accomplishments, worry about their future, fear for their safety, and sorrow at their death.
Click here to see other August Feasts. 
Friday Magnificat - July   
In May, the members of the Alliance Mariale in Santiago, Chile reached out to children in Valparaiso who have suffered a great deal both emotionally and physically. They entertained a group of girls who needed to be reminded of the love of family. Many of these girls were victims of abuse or adopted. The Alliance Mariale brought joy and warmth into these girls' lives by helping do their homework and playing fun games.       
Read more at Archived Friday Magnificats



WDP 2012 Togo  

Marianist World Day of Prayer - 2012
Save the Date: October 14, 2012
Our Lady of Lake Togo, Mother of Mercy 
Togoville, Togo 
More information in coming months
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