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JUNE 2012

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It's Not About the Money, BUT...  

This month's featured country, Japan,
makes the point that there are many ways to serve the poor. Sure Marianists are known for our direct service, feeding the hungry, caring for the elderly and all the other important good works that MLCs do.
BUT, we can't be everywhere and sometimes the best we can do is offer financial support so that others can do the grunt work.
Indeed, some MLC members (like Itaru Nagahama from Japan) have actually gone to Nepal, and other disadvantaged countries, but many in the Japan MLCs are aging and cannot personally serve so they have made it a priority to pool their money to support the SM and FMI who are doing the legwork. Does this kind of service fit your MLC or are you more in the travel and get your hands dirty stage of community life?

ClockAnother miscellaneous thought -
A couple days ago our electricity went out for six hours. It wasn't life threatening but it was like having a snow day without power. I found myself forced to tear myself away from the computer, do some gardening, take a walk, read (although it was pretty hot and dark), and talk with neighbors.
It did upset my tight time schedule for the day, but maybe this is how God sometimes breaks into our day and reminds us that life is about more than our "to do" list. Isn't taking time with others and nature what people used to do BC (Before Computers?)

What do you have more to give - Money or Time?
Vogt, Susan w mug
United across the miles & kilometers,

Susan Vogt,  


Regional Rep: N. America, Asia, Australia, Ireland 


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Hiroshi Kawaguchi
National Responsible-Japan 
A General Meeting of MLC Japan was held on May 26, 2012. In this meeting, the results of activities for this fiscal year were reported.

One of the most important matters was our 2011-2012 project in which we donated financial support for needy children in Nepal, India (Ranchi) and the Philippines (Davao).
  • Nepal: About 10 Indian Marianists are working in several schools for needy children. Support for Nepal ended last year (2011), as all funds towards Nepal were transferred.
  • India (Ranchi): FMI Sisters are engaged in teaching as well as helping feed the children of poor families.
  • Philippines: The SM are operating a house for "street children" in which they provide many services including general education, vocational training, as well as helping to feed the children.  
Many countries are now in a serious economic depression, and Japan is not an exception. However, following the spirit of Fr. Chaminade, we would like to keep our minds on needy children and poor people, as they are our neighbors.
After the General Meeting, an MLC member gave a lecture entitled "Activities of MLCs Worldwide" which he had translated from English to Japanese. It was helpful for us to reconfirm what the Marianist Mission is and how we should live as lay Marianists.
Later, we attended Mass together. Even though there were not many attendants (mostly because of age) we had a very good day, and we thanked the Lord.
May the Lord's blessing always be with you, and may Mother Mary protect you.
Hiroshi Kawaguchi
National Responsible of MLC Japan


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What's So Special About Fridays?
Observant lay Marianists probably already realize that Marianist emails come on Fridays. Why? Yes, it's in memory of the crucifixion and our Marianist 3:00 O'clock prayer but it is not meant to be a penance. Mostly, it's an easy way to remember that on any day - but especially Fridays - we want to unite with other Marianists around the world both in prayer and communication.
It started with the Friday Magnificat which is aimed at remembering how Mary prayed to lift up the lowly - thus this is our way to focus Marianist attention on Marianist justice efforts around the world. For the curious, let me unveil the plan behind how the Friday mailings work. It's not quite the System of Virtues, but it is systematic communication.
  • 1st Friday: Friday Magnificat (for lay & religious Marianist around the world) 
  • 2nd Friday: MLNNA E-News (for lay Marianists in North America) 
  • 3rd Friday: Justice Jottings (for lay & religious Marianists in North America from the Marianist Social Justice Collaborative - MSJC)  
  • 4th Friday: Gifts & Tasks (for lay Marianists in N. America, Asia, Australia, & Ireland)
  • 5th Friday: Saying Yes (an occasional bonus MLNNA inspirational mailing) 

Of course there are SMs, FMIs, and Alliance Mariale members who also get the lay  mailings because they want to stay connected with the extended family.  

Another prayer that unites us is the 3:00 O'clock Prayer. Here's a simple version for those who want a prayer on the go:

Three O'Clock Prayer 

Mary, you nurtured Jesus and stood by him in good times and in bad.  

Jesus, you made the ultimate sacrifice of love when you surrendered your life for us by dying on the cross.  
We pause to remember that just as you gave your mother, Mary, into the care of your beloved disciple, John,
so too you ask us to take care of each other.
We remember. 


prayinghands 2Let Us Pray 
  • For the SM who will be holding their international chapter starting July 7.
  • For the FMI who will be holding their international chapter starting July 18.
  • For all women religious, and especially their US representative organization, Leadership Conference of Women Religious, as they prayerfully discern their response to the recent Vatican report. 

FacebookFacebook & the International Organization 
Not everyone uses Facebook but whether you are tech savvy or a "techno-peasant" you'd be wise to check out the
International Organization of MLCs (IO-MLC) page. Our president, Isabella Moyer, does many of the posts and you'll find them enlightening and inspiring. Try it. You'll like it. All languages are welcome. The more we know about each other, the stronger our community of communities will be.

Kateri TekawithAJuly Feasts
July 14, Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha

Kateri Tekakwitha was a Native American woman who led a life of great austerity and love in spite of ridicule and abuse. She was called "Lily of the Mohawks" (a Native American tribe in the eastern U.S.A.
She died in Québec in 1680 at the age of 24. In 1980 she was the first native American to be declared "Blessed."
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Friday Magnificat - June   
The FMI are committed to helping the poor children of Brazil who are neighbors to their house, the Marianist Spiritual Center of Cana. They support the children from these families by buying school supplies and food.       
Read more at Archived Friday Magnificats

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Via Latina - Online
Via LatinaThe following articles are found in the June #215 issue of Via Latina 22, the newsletter for the General Administration of the Society of Mary.  

- XXXIV General Chapter Set to begin in One Month
- GA Visit to India
- Appointment of Superiors for Italy and Canada
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