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MAY 2012

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Are You Risk Adverse? 

Some of us need to take more risks in life; some less. Partly, I know this as a result of being a parent. For example,
  1. Most children (especially teens) seldom see the danger or future consequences of eating junk food, jumping off furniture, drinking too much alcohol, or being glued to a computer. They need parents to rein them in and experience to teach some hard lessons. (OK, I'm still guilty of being glued to my computer.)
  2. On the other hand, conscientious parents know a lot about the risks of life and feel responsible for our children. That's why we may continue to work at a less than ideal job to support the family; or bite our tongue at family gatherings in order to keep the peace - all in an effort to reduce risk.  

But sometimes children need to be cautious and adults need to take risks (or vice-versa depending on your personality). A few days ago my husband took a risk -

glider - Jima ride in a glider plane. It was a calculated risk since he was with an experienced pilot and I was not seriously worried - but I did say a prayer.


Being a Christian also sometimes calls for taking risks.  

  • When I volunteer at the Catholic Worker house I know I'm not in a "safe" neighborhood.  
  • When we housed a homeless family we knew they might abuse our hospitality. (They didn't.)  
  • When speaking out against an injustice in our society or Church, we risk ridicule or censure.  

Are you a risk adverse Christian? Jesus didn't play it safe    

United across the miles and kilometers,

Susan Vogt,
Regional Rep: N. America, Asia, Australia, Ireland 



The Risk of Being Religious:  

For centuries vowed religious women have taken risks for their faith. In the Marianist Family we look especially to our own sisters, the FMI (French abbreviation of Filles de Marie Immaculee). I asked Sr. Gretchen Trautman FMI, to share a reflection on the recent controversy about the Vatican's effort to reform the Leadership Conference of Women Religious in the United States. She replied:


Religious women have done SO MUCH for the Church in the United States, setting up systems of education, health care, social services, and evangelization - enriching the lives and faith of so many, for decades - all in the name of the Lord. We are grateful for their service and witness

Recently, the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith (CDF) raised concerns about the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) and focused a need for dialogue between the Vatican department and LCWR. Currently, LCWR is taking time to review the mandate and prepare a thoughtful  response. Let us offer our support and prayers for openness to the movement of the Holy Spirit, and for a grace-filled dialogue.FMI Web logo
Gretchen Trautman FMI, Provinical 
       for the Leadership Council

We are Daughters of Mary:
Woman...Risk-taker...Gentle...Mother...Compassionate...Nurturer of life... Humble...Strong...Steadfast...Relational...Empathizer...Care-giver...Model of love

Do lay Marianists need to take more or less risks?
My guess is that most lay Marianists can afford to take more risks. Being a member of an MLC means we are not alone. This can give us the courage to respond to Mary's call: "Cast the mighty from their thrones and raise up the lowly.
  • Who are the lowly in our Church and society today?
  • Are we willing to risk a job or reputation to bring the Word to the world?
  • Chaminade said to "read the signs of the times." What signs are among us?

On the lighter side, click on this video and
consider how "The Skit Guys" read the signs of the times and bring the Word to the world in language young people can understand.    


FMI province plants 

Birth of the FMI Province of Korea
We rejoice with our Marianist sisters in Korea as they celebrated the passage from Region to Province on May 17, 2012. During the ceremony, each sister placed her name on the branch of a plant and confirmed her commitment to the new Province and to the Congregation:
  • By always searching how to better know the history and spirituality of the Congregation;   
  • By living as fully as possible her vocation in fidelity to the charism;
  • By being interested in all that is lived in the Congregation;
  • By joyfully belonging to the Marianist Family;
  • By suggesting the Marianist vocation to others;
  • By taking to prayer the intentions of the Marianist Family and the Church;
  • By remaining available for the mission confided to you or others of the Province (Mission ad Gentes, in Service to the Congregation, the Church).     

FMI province group 

FMI Korea agape 


The day included agape with the members of the SM and the MLC that joined the celebration. (Submitted by Laura Leming FMI)


prayinghands 2LET US PRAY
    •  For women religious all over the world, especially those in the USA who are discerning their response to the proposed Vatican oversight
    • For wise and humble leadership in our Church
    • For graduates transitioning into higher education, looking for jobs, or committing to a year of service. 

Feasts: The Visitation - May 31

This day is unique. It does not commemorate a saint but an extraordinary meeting between two pregnant women. The feast remembers the joy of the encounter and celebrates the sisterhood of two women joined by their faith in the God of the Impossible. Click here to see June feasts.

Friday Magnificat - May  
Another Marianist Work of Justice:  Following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in August, 2005 the Province of Meribah has annually assisted in the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast area. Each year, five Brothers and fifteen students from Chaminade Mineola H.S. and Kellenberg Memorial H.S. journey for a week in February to reconstruct schools and homes.      
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Archived Friday Magnificats

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Via Latina - Online
Via LatinaThe following articles are found in the March #214 issue of Via Latina 22, the newsletter for the General Administration of the Society of Mary.  

- First Vows in Argentina
- Lester Kaehler (US) named seminary vice-rector
- General Chapter 2012 - Update

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