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MARCH 2012

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It's still Lent. Lent is a serious time because it leads up to Christ's crucifixion - and suffering is not funny. BUT, remember that before Good Friday comes Palm Sunday. It's almost funny that Jesus' followers (and we are among them) could be so short sighted to look at the glory of Palm Sunday and not see the tragedy that would follow.


As we journey through Lent together, perhaps you will find these two short videos (below) an inspiration as we look at these conflicting events through fresh eyes. (Humor can often convey an idea more strongly than preaching.)


Skit Guys - Palm Sunday


  Then --


Skit Guys - Good Friday

United across the miles and kilometers,

Susan Vogt,
Regional Rep: N. America, Asia, Australia, Ireland
Isabella Moyer
Isabella Moyer 

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We have revised our website The goal of our website is to provide quick and easy access to our documents, resources, and Marianist Lay Communities around the world. The new Regional pages list all our countries with the names of the National Responsibles, statistics, and links to national websites. Please visit these websites to learn more about our worldwide Marianist Lay Communities.


We are continuing our blog at The purpose of the blog is to share current news and reflections on Marianist life. It is usually written in English, but we have included an instant translator on the right-hand side of the page.
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March 11, 2011

Earthquake - Japan 2011
When tragedies like the earthquakes in Japan or Haiti strike, it's hard to remember that God is good.
Our Marianist charism reminds us, however, of the importance of COMMUNITY. Community is what helps us rebuild our buildings, spirits, and lives. When you feel discouraged about the state of the world, your country, our Church, or your personal life, remember the gift of community.

Watch this uplifting video to give you hope in humanity.
Japan, One Year Later (3/2/2012)
After The Earthquake:
Humanity Wins Against Mother Nature
My visit to Japan in September of 2011 confirmed the strong spirit of the Japanese people we met. Lay Marianists were adjusting their work schedules and the SM community found many ways to conserve precious electric power by climbing stairs, turning off the AC, etc.
korean characters

Hi!  Korean MLCs!  How are you doing?
Susan & Jim Vogt have arranged for me to stay at the homes of several MLC members in Covington, KY (next to Cincinnati, OH). Although I have only been here a week I have already met a lot of MLC members and Marianist brothers. I have felt the family spirit of Marianist profoundly.
When I attended the Anawim Community and Awakening the Dreamer meetings
I also learned about some of the local works that American MLCs do to contribute to our role in the church and the society.
I want to improve my English and have a good experience as a Marianist.
Take care and good luck to you! I miss you, Korean Marianists.
Christina Kim in Covington  

2012-3 Lenten service  


We began our Lenten journey with a charity project to distribute 405 basic food packages to poor families. Our hope was that they would not only enjoy the physical food but also feel the warmth of our hearts too. These kinds of events always teach us humility as we care for those who are needy.   


Photo at right shows the side of one family's home to which we distributed food. Most of the housing is only bamboo-walled cubicles.    
Hope you have a wonderful lenten experience.  
Hb. Denny

  • For each of the "40 Least" countries that we pray for daily
  • For lessening of tensions between India and Pakistan   
  • For war torn countries, especially Syria, Afghanistan, Congo 
  • For Don Larkin, lay Marianist in Australia, who is recovering from injuries sustained in a car accident

Marianist Family World Day of Marianist Vocations 
The World Council of the Marianist Family has chosen March 25, the Feast of the Annunciation, as a time for us all to pray for vocations to the Marianist way of life as Sisters, Brothers, Lay men and women, and those consecrated in the Alliance Mariale. Click below to read background material and prayers.
        ENGLISH       FRAN«AIS       ESPA—OL    한국어

Feast of the Annunciation
The feast of the Annunciation is one of the most important in the church calendar. It celebrates the Incarnation of Jesus made flesh in the womb of Mary, his mother. In the universal church, this feast celebrates the beginning of redemption. It also honors Mary as the 'new Eve,' the obedient and faithful woman who generously agrees to be the Mother of God. Mary cooperates freely in the plan
of salvation.

40 Days with the Least
40 Days With the 40 Least
Have you checked out any of the countries that "40 Days With the 40 Least" has featured so far this Lent? Today's country is Burkino Faso. Click your language below and learn about how some of our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world live. Continue Lent with the 40 least countries of the world.          
        ENGLISH       FRAN«AIS      
Click calendar on the home page for each day's resources.    

Friday Magnificat 
In Ranchi, India, the Marianist Sisters continue to stand on the side of the poor.  
   Read more at 
Archived Friday Magnificats

Via LatinaVia Latina - Online 
The following articles are found in the March #212 issue of Via Latina 22, the newsletter for the General Administration of the Society of Mary.

- World Day of the Marianist Vocation
- Three Perpetual Professions in Congo
- 25th Anniversary of Marian Sanctuary in Abidjan
- Ordinations in India
- European Center of Marianist Formation


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