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Vogt, Susan w mug 

It's Lent again. Hurrah! Now I get to eat and complain less. Although my emotional reaction is not really a "Hurrah!" still there is something very soul satisfying about joining my little sacrifices with Jesus' life-giving sacrifice on the cross. It's good to pause, at least once a year, to take stock of my life and turn again to the source of my faith.


Since the three anchors of Lent are: fast, pray, and give, this year Jim and I decided to try the Food Stamp Challenge (trying to eat on the average USA Food Stamp allowance of $4.50 per person per day.) We figured this would cover eating less food, praying in solidarity with those who are hungry, and donating any money saved. It's quite a daunting task. (Click here to check out our progress and struggles.)  


Although as committed lay Marianists, I assume you are quite familiar with Lent, I think you might enjoy this upbeat Busted Halo video that gives the skinny on Lent. Much will be a refresher for you but I bet you'll learn something new too. 

Ash Wednesday & Lent in Two Minutes
Ash Wednesday & Lent in Two Minutes


And while we're on the issues of community and almsgiving, if your MLC has not already made your annual contribution to the Marianist Lay Network, this would be a holy time to do it. Click here to do it online.

United across the miles and kilometers,

Susan Vogt,
Regional Rep: N. America, Asia, Australia, Ireland
Bara, Jinius
Jinius Bara

Jinius Bara, national responsible for India, shares this update about the St. Joseph Community in Ranchi and a newly forming MLC in Binda - a region in northeast India.

Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand state. St. Joseph MLC is in Ranchi and all the members live in this locality. The MLC consists of 10 permanente members (including 2 FMIs, Sr. Reena and Sr. Chamile and one SM, Bro.Libin Minj). In almost all meetings one member is absent but otherwise the group is pretty consistent.

The St. Joseph MLC meets twice a month. We start with prayer and a Bible reading followed by evaluation of the previous meeting. There is usually a spiritual talk by one of the FMI or SM about our Marianist background such as the virtues of our founder. We might also talk about some current relevant issues prevailing in our families. Then we discuss plans for upcoming meetings. The group leader keeps the report of the meetings.
Mass at Binda

The St. Joseph MLC has a few annual activities. Every year the group goes out for a picnic, socializing, and entertainment. They also arrange times of reflection during the seasons of Lent and Advent. Every year there are one or two workshop programs. At Christmas they have a gathering and holy Mass. This year the MLC has started marketing candles for fund raising. We get candles from SM and FMI and sell them. The profit goes to the MLCs.

We feel privileged to have SM and lay Marianist visitors now and then and listen to them. Three times the MLC has visited important shrines of the state of Jharkhand. We also feel honored and delighted to partake in many SM celebrations.
Ranchi & Binda MLCs
MLC Ranchi and new MLC in Binda
The St. Joseph MLC has recently taken steps to start a new MLC group in Binda, which is 45 km away from Ranchi. Distance from a local SM community means that they don't have as much support and resources as the Ranchi group.
Jinius Bara
International representative for India


2012 Prisoner at mike 

Although we're just starting Lent, I just got these Christmas/New Year photos from HB Denny. The young adult group he is connected with in Jakarta visited and celebrated New Year 2012 with the inmates in the penitentiary at Cipinang. Even without the fireworks and festivities of New Years, HB says that the greatest gift was our presence  as evidenced by the smiles of happiness on the prisoners' faces.

Hendri (right) is a prisoner on death row. Here though he sings beautifully showing his readiness to face his Creator.
2012 play with falling over

Our young adult group (Theater Department) did a musical drama and dance for the prisoners. They really did an extraordinary and very entertaining show.


2012 Sign of peace at prison
The Sign of Peace with handshakes and hugging was a beautiful sign of forgiveness & reconciliation.

prayinghands 2

  • For each of the "40 Least" countries that we pray for each day 
  • For both Haiti and Japan - countries that have experienced natural disasters. Media attention has waned but that doesn't mean that everything is back to normal. 
  • That Jim and I have a safe and fruitful upcoming visit to India (to visit the Marianist Family in Ranchi) and Afghanistan (to visit our daughter).  
  • Pray with this Lenten Meditation video, Jesus In The Wilderness . 

40 Days with the Least40 Days With the 40 Least
Once again, the Marianist Family in Spain is inviting us to enter into Lent with the 40 least countries of the world.          
        ENGLISH       FRAN«AIS      
Click calendar on the home page for each day's resources.

Following is from the introduction to the 2012 campaign:

This year we focus our gaze, our heart and our mind on the reality of the human rights of the people who live in the least 40; the 40 countries with the lowest Index of Human Development, according to the 2011 Annual Report of the UN Development Program (UNDP). We do this in union with the pain of those who are victims of the violation of their rights, and also in union with those who embrace the responsibility of promoting and defending those rights...

In identifying current human rights, we highlight three concerns: the degradation of life, the loss of liberty, and the lack of justice. Thus, this year our Lenten campaign revolves around these three universal principles - life, liberty, justice.

As in other years, for each day of Lent we offer:
  • a testimony  
  • followed by statement from an international organization such as the U.N. (Signed and Ratified).  
  • To help us pass from knowledge to deed, there is then a proposed action.
  • Finally, a short prayer will help us place into the hands of God both our plans and the country of the day.  

We hope that for another year this response to the violation of human rights in the least 40 might help us to live this Lent in solidarity and compassion, as we walk with our Savior on his journey to Jerusalem.


The 40 Days With The Least campaign is sponsored by the Society of Mary Province of Spain, and is a collaborative Marianist Family effort. May we join our minds, hearts, and hands across the miles as we take this journey in union with all our sisters and brothers around the world.


Friday Magnificat
Students at Our Lady of Nazareth School, Nairobi
Our Lady of Nazareth Primary School is located in the Mukuru Kwa Njenga slum area of Nairobi and is under the care of The Marianists.  
Archived Friday Magnificats






Via LatinaVia Latina - Online 
The following articles are found in the January #211 issue of Via Latina 22, the newsletter for the General Administration of the Society of Mary.
- Closing of the Chaminade Year
- Reminder: World Day of the Marianist Vocation
- First Vows in Mexico
- New Superior in Ivory Coast
- Lenten Campaign: 40 Days... 
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