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Susan photoHave you ever made a mistake? Of course you have and so have I. Some are trivial like forgetting to bring home milk. Others are disastrous or embarrassing - like the time I forgot to show up for a talk I was scheduled to give for a large grade school. (All 500 of the students were assembled in the gym when the principal called to find out where I was.)  


In community we face unexpected problems too. Last weekend, the day before our MLC's annual retreat, the retreat center called to say a water pipe broke and they had to cancel. It was nobody's fault but caused quite a bit of scrambling and rearranging never-the-less.


Or maybe you were the one who was supposed to plan prayer for an MLC meeting but procrastinated and then a sick child kept you up all night. Life happens and we don't always have control over it.

When it seems like your personal or communal life is falling apart, remember three things:


Nokia ringtone during concert of classical music  



 1. Look for a way to turn the problem into a solution.






2. Touched by a Wild Mountain Gorilla (HD Version)Look around for friends and support in unlikely places.




3. Jesus said he would be with us. We just might not recognize the form the Spirit takes.    


United across the miles,

Susan Vogt,
Regional Rep: N. America, Asia, Australia, Ireland

Roberge, Josee
Josée Roberge   
As you probably know, the lay Marianists in the Quebec region are closely related to the Marianist Center for Faith Education. During the past year, the Center's executive team spent a great deal of time thinking about the next ten years. All three branches of the local Marianist Family (lay, religious, and Alliance Mariale) were involved in the process. We also considered recommendations from the Diocese of Quebec. Celebrating Chaminade Year also brought a new wave of hope for the future.


Following the request from the local Family Council, a committee including a few lay Marianists, was asked to reflect on the definition of "lay Marianist" for the Quebec region. After having reviewed, amongst others, the MLC identity documents and analysed the current situation in Quebec, the committee produced a report that is being submitted to the Family Council. This report enlarges the traditional definition of "lay Marianist" we have had so far by allowing lay men and women who are actively involved in Marianist groups other than official MLC's to be recognized as lay Marianists. During the past year alone, three such groups including approximately 40 people have been formed and many expressed their desire to learn more about Marianist spirituality. It is our hope that some of these people will eventually make a consecration. Some religious vocations are even under way!
Quebec leadership team 2012
Some of the Lay Marianists who gathered on Jan. 22 in Quebec
The Chaminade Year came to a close on Sunday, January 22, with a lively gathering at the Marianist Center when everybody had a chance to express their dreams for the Quebec Marianist Family, dreams that are full of hope and confidence.

Josseline Laverdière

Bienvenu to Josée Roberge, the newly elected National Responsible for French speaking Canada, and a big MERCI to Josseline Laverdière
who recently completed her term as National Responsible.



Editor's Note: I'm sure many Marianists gathered for prayer, food, and sharing on the close of Chaminade Year, but the Philippines are the ones who sent a picture.



For Blessed William Joseph Chaminade Day, the Philippine Marianist Family invited our friends to celebrate Mass, dinner, and some education. Fr. Pablo SM shared some input about our founders, followed by group sharing. 
2012 Chaminade yr closing       


prayinghands 2LET US PRAY  

  • That civility may characterize elections everywhere, especially in the upcoming elections in the USA.  
  • For the unemployed and underemployed as they seek a job that pays a living wage. 
  • For governmental structures that tax citizens fairly and provide needed services for those who cannot work.  
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Some of us love social media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Some of us are still trying to figure out how anyone could put a long lasting meat like spam on a computer, much less get rid of it. If you're reading this email, however, you at least have some connection with technology. Take a next step and
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Chaminade Year Closing Ceremonies, Bordeaux, France

Click here to see more wonderful photos courtesy of Michael McAward SM. 


CY Closing stained glass
CY Closing church
Eucharistie pour la Clôture de l'année Chaminade

 CY Closing play w Fr. ChaminadeCY Closing girl w rosary


Spectacle en l'honneur du P. Chaminade - Grand Lebrun

CY Closing boy w flags CY Closing w flag altar

Friday Magnificat
Indonesia 3 girls
Girls with supplies from the "Under the Bridge School" 

During Chaminade year, each Friday Magnificat features an historical moment in Fr. Chaminade's life. It also includes a photo of a work of justice within the Marianist Family. January highlighted the ministry of a group of young adults in Jakarta, Indonesia who are exploring becoming an MLC.

 Archived Friday Magnificats   






Via LatinaVia Latina - Online 
The following articles are found in the January #210 issue of Via Latina 22, the newsletter for the General Administration of the Society of Mary.
- Prayer for the General Chapter
- The Chaminade Year
- Request for Prayers
- World Day of Marianist Vocation
- Vows and New District Council in India 
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