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Wise men 2011 XmasGreetings!,  


A Christmas message from the Marianist Family World Council:



Mary, on the way to Bethlehem you walk confidently, recalling all the blessings that you have received since your "yes" at the Annunciation. You invite us to renew the "yes" of our own vocation. Like you, we too are en route and we recall all that we have already lived through in the course of this Chaminade Year:  

  • The joy of celebrating our Founder everywhere in the world through many initiatives;
  • The joy of receiving from him a new message of faith and hope for all our Family and most especially for the young. 

Joseph, you are accompanying the Mother and Child without allowing yourself to be stopped by obstacles or doubts. You proceed, clothed in the hope announced to you. Give that same hope to those who today are faced with so many difficulties from natural catastrophes, armed conflicts or poverty.
Humble shepherds, it was to you, the poor, to whom was first announced the peace of the God-Child and you set out in haste towards the stable, there to gaze upon the Child and his mother. Take along with you all those who are seeking freedom and reasons for living, and who aspire to a world of justice and of peace.
Wise scholars, enlightened by your knowledge, you followed the light of the star and let it guide you along new paths. Teach us openness of heart and of mind so that, humbly, we might find the Son of God and obtain for us the knowledge of how to make him "known, loved and served" with new enthusiasm.

In this world, so prone to troubles, let us be sowers of joy and hope because the God-Child has been given to us.

"I am bringing you good news of great joy for all the people. To you is born this day, a Savior, who is the Messiah, the Lord." (Lk 2:10-11)    


Susan photoMERRY CHRISTMAS 2011  

United across the miles and kilometers,

Susan Vogt,
Regional Rep: N. America, Asia, Australia, Ireland

PS: Click here for a Nativity story that transcends translation.
Etienne, Wesly 1
Wesley Etienne
On behalf of the MLCs in Haiti, GREETINGS,
The MLC's from Haiti are celebrating their 10th anniversary. In the past we faced many problems (confusions, misunderstandings, etc.) so even after 10 years we are still talking about "re-foundation." We believe that we are now on the right track. We have a Family Council - a provisional committee with a specific mission: to prepare the way for a brand new permanent committee - freely elected, and respecting the accepted rules. In this re-foundation process it is impressive to see the collaboration between the religious and the lay members.

We are living the Marianist charism and spirituality. Our MLC's are very much concerned about the major problems throughout the world (injustice, famine, torture, drugs, AIDS, ecology, etc.), and each MLC, in its own way, is responding to the different needs in their locale. For example,
* St-Marc's MLC in the Diocese of Gonaïves is involved in the adult catechesis in the poorest corners of their parish.
St. Marc reps       Port au Prince, Croix des Bouquets CLM

            St. Marc MLC reps.                           Croix des Bouquets MLC reps.
* In Port au Prince, in the Croix des Bouquets area, they are working with the young people in giving different classes like cooking, floral arrangement, and dressmaking.

* In Pilette, in the Diocese of Fort Liberté (North-East) they are involved in education programs by creating a school for the poor; they also animate prayer groups with the parish priest.

CLM des Pilette               Cap Haitian reps                                
             Pilette MLC reps                                             Cap Haiti CLM reps

* In Cap Haïtien they also animate groups and provide adult catechesis.

We are very proud of the work being done by our different MLCs in the country. We are presently working on the many documents voted during the past International Meetings, particularly the 2009 one, Marianist Lay Communities in the Church and in the World.
Haiti animators 2011     CLM de Carrefour
                Animators of Haiti CLMs                                           Carrefour CLM reps.

In light of the re-foundation, we are also making available in Creole,
  • Documents on the history of the Marianist Family and its founders
  • The "Three O'clock" prayer
  • Criteria for elections on the National Committee.                

Wesly Etienne, National President  (Thanks to Richard Thibault for translating.)  


NAM, Peter
NAM, Peter


At their General Meeting of December 10, 2011 Korean MLCs elected NAM Jung Hyun, (Peter) as the new National Responsible for Korea. He follows the capable leadership of KIM, Eun He (Theresa) whose term has ended. Welcome Peter and thank you to Theresa for her years of faithful service.   



During our preparation for Christmas  (Advent Week 2) we dedicated our project to help a school in the slum area of Jakarta to serve the street children there. We raised money for classroom rental for a two year period and also gave the children some gifts to support their education and a free lunch.  

Bridge school 

This school under the bridge is free. They have around 100 students and four teachers.

 We may continue to support the kids by giving them scholarships. We are still discussing how we can work it out. This would be our first scholarship ministry.  


The problem in this slum area is that some of the parents don't like their children going to school because it prevents them from going to the street for begging money. But after some explanation, the parents seem to be accepting it. We want to give scholarships to the good students so they can go to a better school.  

We're very happy that we can make small steps to help them open a window to their future.   (Submitted by H.B. Denny of Indonesia)


Bara, Jinius
Jinius Bara 
The Marianist Family in India recently had a workshop programme for all of the branches. Over 100 SMs, FMIs, and MLC members came togerther at the SM Novitiate for a day. The day focussed on the topics of PRAYER and VIRTUES as we listened to our main speakers: Sr. Franca Zonta FMI and Fr. Iggie, SM. I was very impressed and we learned a lot.  


On December 18, two of the FMIs took their final vows here. We pray together with the whole Marianist Family as we wait together for our Lord's coming. Bye for now, Jinius                  



  • For the people of the Philippine island of Mindanao who were hit by a tropical storm on the night of December 16 which has caused massive flooding and hundreds of deaths. The MLC community in Davao and the SMs in the area are fine, but everyone has relatives or friends who were affected by this severe storm.
  • For the people of Congo Kinshasa who continue to suffer from corruption and violence in their country.   
World Council News 
Summary of the discussion and decisions of the World Council of the Marianist Family, November 2-4, 2011 in Rome. 
  • Review the success of Chaminade Year 
  • Updates on worldwide status of MLCs, FMIs, SMs, and Alliance Mariale
  • The International Organization of MLCs has finalized their international Directory of Communities
  • Discussion of how vocations to Marianist life can be enhanced
  • The next World Day of Prayer will be October 14, 2012 at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lake Togo, Mother of Mercy, Togo.
  • The development of National Councils in each country will be a priority
  • Continue the Friday Magnificat on the first Friday of each month as a priority for common prayer and to keep a focus of justice before all Marianists  
  • Progress on the canonization of Fr. Chaminade

To read the full reports, click on:       ENGLISH            FRANÇAIS         ESPAÑOL 

Friday Magnificat 
Bauru, Brazil - NativityDuring Chaminade year, each Friday Magnificat features an historical moment in Fr. Chaminade's life. It also includes a photo of a work of justice within the Marianist Family to remind us of our call. December highlighted the ministry of Marianists in Bauru, Brazil. 


 WCMF_logoArchived Friday Magnificats   





January Feast Days

African Madonna & Child

January 1 - Mary, Mother of God
Of all the Marian feasts of the church, this one has a primary place. It celebrates Mary's role in the incarnation and in redemption. In this role, her special relationship with her son is emphasized and she is acknowledged as a model of the church. "We're all meant to be mothers of God, for God is always needing to be borne." -Meister Eckart

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Via LatinaVia Latina - Online 
The following articles are found in the December #209 issue of Via Latina 22, the newsletter for the General Administration of the Society of Mary.
- Appointment of Superiors: Chile, Korea and India
- Update on Chaminade's Cause
- Chaminade Year
- Marianist Family in France Gather to Reflect and Share
- Nova Bella Musical Theater - Marianist Family in Peru  
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