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Greetings!,   Susan photo

What does it mean to be a lay Marianist?  

Having just returned from visiting MLCs in both Korea and Japan I have become increasingly aware of what we all have in common and also our differences.



  • Everybody seems to have pretty well caught the Marianist charism that I usually summarize as: Faith, Community, Inclusivity, Mission, and Mary.
  • Deepening one's spirituality is a priority for all.
  • Almost everybody includes some kind of service to those in need as part of their mission. 


  • Formation varies from place to place with some having a very structured way of becoming a lay Marianist (see Korea below) and others have a much looser arrangement which might be summarized as "Hang around long enough and you catch it by osmosis."
  • Some MLCs meet weekly, some monthly with the most common frequency seeming to be twice a month.
  • Some MLCs have a depth and stability of many years while others are just figuring out if they want to intentionally become a Marianist community.
  • Some have formal commitment ceremonies while others know who is committed by who keeps coming.  
Obviously, there are many other unique features to each MLC but I thought this might get you thinking.

United across the miles and kilometers,
Susan Vogt,
Regional Representative:

N. America, Asia, Australia, Ireland


You'll never mistake me for a Korean, but Christina Kim allowed me to wear her Korean ceremonial attire for a photo. 

Korea - Kim Eun He Theresa
Theresa Kim
Korea - Lee Jin Bong Sebastian
Sebastian Lee

The following are excerpts from the annual report made jointly by Theresa Kim (National Responsible) and Sebastian Lee to the international MLC leadership team. As you can see they are quite organized and have developed a formation process for new lay Marianists.

The organization of Korea MLC:
Korea MLC is composed of 220 lay Marianists in 22 communities. There is a National Council and 2 City Councils (Seoul and Incheon). The National Council is made up of a representative, the heads of 3 offices and the heads of the two city MLCs, totalling 6. The National Council has 4 meetings a year plus 2 meetings with SMs and FMIs. It coordinates the City Councils, animates the MLCs, and maintains relationships with the international Marianist Family.

Each City Council is composed of a representative and 3 heads of 3 offices. The role of City Council is similar to National Council. The term is also 3 years. Seoul MLC has a meeting and Mass the first Sunday of every month. The Incheon MLC meets the second Sunday.

How to become a lay Marianist:
Most Korean Marianists invite their friends in the parish to join their MLC for Mass. After that the friend may decide to become a lay Marianist. At first, we call it the "period of interest." The next year they study the Charism of Chaminade and his life. This is called the "year of novice" and usually continues 1 or 2 years. Finally, when they make a decision to be Marianist, they dedicate on the first Sunday of February. They then renew their commitment every year. In all, it takes about 2 or 3 years to be a "dedicated lay Marianist."
Korean Catholicsm is very much based in the parish (rather than a religious order.) That is why we draw members from our parishes.

Lay Mission:
Last summer we started a Marianist Korea Volunteer project. We serve at the Chaminade Elderly Care Center in Incheon once a month where we bathe and clean patients. Last year we also distributed piggy banks to the MLCs of Seoul. At the end of this year we will gather them and send the money to India and Africa. Also we sent a donation to the Japanese MLCs to console them after the March earthquake and tsunami.

The crisis or opportunity for MLCs:
Over the past 3 years, Incheon MLC members have decreased gradually while Seoul has been growing. In response, the Seoul Council began to send Christmas cards and Name Day cards to all MLCs and SM, FMI. Council members tried to attend funeral services and wedding ceremonies, etc. As a result, these activities have strengthened the spirit of Marianist family. Seoul also reached out to form a community of young adults. Currently there are 16 young men and women. The young adults just returned from JMJ (World Youth Day) in Spain and Chaminade's birthplace in France and Rome last month. They will play an important role in Korea MLC.

Korea SM groundbreaking SM Center and ground-breaking ceremony:
The SM Center had its groundbreaking ceremony at the new place on September 4. About 200 Korean Marianists took part in the ground-breaking ceremony and Mass. (See photo.) We are full of hope for the future.

Korea General Meeting:
Every 3 years we have a general meeting for all Korean MLC leadership. All heads and heads of 3 offices in the communities participate in this meeting. We discuss about how to live as a Marianist and elect the representative of national council. The 6th General Meeting will be held on December 10 this year.



Kawaguchi w smile
Hiroshi Kawaguchi


Hiroshi Kawaguchi, National Responsible for Japan, graciously arranged for Jim and me to meet a number of MLC leaders in Tokyo.  

We talked about the progress of MLCs around the world and especially in Japan. Japan shares a concern with many established MLCs in that they would like to attract more young people. We discussed outreach efforts like working through the schools that the SM sponsor and responding to justice and poverty needs that would be attractive to young adults.

Japanese MLC leaders 5 women
Some of the Tokyo MLC leaders  

The Japanese MLCs are generous with donations to the projects of MLCs in Ranchi India, Nepal, and the Philippines.


Tea Ceremony 

To close our meeting, we were treated to an informal Japanese tea ceremony.   






prayinghands 2


  • For our brothers and sisters in the Philippines who have just experienced Typhoon Nesat.   
  • For Tony Fitzgerald, lay Marianist and consultor from Cleveland, who is having open heart surgery September 30.   


Man invents machine to convert plastic into oil
Man invents machine to convert plastic into oil




As Christians we are bound to care for all of God's creation although sometimes it can feel daunting or even hopeless. This video comes by way of Walderez Sancinetti Ribeiro of Brazil and is about a Japanese inventor who developed a way to recycle plastics into oil. It gives hope to our whole world.  







Our Lady of Perpetual Help WORLD DAY OF PRAYER 2011   

On October 9 the Marianist Family throughout the world joins in prayer with the Marianist Family in Saragossa, Spain. William Joseph Chaminade was forced into exile during the French Revolution. He arrived in Saragossa on October 11, 1797, on the eve of the feast of Our Lady of the Pillar. During this "Chaminade Year," we pray for all the Marianist Family who live and share in the Marianist charism left to us by Fr. Chaminade.  




FRIDAY MAGNIFICAT - Chaminade Anniversary Year

During 2011, each Friday Magnificat features an historical moment in Fr. Chaminade's life. It also includes a photo of a work of justice within the Marianist Family to remind us of our call. September highlighted advocacy for the homeless and Our Lady of Nazareth School in Kenya. 

A lay Marianist who participated in a sit-in for the homeless in Portland, Oregon, USA




 Archived Friday Magnificats

Via LatinaVIA LATINA - Online

The following articles are found in the September/October #207 issue of Via Latina 22, the newsletter for the General Administration of the Society of Mary.

- Inauguration of the New Province of EspaŮa
- Summer Pilgrimages and World Youth Day 2011
- Profession of Vows in Spain, India and Eastern Africa
- Bibliography about Education
- Introductory Letter from new Director of ICMF
- Marianist World Day of Prayer

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