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JULY 2011

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Speaking in Tongues
Although Pentecost was last month I've been thinking about speaking in tongues lately. I've never been drawn to the charismatic practice of "speaking in tongues" but my experience on the World Council of the Marianist Family has given me a new appreciation for understanding foreign languages. What at first appears to be a "tower of Babel" is made understandable through our capable translators, earphones, and technology. I continue to be humbled by those who are fluent in several languages.

Still, I am reminded of how much of a message is conveyed non-verbally. When I first heard the statistic that 55% of communication is nonverbal (Mehrabian, 1971), I didn't believe it. I'm still skeptical, but even if 55% is a bit inflated, I continue to be amazed by the power of images and tone to convey a message.

So, I've included two YouTube videos in this issue that I think you'll get the gist of even if you don't speak the language. One is under "Around the World"  and the other is just for fun - a whimsical "discussion" between two toddlers (below).
Talking Twin Babies - PART 2 - OFFICIAL VIDEO

Talking Twin Babies

On a more serious note, our President, Isabella Moyer, has just released some important WORDS - Circular #2,
MLCs and the New Evangelization
This circular not only celebrates the 250th anniversary of Chaminade's birth but also addresses Pope Benedict XVI's emphasis on the New Evangelization and its relationship to the transmission of the Christian faith.
United across the miles and kilometers,

Susan Vogt
Regional Representative:

N. America, Asia, Australia, Ireland

FOCUS ON CANADA (English Speaking)


Val Bergeron

National Responsible


English speaking Canada has four MLCs (Boa Nova, Faith & Family, Our Lady of Peace, and Magnificat), mostly centered around Winnipeg. Most of the communities meet once a month, although one meets every two weeks and another met only occasionally last year. Involvement varies with some communities being very active and others struggling to continue due to busyness of members' personal lives. The MLCs usually break for the summer but the Magnificat MLC offered this report covering the past year.


"Our regular group size is ten faithful attendees and we meet once a month in our homes. Most of the members are still active in their parish communities. Brother Joseph Andre, SM continues to lead us with Father Chaminade's script-like dialogue, opening us to a better understanding of the Marianist charism. As always we are grateful to Brother Joe for his preparation of this material.


We continue to pray for Magnificat members who are unable to join us due to health issues: Pat Andre, Mae Bowes, Jacqueline Woodley and Bishop Ray Roussin, who is now settling into a Catholic personal care home in Winnipeg. We miss his presence and wisdom at our gatherings


On October 2, 2010 five members of our group took part in the Marianist World Day of Prayer in unity with Haiti with a one-day retreat facilitated by Pati Krasensky - "Family Life - Creating a Seamless Garment of Faith and Family." Our Magnificat group helped with hospitality.


We continue to pray and discuss the Sunday Readings, the Father Chaminade dialogues, intercessory prayer and of course sing our favourite hymns. We have also been discussing the "Guide to Lay Life in the Marianist Tradition". We will wind up the year in May with Mass and dinner."

by Judy Wagner



Chaminade icon with scroll

Life & Legacy of William Joseph Chaminade

2011 marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of William Joseph Chaminade. NACMS is commemorating this event by offering a special three-week webinar exploring the events in his lifetime and the legacy of his vision today. People new to the Marianist Family will find this online course offers an easy entry into the life of Blessed Chaminade while veteran members of the Marianist Family will be challenged to reflect on how they are consciously participating in the legacy of the Founder in the 21st Century. Click here for details. 

Course Dates: August 7 - August 27

Registration: June 21 - August 3   



Marianist Call to Action for Just & Humane Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform The Marianist Family in the USA is focusing on Immigration Reform as a priority for 2011. The Marianist Family Council of North America has endorsed this Family-wide campaign and the Marianist Social Justice Collaborative  (MSJC) is in charge of implementation. Success, however, depends on YOU. Join the effort by signing the Pledge which contains a range of possible commitments. There is something that everyone can do. 


Pledge activities include contacting legislators to urge them to work toward humane immigration reform, educating friends or co-workers about the issue, writing a letter to the editor, volunteering with immigrants, praying for immigrants and legislators, and others. Click here to learn more.


HAITI UPDATE (Following is an update about the renewal of CLMs in Haiti.)  


Rapport de la réunion des Animateurs des CLM d'Haiti du 17-19 Juin 2011, Saint-Marc, Haiti


Les membres  présents:

Alexis Yvronique, André Yveline, Arnault Myriam, Dorval Ismanie, Cinéus Nerlande, Clermond Onix, Fontal Ernst, Thelot Hantal. Damestoir Sau, Etienne Wesly, (President) Joseph Claudel, Jean-Paul Loulou, Julien Patrix-Joseph, Jean Elisson Théus Shéila.


Une bonne rencontre dans une ambiance fraternelle. Les Animateurs des CLM d' Haiti ont pris conscience de leur situation et ont choisi de donner un nouvel élan à ces différents groupes de clm du pays. A la fin de cette rencontre un comité de  soutien a été créé dans le but de faire circuler les informations et planifier les  différentes séances de formations pour les animateurs des clm. Le programme   proposé a été bel et bien respecté. L'accompagnateur National (Fr. Eddy) est en train de travailler sur une petite brochure en creole pour les CLM d'Haiti. En ce qui concerne les depenses,  

Haiti animators 2011

Haiti CLM Animators


Installations..............$ 72.50

Transports................$ 88.25

Totale des depenses:..$510.00



Nb: Le  comité  de  soutient aura sa première rencontre le 8 Juillet. Nous prendrons $250 sur la balance pour imprimer les documents et le frais de fonctionnement du comité de soutien.

Jean Eddy Pierre, SM  



The meeting was held in a fraternal atmosphere, with 15 participants, all MLC animators, who chose to give a new start. After taking a good look at their present situation, a support group was created in order to have the information circulate and to plan the different formation session for the animators. Br. Eddy, the assessor, is working on a brochure in Creole. The support committee will meet on July 8th and will take $250 from the balance for printing documents and for expenses.  

Richard Thibault - translator


prayinghands 2LET US PRAY  

  • In thanksgiving for the successful healing of Glen Bergeron who had surgery on his neck.
  • For the recuperation of Sancinetti Ribeiro Walderez who recently had an eye operation for cataracts. 
  • For the Catholics of Australia as their bishops prepare for their Ad Limina visit with the Pope this October. Click here to read an Open Letter to the Bishops of Australia


CHILE - Look Beyond the Words 

Isabel Duarte, National Representative for Latin America (right), shares a YouTube video of CLM activities in the city of Talca, Chile over the past two years. The video was done by María Angélica Parraguez and Luis Larenas and is titled, Marianistas Talca 

Marianistas Talca




 Marianistas Talca 


  Note to non-Spanish speakers: Watch for
  the common ingredients of MLCs -
  Formation, Mission, Worship, Service,
  Food, and Fun.  

  They also seem to like the color red. 







FEASTS: July 26, Sts. Anne & Joachim     

Sts. Anne

By tradition Joachim and Anne are considered the names of the parents of Mary, the Mother of God, and thus the grandparents of Jesus. Although we have no historical evidence, stories about Mary's father and mother come to us through legend and tradition.


But is not grandparenting all about passing on tradition? Some of us are grandparents and can identify with the urge to pass our history and faith from generation to generation. All of us have grandparents - whether dead or still with us. Hopefully their lives speak to us of love and generosity. 



FRIDAY MAGNIFICAT - Chaminade Anniversary Year

During 2011, the Friday Magnificat is featuring an historical moment in Fr. Chaminade's life. In addition, it features a work of justice within the Marianist Family to remind us of our call. Below is July's photo showing Chaminade Social Radio Station in Peru.

Fr. Javier Nugent, Chami, and Fr. Manuel






Archived Friday Magnificats


Via Latina
The following articles are found in the June #206 issue of
Via Latina 22, the newsletter for the General Administration of the Society of Mary.
- Survey for the XXXIV General Chapter and Delegates
- Changes in personnel at Via Latina 22
- Chaminade Year Resources

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