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MARCH 2011

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Correspondence about Japan,
March 13, 2011 (abbreviated)

Most of the details concerning the major earthquake and the tsunamis that struck Japan on Friday, March 11, and now the serious situation with the nuclear power plant and reactor in Fukushima, Japan are already known through news reports.
As for the Marianist Family in Japan, the members of the SM and FMI are OK. Our communities and works are not in the area most affected by that earthquake and the resulting tsunamis. Our communities in the Greater Tokyo area felt the Friday earthquake and frequent aftershocks but there have been no injuries, major damage, nor reports of injuries to members of the MLCs either. There are no MLC groups in the general area of northeast Japan. Our new Alliance Mariale member is OK. Although the communication situation (phones, cellphones, etc.) has been resolved in the Tokyo area, there are still problems with the northeastern part of Japan. The Bishops of Japan have asked that contributions for the victims from Catholics here in Japan be directed to Caritas Japan; we suggest that those in other parts of the Marianist world wishing to contribute might do so through Catholic Charities, or other such organizations, in their own countries.

                                              from Dave Herbold, SM
Susan photo

                                  (for Fr. Louis Shimizu, SM)


Dear Hiroshi & Masami,(Japan MLC Responsible)
I (and the whole Marianist Family) have been reading about and praying for the people of Japan during this terrible earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear power crisis in your country. We are very concerned about all the Japanese people, but especially those who are connected with us as Marianists. I have received word that all the SM and FMI are safe, and MLC members also. We are all praying for you and are anxious to hear how you are all doing. If you can send us any news that would be helpful.

I remember that I was in Japan in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in the USA. My husband and I were visiting lay Marianist, Itaru Nagahama, in Yokahama. When we went to Mass we heard the people pray for the victims of the hurricane. I was very touched and impressed. You can be sure that we are likewise praying for the people of Japan, especially Marianists right now. 

              With great affection and concern,
              Susan Vogt
              Regional Rep: N. America, Asia, Australia, Ireland


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Japan Replies


Hiroshi Kawaguchi

March 16, 2011

Dear Mrs. Susan Vogt,

I, on behalf of the lay Marianists of Japan, thank you very much for your kind message. Today, I came back home from Tokyo and saw your mail. I am much obliged to you for the affectionate concern which you expressed for us. I thank you also for your prayer. I am glad to inform you that we members of MLC Japan are all safe. Next time I will go into details. Please forgive my poor English. 

Many thanks again,

Hiroshi Kawaguchi (National Responsible - Japan)


Dear Susan:

Thank you for your email. We really appreciate your thoughts and prayers. The MLC members in Japan are all safe right now. Staying calm is the most important thing for Japanese people right now, and it seems to me that we are succeeding in restraining ourselves. As a result, people still have the room to think about the victims first.

Thank you for your continued prayers.

Masami Hayashi (translator)



Etienne, Wesly 1

Wesly Etienne

Salut ma soeur, Susan,

J'ai vu a la television que le peuple Japonais vient de subir le meme choc que nous il y a un an et quelques mois, au nom des clm d'Haiti je les presente mes hommages. J'ai confiance que Dieu les supporte dans ce moment de choc qu'ils sont entrain de vivre.

Wesly Etienne (National Responsible - Haiti)


English translation:

Hello my sister, Susan,

I saw on television that the Japanese people just suffered the same shock as we did a year and a few months ago. On behalf of Haiti CLMs I offer my condolences. I have confidence that God supports them in this moment of shock that they are living through.

Wesly Etienne (National Representative - Haiti)  


Bara, Jinius

Jinius Bara

MLC India Rep.

Recently Jinius Bara was elected to be the MLC representative from India. He sends the following report to introduce us to the activity of his MLC in the northern region of India around Ranchi:
MLC India was born almost 15 years ago. Since then it has gone through many ups and downs. It is very much alive today and growing up day by day. There are 30 members in the group and 12 of them are promised members. So far India has sent representatives to three international meetings. (Philadelphia, Bordeaux, and Kenya)
Following is a summary of what we typically do:
  • Monthly activity: The MLC meets once a month. Often there is Bible reading, reflection, sharing of Marianist spirituality and virtues by SMs or FMIs, preparation for coming events, and sharing news from different MLC families at the meeting.
  • Annual activity: We have very special activities during Advent and Lent. The MLC involves itself in retreat and recollection. Members go praying family to family. A Christmas message is delivered to each one.
  • During summer vacation the MLC organizes a workshop based on Marianist Spirituality. If there is time, the whole family helps out in the seminar conducted for REDS children. (a youth training project run by SM Brothers)
  • The family actively partakes in local parish activity.
  • We also wait eagerly for "Marianist World Day of Prayer" each year.
  • There is full involvement during SM Brother's vow ceremonies each year. These are the important events and feast days when all branches of the Marianist Family gathers, sharing our joys and happiness together.
MLC Ranchi 2011

Members of the Ranchi MLC in India.

We are very grateful to the SMs and FMIs who are always ready to help and support us. As an MLC, we truly believe that what we are today is because of their loving care and concern. Fr. Iggie SM and Bro. Libin Minj SM are official guides for MLC India.



NOTE: A special thank you to Fr. Marianus Lugun, SM who served as interim National Representative for India these past two years. SV

                            AROUND THE REGION  
Blessed Fr. Chaminade

Blessed Fr. Chaminade




Another Chaminade Rap 

University of Dayton graduates (Members of Bridges Community and Table Community) offer another version of a Chaminade rap to commemorate his 250th birthday.








US-Mexico border 

Immigration: Learn It First Hand

- Marianist Border Immersion Experience

The Marianist Social Justice Collaborative (MSJC) is sponsoring a Border Immersion Experience on the Mexico/US border in Texas from May 29 - June 1. The program includes:   


  • Meetings with immigrant families and agencies working with immigrants
  • Visits to an immigrant detention facility and an immigrant shelter
  • Group and personal sharing
  • Reflection about the experience, and much more. 

Click here for the schedule and registration form. Registration deadline: April 8.



Indonesia - kids eating

Youth eating at the Rehabilitation Center

Jakarta, Indonesia   

Our emerging community in Jakarta has taken on a project to help at a rehabilitation center located outside Jakarta which serves the poor and ex-drug
users. We serve food and provide daily needs such as rice, soap, general medicine, instant noodles, toothpaste, etc. This rehabilitation program depends on people's donations. It's a blessing for us to come and visit them to prepare ourselves for this
Lenten season. 


                     Heribertus Denny                                             

Indonesia community 2011-3

 Indonesian Lay Marianists and friends



Let us Prayprayinghands 2

* For the people of Japan as they work to recover from the


* April is Child Protection Month. For survivors of sexual abuse.
* Ernest Kasongo, Regional Rep. for Africa, sends his region's prayers

  for Japan and also asks for prayers for the Ivory Coast. "Je vous

  exhorte aussi à prier pour nos frères de Cote d'Ivoire qui passent

  un moment difficile avec la situation politique en impasse."
* For the Arab people of North African and the Middle East who are
   seeking an authentic voice in their governments.

* For people who have an older version of Outlook (like me) and thus are getting a garbled

   rendition of "Let Us Pray." May we get a new computer before we tear our hair out.    



Right of "Street Children" to Education

The Marianist Family has co-signed (through our NGO "Marianists International" and through the "Fondation Marianiste" France) a United Nations statement on the right to education for children living or working on the street.  ENGLISH     FRANÇAIS 

United Nations International Year of the Forest - 2011 
Intl. Year of the Forest - 2011
The Marianist World Council wishes to alert all Marianists that 2011 is the International Year of the Forest. To help us cultivate an appreciation of the role of forests in conserving the strength and vitality of the planet, as well as achieving certain goals in global development, particularly those outlined in the Millennium Development Goals, click on your language for an inspirational prayer service.







Friday Magnificat - Chaminade Anniversary Year

During 2011, the Friday Magnificat is featuring an historical moment in Fr. Chaminade's life in addition to a glimpse of a work of justice within the Marianist Family.

FM Philippines Street children w SMs 

Balay Pasilungan - a residence and educational center for street children in Davao, Philippines. Fr. Pablo Rambaud, Bro. Hugh Bihl, and Fr. Manuel Cortés at dinner  with some children.


Archived Friday Magnificats


Via Latina - Online
Via Latina
The following articles are found in the February #202 issue of
Via Latina 22, the newsletter for the General Administration of the Society of Mary.

- New Executive Director of Intl. Center for Marianist Formation (ICMF)

- Appeal for assistance for the Sudan Mission

- Chaminade Year 2011-2012 - News and Reminders

- 3 Offices - Symposium on Mixed Composition

- Lenten Campaign - 40 Days with the 40 Least 日本語 

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