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   Is the world falling apart?
        Is it coming of age?

Most of us watched or listened with rapt attention as the people of Egypt found their voice and their courage over the last few weeks and brought about change in their government with minimal violence. As we rejoiced with them, we now realize that the spirit of this revolution is spreading throughout the other countries of North Africa and the Middle East. Nonviolence is not an easy road for an individual or a country. It takes a critical mass of self-disciplined people willing to suffer for peaceful resistance to succeed.  


One commentator said that the tipping point is when a society has enough people who want change and are no longer afraid. Growth in our spiritual lives can be like that too. There comes a time when we must put aside fear, get out of our comfort zone, and go beyond anger.   


Sometimes it feels to me like our beloved Church is falling apart too - but perhaps we are merely coming of age like the people of Egypt. As educated Catholics, we are grounded in our Baptism and driven by prayer and conscience. We too, have to face our fears though - fear of not having enough, fear of not having a job, fear of criticism.    


Lent can be a time to move beyond fear. Here are two Lenten ideas - one far away and close to home.


Far Away: 40 Days With The Least is a web resource sponsored by the Marianist religious. It gives a personal look at the needs of one of the 40 least prosperous countries in the world each day.  Seeing the needs of others and praying can trump our fear with compassion.  FRANÇAIS       ESPAÑOL 


Close to home: As a practical act of solidarity with the poor, you can join me in giving away something each day of Lent. Go to my blog , Letting Go of Stuff if you need ideas. Is it enough? Of course, it's never enough, but it's a step. Be not afraid. 


United across the miles and kilometers,
Susan Vogt
Regional Representative:
N. America, Asia, Australia, & Ireland

Laverdière, Josseline

Josseline Laverdière- Natl, Resp. for French speaking Canada 


ENGLISH: Lay Marianists Communities in Québec started with the founding of small fraternities by the Marianist religious, but after the first international meeting in Chile, these gradually became Marianist Lay Communities.

A three year program was then initiated to deepen our sense of belonging and the Marianist charism. This formation also helped those who aspired to a Consecration to Mary. Five members celebrated their Consecration on May 26, 1998.

In 2000, the "Centre Marianiste d'Education de la Foi"  (Marianist Center for Faith Education) in St-Henri-de-Lévis was built and brought new energy. New MLCs were formed from this and five other persons made their Consecration.  

Since then, new groups have emerged such as faith development groups, core members of the Center, Fraternity for the Center, and Alliance Mariale, with one member making her permanent vows in January 2011.

We are presently seeing a growing interest from some members of these groups to be part of an MLC. There is discussion as to what would be the minimum requirements to be recognized as a Lay Marianist? A task force has been formed and is currently working on this question.

Although now just a few identify ourselves as Lay Marianists, we believe that future lay members will sprout from those orbiting around the Marianist's Center.

Josseline Laverdière, Québec MLC's
PS: I'm the one on the right in the above photo :-)

Quebec Fraternite 2009
Marianist Family of Quebec
                            AROUND THE REGION  

VoteMLNNA Elections

All members of the Lay Network in North America should have received ballots for the election of President (Marceta Reilly, Rudy Reyes, or Tina Bauman) and Head of Communications (Matt Dunn or Jeannie Pinpin). Most ballots were sent by e-mail. If you don't have an e-mail address, you should have received a paper ballot. The deadline for voting is MARCH 1. If you have not received a ballot, e-mail Marie Wyman or call her at: 215-634-4116.  


The Gift of Days  

"The Gift of Days" is a Day of Recollection for men and women over 55 years old. It will address the mystery of aging as God's desire for the fulfillment of our lives and our spiritual development. We will reflect on spiritual insights into the aging process and will include prayer, rituals, input, quiet time, small group sharing, and lunch.

WHERE: Marianist Family Retreat Center, Cape May Point, New Jersey
WHEN:   Thursday, April 7, 2011
TIME:     9:00am - 2:30pm
COST:    $23.00
RSVP:    (609) 884-3829,, 
FACILITATORS: Ray McCracken and Brother Tom Redmond, SM, MA


Let us Prayprayinghands 2

* For the family of John Wagner, husband of Judy Wagner,
   (Magnificat MLC in Winnipeg, Canada) who died on January 14.
* For survivors of sexual abuse by those in positions of power.
* For political leaders that they speak with civility and work for the
   common good.
* For the people of Cote d'Ivoire as they seek a legitimate
* For the Arab people of North African and the Middle East who are
   seeking an authentic voice in their governments.  


Chaminade rap - english subtitled. Christian catholic marianist hip hop  

Fr. Chaminade Hip Hop Rap
          (with English subtitles)


Last month I shared the inspiring rap of Daniel Pajuelo Vazquez, SM celebrating Fr. Chaminade's 250 birthday; but it was only available in Spanish. It now has English subtitles, so not only can English speakers  enjoy the vibrant pictures and sound, but you don't have to guess what is being said.


Next month I'll treat you to a North American puppet version.

Alliance Mariale celebrates Jubilee 
Mary Help of Xn
The Alliance Mariale is a secular institute and one of the four branches of the Marianist Family. As such, their dedication to God does not mean they withdraw from the world, but rather, members are requested to be present in the world every single day as disciples of Christ. Such a presence in the heart of the world characterizes all secular institutes. During February we rejoice with the members of the Alliance, and it's director, Mlle. Christiane Barbaux, on their 50th Jubilee (1961-2011).

Feasts: March 3 -
St. Katherine Drexel                                 Drexel


Philadelphia heiress and foundress of the Missionary Sisters of
the Blessed Sacrament, Saint Katherine Drexel endured much
harassment because of her work with Native Americans and
African Americans. She established 49 institutions, including
Xavier University in New Orleans. She died in 1955 at the age
of 97 and was canonized in October 2000.


Read other  March Feasts and  Fr. Bill Meyer's reflections.


Friday Magnificat - Chaminade Anniversary Year

Mombassa shoes

Fr. Steven chats with boys before giving them sandals.

During 2011, the Friday Magnificat is featuring an historical moment in Fr. Chaminade's life in addition to a glimpse of a work of justice within the Marianist Family.


The Marianist Family of Mombasa, Kenya agreed to celebrate Chaminade's Anniversary year by serving the poor in a nearby village. "We gathered together as family (lay and religious) to spend time with the disadvantaged. In this event we involved our friends and Christians of St. Martins Catholic Church (a Marianist Parish) and distributed WCMF_logoclothes, shoes, mattresses, and books."
                                       - Josephine Njeri  


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Via Latina - Online
Via Latina

The following articles are found in the February #200 issue of

Via Latina 22, the newsletter for the General Administration of the Society of Mary.

- Chaminade Year 2011-2012 - Celebrations in January

- Symposium on Mixed Composition
- Causes of Chaminade and Faustino


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