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Greetings!,Susan photo 
What's the right date?

I've never been good at dates, so it took a bit of searching around the Chaminade Year website to make sure I had these right. I'll save you the trouble.

  • April 8, 1761 - Chaminade's birth
  • February 2, 1801 - Founding of the Sodality
  • January 22, 1850 - Chaminade's death  
That's why you may have noticed several different dates when local Marianist communities are holding special celebrations during this 250th anniversary year of Chaminade's birth.

Even if you are not an historian, I think you'll find it interesting to learn the personal story behind what influenced Chaminade to be the kind of person he was. After all, each of us have people and experiences that formed us - some of them intentional and some just happy coincidences. The easiest way to read the history (and see a lot of nice photos in the process) is to go to the Monthly Formation links:
ENGLISH     FRANÇAIS       ESPAÑOL     日本語          한국어
Once on the webpage, scroll to "Formation" and click your language again.

Many of you have probably also seen the beautiful Chaminade calendar (available online if you don't have a paper copy). The calendar is the most concise way to get a key fact about Chaminade each month. It's in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, and Korean. For future months of the calendar, click on the month column.

United across the miles and kilometers,
Susan Vogt
Regional Representative:
N. America, Asia, Australia, & Ireland

PS: Chaminade RapChaminade 250 logo blue

Although I don't speak Spanish, this video rap about Fr. Chaminade, developed by Daniel Pajuelo Vazquez, is so dynamic that I can get the gist of it just by listening. Perhaps you can too. It's a treat.


Susan Buckley

Susan Buckley

Ireland Responsible

On Sunday January 23rd, to begin the year of Chaminade jubilee celebrations, members of the Irish Marianist Family (lay, religious, affiliates) gathered with friends to celebrate Chaminade Day Eucharist. In his homily, Fr Mike Reaume spoke eloquently of Chaminade and the legacy he has left for each one of us. In teaching about Fr. Chaminade to his first year students (12 year olds) at St Laurence College over the years, Bro Fred Rech has used the booklet 'The Priest Who Wore a Saucepan on His Head' written by D.M.Stucky. Saucepan priest

I still have my well-worn copy of this booklet which tells the story of Chaminade in the disguise of someone who mends pots and pans, and how on several occasions Mary protects him from the soldiers as they hunted for him.  I now read this story to my son.
Joining in the spirit of our celebration, with some people holding enlargements of the booklet's pages while others donned a saucepan, this picture was taken.

Submitted by Susan Buckley

2011-1 Irish Marianists

For more news on the Marianist Family in Ireland click here

                    AROUND THE REGION
Indonesia Denny

Heribertus Denny


INDONESIA - New Community Forming

The Marianist charism is spreading to Indonesia through Heribertus Denny, a contact of the SM's from Indonesia. He has gathered some Indonesian friends in Jakarta into a prayer group with the hope of it developing into a Marianist Lay Community. The group joined forces with others in December (see photo below) to visit and celebrate Christmas Virgil Mass in a women's prison. They provided gifts for the prisoners and prepared the Mass. Some of the group performed a Christmas musical drama to console the prisoners.

Indonesia community 

INDIA - Celebrates on January 22

India map

Jinius Bara has recently been elected as the MLC responsible for India. Although I don't yet have a photo of Jinius, he is busy communicating about Marianist life on the sub continent. Jinius says that on January 22 about 100 Marianists (lay and professed) gathered for Mass, the rosary, and commemorating Chaminade's anniversary year with the reading of inspiring letters from the heads of the SM, FMI, MLCs, and Alliance Mariale. He feels encouraged that Marianist efforts in India are getting stronger.

HAITI - With gratitude from the lay Marianists of Haiti

Bonjour membres CLM et de la Famille Marianiste,
Merci pour tout et à mon tour je vous adresse nos voeux à nous dans ma petite famille et au nom des Haïtiens.
Ces photos pour vous dire merci, et au nom de frère Léon André Belmont qui a perdu sa femme et enfants lors du séisme et 3 autres qui sont sur cette photo qui ont tout perdu et au nom de tous les autres membres de la famille marianiste en Haïti et que vous avez soutenu comme vous pouvez... nous vous disons:
Merci, Merci, Mèsi Anpil.
Merci à tous ceux qui nous ont déjà envoyés des Voeux.Ca fait vraiment chaud au coeur. Terrible Année 2010 pour nous les haïtiens, pour les amis d'Haïti et pour des milliers d'autres!
Comblés et pleins de reconnaissance devant autant de solidarités humaines, notre coeur vous dit avec Joie: Heureuse et meilleure année 2011!
Qu'elle soit bonne pour nous tous sur cette terre de passage.  

Paix et Bonheur!

Joseph Marie et Agnès Dumas BONKOUNGOU et Jeff Stanley TORCHON

Haiti group of 8 - 2011 


Hello members of Marianist Family,

Thank you for everything. In turn, I send you our best wishes and this photo on behalf of Haitians - especially our Brother Andre Leon Belmont who lost his wife and children in the earthquake and three others (who are in this photo) who have lost everything. Your generosity has sustained us and we say: Thank you, Merci, Mèsi anpil.

2010 was a terrible Year for us Haitians, for the friends of Haiti, and thousands more but your greetings and support have been heartwarming.

Our hearts are full of gratitude to all who have stood by us in solidarity. It is with pleasure we wish a happy and better year in 2011! May it be a good time of transition. 

Peace and Happiness,

Joseph and Mary Agnes Dumas BONKOUNGOU and Jeff Stanley CLOTH

prayinghands 2 

Let us Pray
For the people of Australia (including our lay Marianist brothers and sisters) whose country is experiencing devastating floods.



Faustino declared VenerableFaustino

Faustino Perez-Manglano Magro (1946-1963) was declared Venerable on January 14. Faustino was a Spanish student living in Valencia Spain. Although sickly through much of his young life, from an early age he had a devotion to Mary and especially the practice of saying the rosary. Just before he died at age 16, he was approved to take vows as a Marianist religious. He is a model to young people of faith and graciousness during times of physical trials and illness. Read more.               ENGLISH    FRANÇAIS    ESPAÑOL



Feasts: February 2 -  Presentation of the Lord                                 Feasts 2011-2 Presentation 

This feast commemorates Mary's purification and the presentation of Jesus in the temple. In the Middle Ages, a tradition began of blessing candles and holding a procession of light on this day. As a result it is also known as "Candlemas" - Christ our light has come to us. We also remember the first members of the Bordeaux Sodality who made their first act of consecration on Feb. 2, 1801.

Read other February Feasts and Fr. Bill Meyer's reflections.


Friday Magnificat - Chaminade Anniversary Year

Chaminade 250 w Fr words

The Friday Magnificat was initiated to:

   1. Join Marianists in a common prayer each Friday (the Magnificat) 

   2. Feature a work of Marianist justice around the world.

During 2011, the Friday Magnificat will feature a tidbit from WCMF_logoChaminade's life each month. Certainly his life was filled with efforts to bring justice to the world and his beloved Church.  

We join Mary's cry to raise the lowly and fill the hungry with good things.

   FRANÇAIS       ESPAÑOL      ENGLISH       日本語           한국어

Via Latina - OnlineVia Latina
The following articles are found in the January #198 issue of

Via Latina 22, the newsletter for the General Administration of the Society of Mary.

- Chaminade Year 2011-2012

- Vows and Ordination in E. Africa, Mexico, Congo, Haiti, Peru

- GA Visits Haiti for Christmas


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