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Greetings!,Susan photo
Commitment is a funny thing. Not "Ha Ha" funny, but it's amazing what commitment can lead us to do. For spouses it prompts us to say, "OK, not my way, but your way." For parents it drags us out of bed to rock a fretful baby. For dedicated employees it drives us to work overtime to meet a deadline.
And for lay Marianists it prompts us to:
  • arrange our free time around community meetings
  • plan prayer for others rather than be satisfied with only attending Sunday Mass
  • live on less so that we can support causes we believe in
  • spend time feeding the hungry and protesting injustices
  • and even going to Rome - not to visit the Vatican and do tourist things, but to sit in more meetings and to do it happily. 
That's what I'll be doing in one week - going to Rome. It sounds so exotic. (Well, maybe not as exotic as Hawaii.) But wall to wall meetings? Yes. Happily. To prepare for this trip I get to think about each of you very directly and intentionally as I put together a report for each country in our region (Australia,Canada,Haiti, India, Japan, Ireland, Korea,the Philippines,and the USA). I read about how your communities are thriving or struggling. I pray for both.
All this reflecting and praying culminates in meeting three Regional Responsibles that cover the rest of our planet (Isabel Duarte-Latin America, Felix Arqueros-Europe, and Ernest Kasango-Africa). Each of them carry similar stories of the MLCs in their region and we bring them all together, talk, plan, and pray some more - hoping that all of this time and effort makes your commitments as lay Marianists more vital and meaningful.
Commitment can do that to a person - cause one to sit for long hours talking, translating, and trying to understand each other, skillfully guided by Isabella Moyer. We wonder if it makes any difference. Commitment! It takes over your life because you know the people you are committed to and want to serve them well - because Jesus asked us to take care of each other.
Of course the challenge for any Christian is to balance work with prayer and play. I will do all in your name, God willin' and the creek don't rise (as they say in Kentucky).

"Mum's the word."

United across the miles & kilometers
Susan Vogt
Regional Rep:N. America, Asia, Australia, & Ireland

Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Patroness of Haiti
OCTOBER 10, 2010 - A day of prayer, resilience, and hope.
It seems only fitting to feature Haiti during October since Haiti is a witness to the rest of the Marianist world of carrying on despite tragedy. The lay and professed Marianists in Haiti had the courage to keep their commitment to this World Day of Prayer. There must have been times when they wondered if they should still do it. It wasn't elaborate, nor should it have been. But it did include the essentials: prayer, community, and food.

Click on World Day of Prayer - Haiti to view a beautiful slide show of the day. Be patient. It takes about 30 seconds to load. For the impatient below are two sample pictures. The captions are in French but the photos say enough that you won't have any trouble catching the spirit.
WDP-2010 Haiti pilgrimage
Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Fatima shrine
WDP-2010 Haiti Offertory procession
Offertory Procession

About 200 local Marianists participated in the the World Day of Prayer. Of course thousands of us prayed in solidarity with them. The brothers report that it was a great moment of communion within the Marianist Family. Our letters of support were read and appreciated.

Marie Thérèse de LamourousMarie Therese de Lamourous
celebrated in New Jersey, USA

Medford Marianist w Marie Therese
The Marianist community meeting in Medford, NJ celebrated the Feast of Marie Thérèse at their monthly meeting on Sept 14, 2010. The community has been meeting monthly for just about a year and uses the Quest publication from the Archdiocese of Hartford for meetings.

Pictured are Joel Martin, Ray McCracken, Sherri Cocozza,
Patti Jarvis, Joanne Martin, Joanne McCracken. Pati Krasensky, not pictured (taking photo)

Marianist Educational Center in Québec, Canada
The Marianist Educational Center in Québec recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. Cliquez ici (Click here) to see a delightful video of the celebration.
Note to English only speakers: Do not be afraid! Even though the video is narrated in French, you'll get the idea from the action and the Roberge-Dion Family singers is worth it.

Let Us Pray:
  • Fr. Marianus Lugun, SM, acting representative for India, informs us of the death of Goretti Baxla, wife of Ranchi MLC member, Raymond Baxla. Goretti died on September 26. She leaves Raymond and their young daughter. We grieve and pray with them.

Cheers for Chile
Chili minerAll the world waited and all the world rejoiced when the 33 miners, trapped under ground for 69 days, were rescued. Their perseverance in the womb of the earth gives us all inspiration. Perhaps we should anoint them as "honorary Marianists" for those times that we are tempted to give up. Isabel (Isa) Duarte of Chile sends this message back to us in response to the many messages of concern and joy that she received from lay Marianists around the world.

Duarte, IsabelWe thank God for keeping the miners alive because God has motivated many minds, who have put their intelligence and effort to serve this cause, paid or free. As it has been demonstrated today, the life of a person is priceless. We thank our Mother Mary. She has been invoked with deep faith by the families of the miners who felt that she was present with them and protected them.
We pray also that the Good Father, through this terrible accident, will soften the hearts of businessmen and officials to create better conditions of life and work for all.
A fraternal embrace,

ALLIANCE MARIALE to mark 50th Jubilee
Dear brothers and sisters of the Family of Mary,
The Alliance Mariale joyfully announces that on January 22, 2011 we will celebrate the 50th jubilee of our founding. On January 22, 1961 the first vows were professed in the Alliance Mariale, although it was not as yet known by that name.
May this good news make its way around the world uniting us in joy, thanksgiving and prayer to the Spirit.
Let us entrust this Jubilee to our Mother that she may prepare our hearts to receive the blessings that this Lord will grant us in his goodness and mercy.
In fraternal union with you in our common mission with Mary,
Christiane Barbaux, General Directress of the Alliance Mariale
Editors note:
The Alliance Mariale doesn't get much press. For those who may not be familiar with it, the Alliance Mariale is a secular institute branch of the Marianist Family. Members live out their mission in their own professional and family sphere, but always in accordance with their alliance with Mary. The Alliance Mariale is currently an all-female group but nothing precludes some day a male branch of the organization.

Feasts: November 1 - All Saints Day
Feasts 2010-11 All Saints

All Saints Day honors all the saints of the Church, known and unknown. The occasion allows us to reflect on the nature of holiness and to celebrate the exemplary faithfulness of holy men and women of every place and time, whose lives and deeds continue to inspire us.

Friday Magnificat - Santiago Chile
Friday Magnificat 2010 Chili
How appropriate that the country of Chile that has inspired us through the strength of the captive miners is also the focus of October's Friday Magnificat. Read about Marianist students in Chile helping younger students in the poorest area of Santiago. WCMF_logo(Everyone who receives Gifts & Tasks should also receive the monthly Friday Magnificat e-mails. If you don't, contact me.


Via Latina - OnlineVia Latina
The following articles are found in the October #195 issue of
Via Latina 22, the newsletter for the General Administration of the Society of Mary.
- New Province of Spain
- Youth Activities for August 2011
- Professions in Four Continents!
- Preparations for the Chaminade Year
- Jubilee of Alliance Mariale
- 4th Circular of the Superior General
- Vol. II of the
General History of the SM


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