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Greetings!,Susan photo
Failure. That's what most of my garden has been this summer. I wanted to put a beautiful picture of my garden in this column but my harvest has been weak - lots of shriveled plants and few squash, tomatos, or peppers. I'm not quite sure why. I watered, and talked to the plants but to little avail.
This got me thinking that communities are sometimes like that too. We plant, we water, and we certainly talk a lot, but sometimes it doesn't produce much fruit. People leave, get tired, or die. BUT, I am encouraged because the Marianist Family is not just one community but a community of communities. Sometimes it helps to look at the big picture. While one community may be fading, another is rising up. Read the wonderful things that are happening in Korea under featured country below.
And then there's the World Day of Prayer (WDP) in Haiti. Who would have thought almost nine months ago that they would be able to host the WDP after the earthquake. New life is sprouting, just not in my yard.

It is with great confidence, therefore, that I send the following greeting to our brothers and sisters in Haiti in the name of lay Marianists across our region:

October 10, 2010                    FRANÇAIS
Dear Marianists of Haiti,
It is with great joy and hope that I greet you today on this World Day of Prayer held in your own country under the protection of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. The whole world knows of the January 12, 2010 tragic earthquake that devastated so much of your country. Now the world prays with you for courage and strength as you rebuild your cherished country.
With prayer and human devotion, 128 years ago, Haiti overcame a terrible smallpox epidemic. Today, we bring the attention of the world again to your country that is still hurting. Many Marianists around the world (especially the Region of North America, Asia, Australia, and Ireland) donated money to help you rebuild after the earthquake. We know it will be a long and slow process and our contribution is small compared to your suffering. Still we are united with you in prayer for your safety, well-being, and faith. As we also celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Marianist presence in Haiti, we call again on Our Lady of Perpetual Help to be at your side as you face the challenges ahead.
With great faith, hope, and love for each of you,
Susan Vogt
In the name of all lay Marianists in North America, Asia, Australia, and Ireland

United across the miles (and kilometers),
Susan Vogt
Regional Rep:N. America, Asia, Australia, & Ireland

Teresa Kim (Responsible for S. Korea) reports that recently two 
Korea - Kim Eun He Theresa
Eun Hee (Teresa) Kim
significant new projects were undertaken by the Korean lay and religious Marianists.
On September 14-16, the S. Korean Marianists held a workshop on Marianist Servant Leadership to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the arrival of the Society of Marianists in Korea. Fr. David Fleming SM from India was the speaker and many Korean Marianists (SM, FMI, MLC) took part in this workshop together. We had an opportunity to know a real Marianist Servant Leader in Fr. Fleming. We also reviewed the history of the Marianists and the apostolic life of our Founders, Fr. William Joseph Chaminade, Mother Adele de Trenquelleon, and Marie Thérèse de Lamourous. We lay Marianists feel we now have a stronger foundation to help us carry out our mission within the Church and to make Christ more present in the world.
We are especially thankful to Fr. Fleming who came directly from the Horizon Program in Bordeaux, France to lead this workshop. We appreciated his hard work. The Korean SMs will also have a Mass and celebration party of the 50th anniversary on October 3.

Marianist Korea Volunteers
(MKV) was founded on August 28. MKV will serve at Chaminade Hospital for aged people in Inchon on every 4th Saturday. This hospital is managed by the Korean SM. It has about 120 elderly patients. The members of MKV will clean the hospital, give patients baths, and talk with them, etc. Although it is a small step at the beginning, it will grow into a great work later.  MKV is not connected with MIV and is not branch.
A special thanks to Jim Bong (Sebastian) Lee who is our trusty Korean translator. See also our prayer for Sebastian below.
Haiti Update
Dear friends,
I am glad to send you our little news bulletin, The Little Marianist of Haiti, #9, translated from French to English. This is the first newsletter since the earthquake of January 12, 2010 and gives a brief summary and many photos to bring you up to date. Enjoy the reading!
Father Florian, SM
Let Us Pray:
  • Sebastian (Jin Bong) Lee was in a serious car accident three weeks ago. A bus did not stop for a traffic sign and demolished his car. Although he had some broken bones in his neck he was recently released from the hospital and thanks God that he was not more seriously hurt. He says he is alright now.

 World Day of Prayer - Haiti, October 10AMLF2008
Remember: The Marianist World Day of Prayer will be hosted by the Marianists in Haiti on Sunday, October 10, 2010, in union with the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Patroness of Haiti. Read the document and prayers provided by the preparation team. May Our Lady of Perpetual Help provde the graces which Haiti (and all of us) need. Read the details below.

September 29 Feast - The Archangels
All Saints

The three archangels are venerated in the tradition of the Church. Michael (Who is like God?) was the archangel who fought against Satan and all his evil angels, defending all the friends of God. He is the protector of all humanity from the snares of the devil. Gabriel (Strength of God) announced to Zachariah the forthcoming birth of John the Baptist, and to Mary, the birth of Jesus. His greeting to the Virgin, "Hail, full of grace," is one of the most familiar and frequent prayers of the Christian people. Raphael (Medicine of God) is the archangel who took care of Tobias on his journey.

Friday Magnificat - Focus on Adele Social Justice Project: USA
The Adèle Social Justice Project offers immersion/reflection weekends for young adults (20s and 30s) to experience the reality of urban poverty and to reflect upon their own call to social justice. Just as Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon cared for the poor of her city, young adults spend a weekend living, working, and praying in a poor urban neighborhood. They see the needs of the poor up close and learn about the social services that help them. They talk with the local residents and learn what it means to live without many of the comforts they take for granted. They also discuss and journal about their experiences in the spirit of Adèle, who was known for her letters. Weekends have already happened in Cincinnati, Washington DC, St. Louis, San Antonio, Cleveland, and Indianapolis. This Project is sponsored by the Marianist Social Justice Collaborative (MSJC).

Argentina - For our Spanish Speakers
Isabel Duarte of Chile and Regional responsible for Latin America sends us information about the Fundacion Mision Marianista of the Society of Mary in Argentina. They request the help of Marianists throughout the world.

Circular #4, To Know, Love, and Follow the Founder
by Superior General, Fr. Manuel J. Cortés, SM

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