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MAY 2010

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Greetings!,Susan photo
Being a lay Marianist most often takes the form of being in a lay community. Yes, a few of us don't have the luxury of living in physical proximity, still that is the preferred way to share each others joys, burdens, and grow in faith. My own community, Anawim, celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Recently we did a variation of a practice Bernie Lee, SM calls, "Praying the Headlines" in which one prays for the people and troubles captured in headlines. Headlines are almost always bad so there's plenty to pray about. Besieged by pessimism about today's world, however, we felt a need to focus on HOPE. Here's how we adapted it:

Ripped from the Headlines:
The night's leader had selected 8-10 recent headlines from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to clergy sexual abuse. Instead of just praying for the environment and victims, however, he challenged us to force ourselves to think of one positive, hopeful thing that might come out oil slick birdof the tragedy. For example, despite the horrendous devastation wreaked by the oil leak, after silent meditation we considered that perhaps it could be a catalyst for more vigorous use of alternative energy sources like solar, wind, and hydro power.

I'm sharing this example because communities sometimes struggle to come up with creative and inspiring things to do at meetings. There are approximately 150 MLC's in our region and about 500 MLC's worldwide. Imagine the contagion of good example if each of us shared a favorite community night. MLNNA members in North America can send your ideas to Jacqui Griswold for the E-News.

May gardenFrom my garden to yours,
Susan Vogt
Regional Responsible,
N. America, Asia, Australia, and Ireland

PS: The fence is to keep the evil deer away.

Circular #1

Isabella Moyer, President of our International Organization of MLCs, has written a challenging circular summarizing the gifts and tasks of being lay Marianists in 2010. It emphasizes the Marianist charisms of equality, the role of Mary as model for both men and women, and the unique interdependence of the branches of the Marianist Family. It also calls communities to form Family Councils, to strengthen our global awareness, and to share our resources.
ENGLISH (Translations in FRANÇAIS and ESPAÑOL available soon.)

Hiroshi Kawaguchi
Japan Responsible

Greetings from the MLCs of Japan.
At present, Japan has 15 Marianist Lay Communities with 135 members (90 of whom have made a formal commitment). MLC's started in Japan in 1979 with one group composed of 7members. They were working people and students who were alumnae of the Koka Gakuen, an FMI Catholic School. That was the start of MLCs in Japan and is still an important element of the present MLC Japan.
In 1990, another new community started. In 1992, 14 people dedicated themselves as Marianists. In 1993, 4 more communities were started.
Since then, through God's grace, we have seen the birth of new communities and committed lay Marianists.  
Our mission is to make an effort to contribute to this world as Marianists. At the same time, we have two problems. One is that most of our members are seniors, and the other is the obstacle of language needed to communicate with Marianist family members in other countries.
Though this language problem makes it difficult for us to share things among Marianist around the world, we would still like to stay in communication and share activities since we have the same goals and spirit. We ask your prayers and patience.
Japan MLC 2010-2All the lay Marianist groups in Japan gather once a year, on the Sunday between the two anniversaries of the death of Fr. Chaminade and Mère Adele.  On that day, we celebrate Mass, have a speaker to bolster our Marianist spirit, and have lunch together to strengthen our spiritual relationships. This year, we gathered on January 17th.  See photo.  Perhaps some of you can recognize members you have met in the picture.
May the Grace of the Lord and Mary always be with you.
Translation thanks to Masami Hayashi.


Continental Ass logo 2010Continental Assembly - Hawaii
               July 22-25, 2010
You're almost too late, but not quite. MLNNA's 8th Continental Assembly will be held "off continent" for the first time in Honolulu, Hawaii. The welcome will be stupendous, the workshops useful, and the culture inspiring. Sure, it's a long way (unless you're already "on island" but it's a once in a life time experience. Here are some hints:
     *Awaken the Dreamer in yourself
     *Experience the ocean's healing and awakening power
     *Try to find out where all the consonants went

Etienne, Wesly 1Haiti update: "We are thankful for your kindness towards the Haitian MLC's. Thanks for your help of $4,000. We were able to help 33 members of our MLC's from thr West (Bourdon: 7 persons; Croix-des-Bouquets: 20 persons; Carrefour: 6 persons) Each member received $100 as direct aid. The money was distributed on two different occasions due to the fact that not all the members could be in Port-au-Prince for the first distribution on April 8th. (See photo below.) This is the reason we took so long to answer. We have in our hands signed documents by the beneficiaries, and also, videos for those who cannot read or write.
Please accept our most distinguished salutations, in the hope that this gesture may bring some fruit to the Haitian MLC's."
from Bro. Eddy and Wesly (translated by Richard Thibault)Clique ici pour FRANÇAIS.
Haiti MLC's

Although monetary donations are a flexible and effective way to help rebuild Haiti's infrastructure, as people of faith, we also support through prayer. Following is a prayer composed by Eddyles Jacinthe, a young Haitian man who is living temporarily with Alison and Paul Zlatic, lay Marianists in Cincinnati.

Oh God, my Heavenly Father,
It is with empty hands and a saddened heart that I come to you.
I don't know which would be best to ask because the needs are multiple.
I feel too weak to offer my help and am not wealthy enough to give significant aid-
Too many wounded to cure,
Too many mouths to feed,
Too many tears to wipe,
Too many schools to rebuild,
Too many shelters to construct,
Too many families to rescue.
O Lord, there are too many challenges for what I can support in this beautiful Island of Haiti, after this catastrophic earthquake of January 12.
But, I still humble myself before you to ask for your mercy.
Lay your blessing hands upon the Haitian people and their land.
Give them understanding and wisdom to cope with this special situation,
And better foresight to the leaders to prepare for the next generation.
I pray to you that all the broken families find
Comfort for the wounded
Help for the widows
And a new family to welcome the orphans.
I also pray that you give me compassion so that I can,
Fill the deficit that is plaguing so many families,
And secure my brothers and sisters in Haiti.
May this prayer be heard and responded in Christ's Name, Amen
 by Eddyles Jacinthe    (945) 391-2302

Map EuropeFirst CLM/MLC Started in Poland
Felix Arqueros, Regional Responsible for Europe writes of exciting news:
"On May 28 I travel to Poland. The SMs there have been working with a group of lay men and women there for a little over a year to help them form a CLM.
This weekend I will have a training meeting, prayer, and live with them as they have asked to formally become lay Marianists.

I don't know if there is an official process for becoming a CLM in a new country, so I improvised a little and asked them to write a letter to Isabella Moyer, our international president which they will present to me this weekend. At the end of our Eucharist, will give them a Marianist cross as a symbol of their commitment and read a letter of welcome from Isabella.
The process of formation and rule of life of this CLM in Poland will be similar to the communities of the province of Zaragoza which have been translated into Polish.

I rejoice that the Lord blesses us with the creation of a new CLM in a new country. I ask for your prayers this weekend for our brothers and sisters from Poland as they take this next step.
In addition to the official establishment of this Polish CLM I will have a meeting with Polish young people related to the Marianist religious, who want to know more about the Marianists and may eventually form an additional CLM."
Un abrazo,

Your International Team on the Move
  • Isabel Duarte (Latin America) has received an invitation to attend the 3rd Congress of Ecclesial Movements and New Communities in Latin America. This Congress will take place in Asunción, Paraguay from Sept. 2-5. This is an important meeting for our CLM in Latin America.
  • Susan Vogt and Isabella Moyer will attend the SM Province of the USA gathering June 30-July 3 in Louisville, KY. The brothers are celebrating eight years of the unified province, and will inaugurate their new provincial council.
  • Isabella Moyer and Susan Vogt will also attend the MLNNA Continental Assembly in Hawaii in July. Julie Nagasako and Isabella will be giving two seminars on our international documents (with an emphasis on our Nairobi document) and the Guide to Lay Life in the Marianist Tradition.
  • Ernest Kasongo (Africa) met with the MLC in neighboring Congo, Brazzaville to help assess their needs and invite them to a formation training in Congo, Kinshasa. He has also been contact with MLCs in Togo.

Friday Magnificat - Focus on India Chaminade Institute Peru French
India Magnificat 2010The FMI in India opened their first community in Ranchi in 2006. Presently there are two first-year novices, six pre-novices, and seven candidates in formation.
Every day, they take turns going to the REDS Center to collaborate with the SM Brothers. There, they teach and take care of the children who are ragpickers.
Saturday is a day for "family visits" where they visit those who are sick or old, to give them courage, comfort, and to pray together. 

June Feasts
Feasts 2010-6June 3 - Charles Lwanga and Companions, Martyrs

The 22 Martyrs of Uganda died on June 3, 1886, and were
canonized in 1964. Charles Lwanga and his companions had
become Christians through the Catholic Missionaries of Africa. About 100 persons died during the persecution of the cruel and immoral King Mwanga, who was determined to stamp out Christianity in his country.
See Fr. George Cerniglia's reflections and other June Feasts.

Via Latina 22 - Online

Haiti SM Formators
The following articles are found in the May #192 issue of
Via Latina 22, the newsletter for the General Administration of the Society of Mary.
  • Archdiocese of St. Louis set to start miracle reviews
  • Nine make First Profession of Vows in India

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