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Greetings!,Susan photo
Haiti is part of the Marianist Lay Network of North America (MLNNA) and so the tragic earthquake that devastated this small island has a personal connection for lay Marianists. Of course we mourn, pray for, and want to help ALL Hatians to rebuild their country, but we have special concern for those we know personally. Wesly Etienne, the National lay Representative for Haiti has communicated with me and is unhurt. To read the most recent news we have of all Marianists who lived in Haiti, see:
          ENGLISH      FRANÇAIS      ESPAÑOL

Haiti woman w rosary 3To Donate:
MLNNA moved quickly to set up a relief fund the day of the earthquake. The response during the first week has been very gratifying.  If you would still like to donate go to:

Friday Magnificat expands
Friday Magnificat
As of January, 2010 we almost doubled our Friday Magnificat e-mail list. The World Council put a priority on sending this e-mail to more international SMs, FMIs, and MLCs. Since it comes in English, French, and Spanish we can be in solidarity with more Marianists as we cry out with Mary to remedy injustices. During 2010 the focus is justice in Marianist education. The January Magnificat focused on Teens Acting for Peace (TAP) in which students from Purcell-Marian and Moeller high schools in Cincinnati, Ohio teach students at St. Francis de Sales grade school how to live more peacefully. Ask others to sign up for it.
See archives for the full picture or to sign up.

United in prayer across the miles,
Susan Vogt
Regional Responsible
N. America, Asia, Australia, and Ireland

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    Check out this 9 minute YouTube video. Engaging and easy.
  • While Haiti lacks even the bare necessities of life like WATER,  
    here are ways that you can be responsible consumers of water:
1. Never put water down the drain when there may be another use    water faucet
for it such as  watering a plant. a garden, or cleaning.
2. Repair dripping faucets by replacing washers. 
3. Check for toilet leaks by adding food coloring to the tank. If the toilet is leaking, color will appear within 30 minutes. (Flush when test is done since food coloring may stain tank.)
4. Avoid flushing the toilet unnecessarily. Dispose of tissues, insects, and other such waste in the trash.
5. Take shorter showers. Replace you showerhead with an ultra-low-flow version.
6. Don't let water run while shaving or washing your face.
7. Operate automatic dishwashers and clothes washers only when full or set the water level for the size of load you are using.
8. When washing dishes by hand, fill one sink with soapy water. Quickly rinse under a stream from the faucet.
9. Store drinking water in the refrigerator rather than letting the tap run.
Green Tips brought to you by the Mt. St. John Green Team
Quebec MLC leadership 2009

Bonjour du Québec! Notre région connaît actuellement une période de renouvellement et suite à l'étude du document issu de la Rencontre internationale de Naïrobi, nous avons choisi de nous concentrer sur un point en particulier, soit le point 2.10, et un calendrier de rencontres fut ensuite    proposé à nos membres pour en faire notre plan      Josseline Laverdière, Jacqueline Carrier
d'action pour l'année.                                                    National Rep, Marie-Paule Guénette

2.10 "Un des plus grands défis des CLM est d'arriver à avoir une attitude d'ouverture au dialogue avec notre entourage de façon à obtenir une influence sociale de transformation plus grande ainsi qu'une importante implication missionnaire."
Par la magie d'Internet, nous avons établi de nouveaux liens avec nos frères et sœurs de la République Démocratique du Congo et nous sommes invités à être en union de prières avec eux. Nos « cousins français » ont eux aussi tissé des liens avec nous et sont intéressés à mieux nous connaître, surtout du fait que nous partageons une langue en commun. C'est là une autre retombée de notre participation à la Rencontre internationale de Naïrobi.
C'est le 6 décembre que nous avons vécu, ensemble avec les religieux et les membres de l'Alliance, de la Fraternité et du Cœur  du Centre, une splendide journée de renouvellement de nos engagements lors d'une rencontre au Centre marianiste de St-Henri.

Quebec commitment 2010-1

Bonjour from Québec! The French speaking MLC in North America. Our Region is going through a rejuvenating process and after a study of the Nairobi document, has chosen one point, 2.10, to be our challenge for the year:
2.10. "One of the main challenges for our MLCs is to attain a dialoguing openness within our environment, which may result in a greater social and transforming influence, and in a greater missionary commitment."
From this challenge, a calendar of events for the year was proposed to our members. Through the magic of Internet, a close link with our brothers and sisters from Congo has been initiated and our members are invited to be united in prayers with them. Our "French cousins" from France have also tied some friendly contacts and are eager to know us better, as we share a common language. These relations are the results of our presence in Nairobi.
On December 6, a splendid day of renewal was held at our Marianist's Center in St-Henri, and we were invited to renew our commitments, vows and consecrations, together with the religious and members of Alliance Mariale.
Quebec Fraternite 2009
Australia - Julie Ahern tells us of the December 31, 2009 death of lay Marianist, Carmel Leveritt...Let us pray
Japan - Teresa Kim Hyeon-Sook, newly professed FMI has just been diagnosed with agressive cancer. The Sisters are asking for prayers through the intercession of Mother Adele.
- On the other end of the life spectrum, we greet the
 new granddaughter of Marcel Dion and Josee Roberge. (Right)

- Johneleen Lardera (Philippine Natl. rep.) reports: "I visited the MLC in Manila last November for their monthly meeting. I shared with them my great experiences in Nairobi, and the MLCs in the Church and in the World document.
Julie AherneI was impressed with their simple and yet significant efforts to help their neighbors and society. One project they started is to gather children from ages 3 up and catechize them in a program they call "SMILING SANTO NIÑOS" (the smile of little child like Jesus).
They also make beautiful handcrafted handbags out of recycled newspaper for export. I really like their simplicity and appreciated how they work together to help each other like a family. Since they prefer to use their native language, I translated MLCs in the Church and in the World into Tagalog for them. All of them are busy working mothers and devoted to Mother Mary. Noemi Ardon is the local leader."

February Feasts

Feasts 2010-2February 2 - The Presentation of the Lord

This feast commemorates Mary's purification and the presentation of Jesus in the temple. In the Middle Ages, a tradition began of blessing candles and holding a procession of light on this day. As a result it is also known as "Candlemas" - Christ our light has come to us. We also remember the first members of the Bordeaux Sodality who made their first act of consecration on Feb. 2, 1801.

See Fr. George Cerniglia's reflections and other February Feasts.

Via Latina 22 Online

Haiti SM Formators
The following articles are found in the January #185 issue of
Via Latina 22, the newsletter for the General Administration of the Society of Mary:
  • Venancio Garagorri SM, dedicated Marianist religious, pastor, and Superior
  • Appeal for Prayers from the District of Eastern Africa
  • Ordination of Ramón Ramos (MA)

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