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Greetings!,Susan photo
We begin where we left off last month - the Marianist World Day of Prayer (WDP) October 11, 2009. Although the official site of the WDP was Congo-Kinshasa, many Marianists celebrated in many places in many different ways.
One unique way of connecting people from different parts of the world didn't involve planes, trains, or cars - but rather the internet.

WDP 2009 Skype

A "SKYPE World Day of Prayer" was suggested by lay Marianists in Spain. For those not familiar with the latest technology, Skype is a free internet service that allows people to hear (and sometimes see) each other through their computer's internet connection. Lay Marianists from Spain, Kenya, the USA, Canada, and the Philippines participated in the World Day of Prayer virtually. Have you experimented with using technology in creative ways to connect the Marianist Family?
Haiti SM Formators
Don't forget to check out our president, Isabella Moyer's new blog. Her latest entry is on the Synod of Africa.

 From Haiti SM Formatorsmy home 
 (with this gorgeous fall tree)
 to yours,
 Susan Vogt
 Regional Responsible
 N. America, Asia, Australia, and Ireland
 World Day of Prayer Updates

Carmen and Bernard Hocevar of France traveled to Switzerland to join Swiss Marianists for their World Day of Prayer. They visited the places where St Nicolas de Flüe lived. St. Nicolas was a hermit who brought peace to Switzerland by his inspired words. Roland Carrupt is the Swiss MLC Responsible. As you can see, October in Switzerland looks a lot like winter to many of us.
WDP 2009 Switz snow     Haiti SM Formators

Meanwhile, Marianists in France              At the same time, lay Marianists of the
celebrated the WDP at Sainte-Croix         Philippine Community in Davao City
chapel in Forbach,France.                    celebrate after their own WDP service.
WDP 2009 Forbach France
           Haiti SM Formators

Haiti SM Formators

South Korean Marianists welcomed representatives from Japan to join them in their World Day of Prayer on the grounds where a new Marianist Center will be built. Marianists bought this land five months ago and the plan is to build a church and religious house on it. Over 400 Marianists joined the celebration. They had Mass, prayer, and of course a great party.
Focus on South Korea

Korea - Kim Eun He TheresaEun Hee Theresa KIM (National Responsible for S. Korea) welcomes us to South Korea - our featured country for this issue. There are 24 MLCs in South Korea totaling about 200 lay Marianists. They value conversations on spirituality and make an effort to live out the Marianist Mission in their community meetings. Their challenges are similar to many MLCs around the world: Discouragement with decreasing membership, lack of Marianist identity, and the lack of young Marianists.

On October 10, the Korean Marianists held a joint Marianist Family meeting with representatives from the Japanese Marianist Family. The president of Japanese MLCs, Hiroshi Kawaguch, 2 MLC members, 4 Fathers, and 3 Sisters came to Korea for the meeting. Sr. Joelle Marie and Sr. Sussana Kim of the World Council attended as a observers. We talked about the relationship between Korean and Japanese Marianists.  We found that we understood each other deeply and that Korea and Japan have similar problems: few young Marianists and aging lay and professed Marianists. We are committed to taking steps to solve these problems. We also grew in understanding of each other's customs and cultures. In 2011 we will meet in Japan to follow up on these concerns.

The next day Korean and Japanese Marianists joined in the World Day of Prayer. (See above.) Below are just some of the 400 participants.

Korea-Japan WDP 2009

Korea - Lee Jin Bong Sebastian

         Thanks to Jin Bong Sebastian LEE, trusty translator,
         who provided photos and background information
         for this feature.
INDIA: (News from they eyes of travelers)
On their way home from the 5th IM in Nairobi, the Korean delegation (Kim Eun Hee, Lee Jin Bong, and Fr. Dominic Park) visited Bangalore and Ranchi in India. Their purpose was to encourage and donate to  the two Korean Sisters, Juliana Hong and Golumba Yu, who have worked for the poor in the slums of Ranchi since 2007. They work together with Sr. Franka from Italy and Sr. Teresa from Spain. They take care of the children and provide them with  lunch. Their love and service really impressed the Koreans.
The Marianists in India also manage the REDS project (Ragpickers Education & Developements Scheme). There are 11 care centers in Ranchi and 11 centers in Bangalore. REDS serves people who are dependent on ragpicking. The main focus of REDS is basic education - developing literacy skills, cleanliness, health care, and encouraging parent involvement. We were surprised at the good organizing and devotion of the REDS staff.
The Koreans also visited at Deepahalli Religious House and SM center in Bangalore. where they had the opportunity to meet many good Marianists and learn more about the Indian culture. As Lee Jin Bong relates, "These experiences freshen up my spirit in these terribly hot days!"

Philippines 2009 floodMost of us have read of the recent Tropical Storm Ketsana and Typhoon Ondoy that flooded the Philippines, especially around Manila. Robert Gomez of the Davao City MLC reports that, "This is a lesson for us Filipinos to value the role of trees in our environment. The more we cut trees, the greater the chance of flash floods. Another thing this will teach us is to be aware of  proper waste management. The flash floods here were partly caused by trash that was dumped into the canals by insensitive Filipinos so that the water could not move through the water passages. In short, this is a GREAT LESSON.

Special Education materials needed:
BooksRobert Gomez is also a special education teacher in Davao City. Robert writes, "I am creating a program to help special children learn basic academics realizing that they learn differently from traditional educational methods. I am hopeful that somebody outside our country can help. I need training or even just books about special education. I read on the internet how good western programs of special education are.The MLC in Davao City is planning to establish a center/school that could help parents and their children with special needs. We pray that it will materialize and that other MLCs can help. Contact Robert at:
Haiti SM Formators
Nairobi is over, BUT...  
For those who could not attend the 5th International Meeting of MLCs in Nairobi last August, you can experience some of the sights and sounds by watching this video. You'll enjoy it. If you want to sing along, the words are:
JAMBO, JAMBO BWANA!!!  (Hola, Hola Señor// Hello, Hello, Sir// Bonjour, bonjour monsieur)
HABARI GANI?  (Tienen ustedes alguna novedad?// Any news y'all?// Avez-vous des nouvelles?)
NZURI SANA (Muy bien// Very well// Très bien)
WAGENI (vistantes// visitors// visiteurs)
MWAKARIBISHWA (sean bienvenidos// may you all be welcome// soyez les bienvenus)
KENYA YETU (a nuestra Kenia// to our Kenya// au notre Kenya)
HAKUNA MATATA (no hay problema// there's no problem// il n'y a pas de problèmes)

Marianist International Volunteers (MIV)
Current MIVs are:
* Luciana, from Argentina in Brazil
* Mike 1, from the USA in Argentina
* Mike 2, from the USA in Argentina
* Maria, from Spain in Kenya
* Liz, from the USA in Kenya
* John, from the USA in Peru
* Miguel, from Spain in Peru
Click here to find out what they are doing to change the world.

Friday Magnificat

Friday Mag 2009-10

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to see more about the Marianist Lay Formation Initiative in North America.

November Feasts

Marianist Martyrs - Spain 
Friday, November 6 - Memorial of Blessed Miguel Léibar
  and Companion Martyrs Father Miguel Léibar and
  Brothers Florencio Arnáiz, Sabino Ayastuy and Joaquín
  Ochoa were members of the Society of Mary in Spain,
  all dedicated teachers respected by colleagues and
  students. When the religious persecution broke out at
  the time of the Civil War in Spain, they hid in the homes
  of friends. Father Miguel was arrested on July 28, 1936,
  and shot by the revolutionary militia. Several weeks later, Brothers Florencio, Sabino and Joaquín were shot as well. They were beatified in 2007.
Click hereto see Fr. George Cerniglia's list of other November feast days.

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