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March, 2008
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As for Mary Magdalene,
so for the two disciples on the way to Emmaus,
faith is a joyous and grateful acceptance
of Christ's coming,
of his gracious presence,
and therefore of the mission
of bringing the good news to others
by word and life.
This is, and will always be,
the very heart of evangelization.
Those who have found the risen Lord
and who hear him with a sincere heart
will be witnesses of his saving 

(Bernard Hńring: The Integration of Faith and Life.)

Wishing you, your families, and your communities
Easter blessings,
peace and much joy
in this holy season!


Isabella Moyer, MLC
Regional Responsible
North America, Asia
Ireland and Australia
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Holy Week Retreat in Mullaghmore

MullaghmoreSusanBy Susan Buckley,
MLC National Responsible

(Susan spent Holy Week with the Marianist Brothers on retreat in Mullaghmore, Ireland. She provided the music ministry with Bro. Jack Sommerville. She shares  their Triduum experience with us.)

For the Eucharist of the Last Supper, Fr Mike Reaume was the Presider. The mass was held in the Retreat Centre. We all participated in the Washing of the Feet, with each person washing the feet of the next person, brother to brother and sister. It was a humbling experience.

For the Good Friday Passion and the Easter Vigil we went to a church in a place called Rossnowlagh. The church is run by Franciscan Friars. It was good to experience these services in the wider church.


On Friday, Fr George Cerniglia spoke of suffering. That evening he showed us a DVD called 'Beyond the Gates'. This was a true story about a priest and a teacher in a school in Rwanda. The film started just before the violence started. It shows how quickly things changed and how people were massacred.As we sat and watched this DVD, outside the window a huge moon was shining over the sea. What a contrast. This DVD was so fitting for the day on which Jesus suffered and died.


The Easter Vigil was full of light and joy, music and plenty of Alleluias.  The bells rang throughout the Gloria, and the Friars sang the Gospel.  We were blessed with dry weather during the lighting of the Paschal Fire, so all the congregation were able to be with the Priest at the Fire.


On Easter Sunday morning we were all meeting at 6.10am to see the sun rise. It is said that the sun on Easter Sunday morning dances in the sky. We all assembled outside the retreat centre, and in the freezing cold winds we moved to the area over-looking the sea. We all huddled around. We had brought books with us for morning prayer, and we sang songs but had left the guitars behind. We did catch part of the sun as it moved up the horizon. For that time it was glorious in colours of deep yellow tinged with red while the rest of the sky was cloudy. It was amazing. I feel honoured and blessed to be in this place at this time.

The International Organization of MLC has updated it's web-site at New additions include Regional pages, Resources, the Friday Magnificat Prayer, and a special site with information for the upcoming International Meeting of MLC-CLM in Kenya, 2009.

The web-site is a work in progress, so we invite you to visit often. And, please feel free to send any suggestions or comments to .

Update from Kenya
by Lorna Mueni, MLC
Regional Responsible
for Africa

kenya flag

Dear friends,

This is a brief report on the events that have been occurring in Kenya between 29th December last year and today.  

Kenya held its general elections on 27th December 2007 to elect its president and members of parliament. After the elections, the results were disputed and there were many claims of rigging. This resulted in political chaos and over 200,000 people were displaced while hundreds were killed. For almost a month, the country was in a crisis.  

Different leaders from both Africa and the rest of the world were invited to help solve the political crisis. Kofi Anan (the former United Nations Secretary General) and other African leaders formed a team which has helped the government and the opposition leaders come to a peace agreement. This peace agreement was signed and we are now waiting for the new parliament to legalize the new agreements. Kenya has been at peace since the beginning of February. We have already started the healing process and we pray and hope that peace will continue to prevail.   

We continue asking for you prayers that we may seek for peace and justice.




Links to updated information on Kenya may be found at the International Meeting Page

Support Kenya 2009

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The next International Meeting of Marianist Lay Communities will be held in Nairobi, Kenya in 2009.  Approximately 50 delegates from 29 countries will be invited to attend. 

Because of rising fuel costs, travel to the meeting will be expensive.  Also, over half of our delegates reside in developing nations .

We are setting up a Scholarship Fund for Delegates to help with travel and meeting costs. Please consider donating to this fund.

Make checks to:  Marianist Lay Network and in the annotation line write "International Meeting Fund" and mail to:

Marianist Center
1341 N. Delaware Avenue, # 406
Philadelphia, PA 19125 USA


Are you a frequent traveller and would like to donate airmiles for delegate travel? Please contact NACMS intern, Ben Dougherty at


Thank you for your generosity, we will keep you up to date concerning the progress of the fund. 



Tony Garascia, MLC
International Organization
of Marianist Lay Communities 


Isabella Moyer, MLC
Regional Responsible
North America,
Ireland, and Australia
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