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January, 2008
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íFeliz fiesta de nuestro Fundador!

Dear friends,

The Christmas season is over, but Marianists are still celebrating as we remember our Founders and the birth of the first Sodality in Bordeaux.

"What is a Sodality community?  It is a society of fervent Christians who endeavor by frequent gatherings to have but one heart and one soul, to form but one family.

Let Christians form themselves in community and from their midst, they will shine forth as a sort of light which will make them the object of general attention.  The individual will not necessarily stand out in these assemblies;  it is the assemblies themselves which excite admiration,"  William Joseph Chaminade, 131

Thank you to Ezequiel Reggiani, the Regional Responsible of Latin America, for sharing his joyful image of Fr. Chaminade with us.

May the faithfulness and courage of Blessed Chaminade, Mother Adele, and Marie Therese give us hope and energy as we unite ourselves to the mission of Mary!


Isabella Moyer, MLC
Regional Responsible
North America, Asia
Ireland and Australia
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Marianist Founder's PrayerFounder's image

The Marianist Family Council of North America has presented a prayer to honour our Marianist Founders and Heritage, as "a sign of the Marianist Family's unity in mission."

A Prayer for KenyaLorna2007
by Lorna Mueni Kilonzo
Regional Responsible for Africa
kenya flag

Dear Friends,

I was chatting with a person from the areas where the clashes have been serious. He seemed bitter and resentful. I could only respond with some form of rationality and love. I am worried for Kenya if that is how the people feel. We can only begin by asking for healing from God who knows our every need.

This prayer is my reflection from the gospel reading on
January 9th,

"Then Jesus got into the boat with them and the wind ceased."
(Mark 6: 45-52)

Dear Jesus,

Please enter the rocky boats of our lives.
Please enter the rocky boat that is Kenya,
and all those countries experiencing unrest.
Bring peace in our lives.
Bring healing to our lives.
Bring forgiveness to our lives.

We thank you for all the gifts you give us in abundance:
The gifts of life, friendship, shelter,
food, sunshine, a beautiful country
and generous country women and men.

Be with us as we start this healing process.
Send us your wisdom God,
and to the peace process that is taking place.
May our leaders see the needs of the country
and not their own selfish and egoistic needs.

Mother Mary, pray with us, pray for us, pray for them. Amen





More from Kenya
Lorna Mueni Kilonzo

peace filled area Kenya

Dimese Sisters is the venue for the
5th MLC International Convocation
in  Nairobi, Kenya, 2009.




Recently the SM brothers had their Regional Assembly there and Charles Kimeu took his final profession in the main chapel on 6th January 2008.

Bro. Charles Vows

Kenya chapel

So, despite the turmoil in Kenya during that week, some good did happen and was witnessed by family and friends. We are praying that the Political differences can be settled soon so people especially women and children can stop suffering.
2nd Congress of Ecclesial Movements and New Communities
of Latin America and the CaribbeanEzequiel2007

Ezequiel Reggiani, MLC Regional Responsible for Latin America, has accepted an invitation from the Episcopal Conference of Latin America (CELAM) to attend the
2nd Congress of Ecclesial Movements and New Communities of Latin America and the Caribbean in Bogotß, Columbia from February 28 to March 2, 2008.

The Congress will provide an opportunity for study, reflection, formation and coordination for Bishops and the Responsibles of Ecclesial Movements and New Communities so evangelization and mission may be more fully integrated within Dioceses and Parishes in the spirit of the Aparecida Document of the 5th Episcopal Congress of Latin America and the Caribbean.

We rejoice in this invitation as yet another sign of our call as MLC-CLM to share our charism within the Church and the world.

The Vow of Stability
FMI Circular No. 21

Sr. Marie Joelle Bec, FMI, Superior General of the Daughters of Mary Immaculate has written a new Circular on the Vow of Stability.

On December 27, 2007, sixty years ago on the feast of St. John the Evangelist, the Daughters of Mary Immaculate had the joy of publicly professing the vow of Stability which the Church, once again, had just permitted to the Congregation. I would like throughout this circular to give us the occasion to review this vow and to see how it marks and affects all our relationships. But before all else, a little history:

Sr. Marie Joelle explains well the development of the Vow within the story of the FMI, and reflects on its relevance for today. Copies of the circular can be found at

English    Franšais    Espa˝ol

FMI Celebrating First Year in India

FMIIndiaDec2007The December newsletter from the Shanty Deep community in Ranchi, India is available at The newsletter is full of wonderful photos and experiences of the people and culture of India. May our Marianist Sisters continue to be richly blessed for their audacious faith in birthing this new foundation!




MLNNA Elects New Officers

A.J. Wagner has been elected
the new President of the
Marianist Lay Network of North America (MLNNA).


Jacqui Griswold is the new Editor/Communications Coordinator. Click on to the MLNNA site to Meet the New Officers.

The MLNNA would like to extend warm wishes and much gratitude to outgoing President, Marge Cavanaugh, and Dan Jordan, outgoing Editor/Communications Coordinator.


(Marge, Isabella, and Ray McCracken enjoying a break at the Bordeaux Meeting)

Marge is well known and respected in both Continental and International Marianist circles. She was a member of the first two leadership teams of the International Organization of MLC-CLM as the Regional Responsible for North America, Asia, Ireland and Australia. She has attended each International Meeting of MLC, helping to organize the 3rd Meeting in Philadelphia. Her wisdom and rootedness in the founding and development of the MLNNA, the International Organization of MLC, the World Marianist Family Council and the Marianist Family Council of North America have been and will continue to be a gift to us all.

Dan Jordan was a delegate to the 4th International Meeting in Bordeaux. Dan's development of an e-news for the MLNNA was the inspiration for Gifts and Tasks. He is also the editor of the Friday Magnificat, a proposal from the World Marianist Family Council. He will continue to publish the Magnificat on the first Friday of each month. We thank him for his commitment to "things Marianist"!

(Dan at the Tomb of Blessed Chaminade, Bordeaux)
 Greetings from New MLNNA President
by A.J. Wagner

As I write this I am sitting in my living room with eight young Lay Marianists from the University of Dayton. They are members of the Embers Community and have vowed themselves to live out the Marianist charism after graduation. They are here to study because they want to be together. They love being in community.

As they break from their studies they talk about the Marianist charism and they talk about service. They are outrageously, wonderful, radical Hope! Their picture should be included in Pope Benedict's latest Encyclical on Hope, Spe Salvi.

The Embers

The Embers Community Commitment Celebration with A.J. and Joan McGuinness Wagner (far right)

Embers is one of three new Marianist Lay Communities being formed at the University this year. They are our future and, because of them and other new communities being formed throughout the World, the future looks great! 

My name is A.J. Wagner, I am the new president of the Marianist Lay Network of North America and I am at your service. Together we will add to this vision of Hope, the Hope of bringing Christ into this world through the example of Mary and the Hope of building our own communities to be as exciting and enthusiastic as when we first fell in love with this charism that we share.

Please do not hesitate to let me know how MLNNA can be of assistance to you in producing this renewed Hope. My email is and my phone number is 1-937-307-2261. I look forward to your acquaintance and our future together as people of Hope.

Next Issue of Gifts and Tasks

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