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November, 2007
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Front: Ana Blázquez Ubach (Europe), Ezequiel Reggiani (Latin America), Anthony Garascia (President)
Back: Bro. Domingo Fuentes, SM (Assessor), Lorna Mueni (Africa), Isabella Moyer (North America, Asia)

Dear friends,

The first week of November is the time for the annual meeting of the IO/MLC Leadership Team and the World Council of the Marianist Family in Rome. After a year of frequent online correspondence, it is good to sit together around the table and meet face to face.

Reports of both meetings are being prepared and translated, and will be available for distribution shortly.

As we enter into Advent, I pray that we may seek the quiet within our hearts where true pondering takes place. And, in that quiet, may we recognize the holy longing deep within us, a longing so beautifully described in the liturgical readings of the season.

Peace, joy and blessings to all!


Isabella Moyer, MLC
Regional Responsible
North America, Asia
Ireland and Australia
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Rome Meetings 2007

We began our week with an afternoon of prayer and reflection with Bro. Domingo. Our International Organization of MLC meetings included regional reports, communications, finances, updates from the writing team in Spain on the next international document and preparations for the 5th International Meeting of MLC in Nairobi, Kenya in 2009.

PCL2007 On November 6th the team visited the Pontifical Council for the Laity and met with Guzmán Carriquirry (Under-Secretary).


An evening with the International Marianist Seminarians has become an annual tradition during our visit to Rome. Our discussion focused on signs of growth among our Marianist Lay Communities, the challenges we face in our diverse regions, and concrete ways that we can collaborate among the branches of our Marianist Family.


The World Marianist Family Council met from November 7th - 9th.

Front: Marie Joëlle Bec, FMI, Isabelle de Cantellauve, MA, Ezequiel Reggiani, MLC, Ana Blázquez Ubach, MLC

Back: José María Alvira, SM, André Vernhes, SM (translator), María José Jáuregui, FMI, Domingo Fuentes, SM, Lorna Mueni, MLC, Timothy Phillips, SM, Manuel Cortés, SM, Anthony Garascia, MLC, André Fétis, SM, Isabella Moyer, MLC, Izaskun Arias, MLC (translator)

FMI Dinner 2007Each year we celebrate the end of our meetings with a wonderful dinner at the FMI Generalate where we are treated to true Marianist hospitality!

Pictured here with the group is Antonio Gascón, SM, the Archivist and Postulator General for the Society of Mary.

Marianist Family Council of North America

11_07 NA_Family_Council 

The Marianist Family Council of North America held its annual meeting on November 10th and 11th at the Marianist Sisters residence in San Antonio, texas.

Click here for a report of the meeting.

Members of Family Council, November 2007

Front: Evangeline Escobar, FMI; Marge Cavanaugh, MLNNA; Gretchen Trautman, FMI
Back: Steve Glodek, SM; Jim Fitz, SM
Missing: Kay Stone, MLNNA

News from Puerto Rico


During the first week-end in November, in the mountains of Villalba, PR, Colegio San Jose hosted one of two Family Retreats for currents students and their families. The theme was "Affirmation" and it focused on each family member's talents, qualities and how each is integrated into the family.


It was a fun weekend for the five families that participated, which included reflection, sharing, prayer, good food and even a hike up to the highest summit in Puerto Rico. Among the participants, was Jessica Gonzalez, now a teacher at Colegio San Jose and her son Luis. Also, Fr. Don Wallace, S.M. celebrated mass for the families at the retreat center.

Submitted by

Jessica Gonzalez

Lay Marianist and Marianist Educational Associate.PuertoRico4

(Jessica and Luis)
District of India NewsletterDistrict of India Newsletter Logo

Click below to read the November 2007 issue of the Marianist District of India Newsletter.


Haiti Celebrates Lay Consecrations


The Marianist Family in Haiti celebrated the Marianist World Day of Prayer on October 14th with the consecrations of eight lay Marianists. We rejoice with our sisters and brothers in Haiti as the Marianist charism continues to take root and grow in their country.

Rockaway Park Marianists Remember Madrid Martyrs


Twenty-three lay and religious Marianists from New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania gathered at the Rockaway community for a prayer service to celebrate our new Marianist Martyrs.  The gathering was organized by the Rockaway Community and the Philadelphia NACMS office.


Pati Krasensky

Associate Director for Community Development

North American Center for Marianist Studies



January 6-February 9

Registration: October 16-January 2

Marianist Studies: Prayer

Explore various "methods" or practices of prayer. Notice how the Spirit of God is always at work, everywhere-including in our own hearts.

Marianist Studies: Charism

Develop a deeper and broader understanding of how to live out the Marianist Charism, spirituality, and mission in the wider Church and global community.

Marianist Studies: Leadership

Discover a leadership style that is purposeful, developmental, adaptive, collaborative, and transformative in connection with the Marianist tradition.


March 30-May 3

Registration: February 26-March 26

Marianist Studies: Founders

Walk with the founders as they respond to the needs of their day. Learn their personal stories, and reflect on the legacy they left for us to draw on in our times.

Marianist Studies: Community

Enhance your ability to form community in the Marianist spirit as you learn about the roots, expression, and unique characteristics of Marianist communities.

Marianist Studies: Justice

Envision social change from a Marianist perspective through integrating Chaminade's insights about responding to the world's needs with the realities of modern life.

Marianist Studies: Leadership

Discover a leadership style that is purposeful, developmental, adaptive, collaborative, and transformative in connection with the Marianist tradition.

For more information on our courses please go to:, or contact Groups (6-12 participants) interested in taking a course together can contact NACMS and, if possible, we will schedule a "reserved" section at your convenience.

An Advent ReflectionAdvent Wreath

Fr. George Cerniglia, SM, Assistant for Religious Life in the Province of the US, offers the following reflection for Advent:

Advent begins with a vivid and relentless hope that God works for those who wait. Those who embrace and live, without quitting in the midst of abandonment, will know the power of God.


Yet for all the high drama that surrounds Advent, the truth is that we have a hard time getting involved in its mysteries. If we are honest about this, I think we might recognize Advent as the most difficult of the liturgical seasons to live with authenticity.


So much competes for our attention during this season. From the Friday after Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve, much of the season's hubbub is a distraction. It is almost impossible to enter into the kind of waiting we need to do in Advent. We are not a very patient people, and so waiting can be an exhausting experience.


I suggest that we all make the effort this Advent to wait with Mary. Let us try to experience her excitement, her quiet joy, her deep peace, her profound expectation. As the poetess, Madeleine L'Engle, once wrote: "This is the irrational season, when love blooms bright and wild. Had Mary been filled with reason, there would have been no room for the child."


While we were in Rome for our meetings, Bro. Ed Violett, Assistant General for Temporalities, was called home to the U.S.A. to be at his mother's side. Eleanor Violett died peacefully in the presence of her family in El Paso on November 10, 2007. We send our love and prayers to Bro. Ed and his family in this sad time. May Jesus and Mary welcome her into eternal glory and peace. Amen.
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