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St. Anselm church

Greetings, friends!

Our trip to Quebec for the Marianist World Day of Prayer was wonderful! The richness of history and beauty of the land was reflected in the warm hospitality given so generously by the Marianist Family in Quebec.

The World Day of Prayer experience, for me, was one of thanksgiving for our own Marianist heritage here in Canada, as well as the gift of our international family.

The greetings and video clips from Marianists around the world helped us to be united across the many miles as we joined our prayers with yours.

To all those who worked so hard to make the day so special - merci beaucoup!

Notre Dame du Cap - pray for us.

Peace to all,


(The photo above is of St-Anselme Church, a parish ministered to by our SM brothers.)

Isabella Moyer, MLC
Regional Responsible
North America, Asia
Ireland and Australia
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World Day of Prayer in Quebec

Quebec WDP

Approximately 150 people gathered for the Marianist World Day of Prayer pilgrimage on October 14th, at the Shrine of Notre Dame du Cap in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec. The Eucharistic celebration was presided over by Archbiship Raymond Roussin, SM of Vancouver, BC. Other Canadian Marianists travelling to Quebec included Fr. Rosaire Coté, SM (Cote d'Ivoire), Marg Van Herk-Paradis (Stratford, ON), Kathryn Zaleski-Cox (Toronto, ON) and David and Isabella Moyer (Neepawa, MB).  Luis Canal, a young  lay Marianist from Spain presently studying in Canada, heard of the World Day of Prayer and happily joined us!

A more detailed report from Quebec will be available soon.

World Day of Prayer in India

WDP India a

The Marianist Family of Bangalore, India gathered at Our Lady of Lourdes Church to celebrate the Marianist World Day of Prayer.

More World Day of Prayer photos can be found at

WDP India b

Quebec Welcomes Visitor from Haiti

by Josée Roberge

Early in September, we had the pleasure of receiving a pearl from Haiti: Marie-Roseline Rogene.This young, joy-filled Marianist woman brought with her a wonderful ray of sunshine. Josée and Roseline spent numerous hours sharing their common passion for the Marianist life.Roseline in Quebec

The MLC's of Haiti are slowly recovering from a difficult period, but time, forgiveness and mutual respect will allow wounds to heal.On the other hand, this difficult period can be seen as necessary growing pains that will eventually result in a deeper Marianist spirit. During all this time, the Virgin Mary was watching over them. The newsletter, "Le Marianiste Canadien" that is regularly sent from Quebec to their leaders helped to maintain links.

Rosaline and JosselineHaiti's MLC's are facing numerous challenges, with formation being at the top of the list. MLC members are hoping to develop a stronger relationship with the Marianist religious and continue to collaborate in their common mission. Over the next few months, Roseline, who is responsible for the formation, will work more closely with Brother Stan.

Although the visit was short  it was full; a quick tour to St-Lazare to see Josseline and Michel, St-Anselme to visit Alain and Jacqueline and the SM's, and finally the Marianist Center in St-Henri.

Roseline went back home, full of enthusiasm and assured of our daily prayers.

Upper photo:

Marcel Dion, Bro. Jean-Charles Casista, SM, Roseline, Josée Roberge, Fr. Gabriel Arsenault, SM.

Lower photo:

Roseline and Josseline Laverdiere

Deepahalli Newsletter

Deepahalli imageThe Marianists of Deepahalli, India have published a  newsletter full of stories and beautiful photos. Click below to read the first edition:

Hawaii MLC News

by Bro. Dennis Schmitz, SM

The Marianist Lay Communities met at the Brothers' House in Ewa Beach on Sept. 22nd.  The morning session focused on where we've come in the past year in our communities and where we'd like to go in the future. 

There was a lot of enthusiasm about taking on Family Retreats as a ministry and about hosting the MLNNA Continental Assembly in 2010.  The photo includes, Bro. Jack Ventura, (2nd row, left) the facilitator for the day.  

Hawaii MLC Sept_07

The participants are: 1st row (l to r): Barb Belle, Christy Bryant, Victor Hardy-Kahaleo'umi, Bro. Jerry Bommer; 2nd row: Vince Hodge, Tina Andrade, (Bro. Jack), Val and Dave Coleman, Pi'ikea Hardy-Kahaleo'umi, Julie Nagasako, Kay Stone, Bro. Dennis Schmitz.  3rd Row: Mary Pat,Jeannie Pinpin, John Menard, Anne, Cathy Agor, Rick Collins, Lisa Vega, Jayne Mondoy, Bro. Luis Gamboa, Grissel Benitez-Hodge, Fr. Ken Templin.

(Photo taken by Brian Reavey).


Hawaii puppets


The afternoon sessions  included experiencing some of the Family Retreat activities. This was done in order to get a better sense of how the retreat works.  Most of the MLC members hope to take some sort of active role in the Marianist Family Retreat Program.


 MLNNA Meeting

(Article from the MLNNA E-News)

On September 7-9, the leadership of MLNNA met in Dayton to "network," set goals for 2008, and identify ways to collaborate more effectively with some of the other Marianist organizations and projects that involve or serve lay Marianists.


Representatives from various geographic areas in the United States and Canada reported on creative ways that many Marianist Lay Communities (MLCs) and individual lay Marianists support spiritual development and social justice in their city or region.


A project that we will explore as a result of the meeting is sharing these stories and developing a web resource for planning community gatherings.

MLNNA sept_07


In general, a consistent outcome of the meeting was recommitment to providing resources that would support local community life and growth. A news item for future planning is that the next Continental Assembly will be at Chaminade University in Honolulu, Hawaii, in July 2010.


The agenda also included discussions of this year's election for the MLNNA Leadership Team and the Annual Fund Drive. Information is available at, and we invite you to get involved in both.  (However, a donation is not required to vote.) A major goal continues to be building a stable financial base for the long term, and a Development Committee was established to develop a strategy.


MLNNA, as a member of the Family Council of North America, sponsors the Lay Formation Initiative (LFI) and the Marianist Social Justice Collaborative (MSJC).  Leaders in both of these groups attended the meeting. MLNNA will partner with the LFI especially by identifying mentors or companions to accompany new or struggling communities. MLNNA will help keep lay Marianists aware of social justice materials useful for community meetings or activities.  Also, MLNNA is working with NACMS to produce a new study guide on the Marian dimension of the Church.


Also discussed were recent activities of the International Organization of Marianist Lay Communities (IO/MLC), the World Council of the Marianist Family, the Family Council of North America, the Marianist Alliance for Lay Formation, NACMS, and the newly formed Marianist Young Adult Committee (MYA). 

ASJPOn Saturday evening, there was a joint dinner and social with participants in MSJC's Adele Social Justice Project.  It was very exciting to experience the energy of the young adults involved in ASJP and MYA, and we all agreed to continue to collaborate and establish formal relationships, as appropriate.




Margaret Cavanaugh, President; Dan Jordan, Communications; Kay Stone, Community Development; Susan Vogt, Secretary; Tony Garascia, Treasurer, and IO/MLC; Isabella Moyer, Regional Representative to IO/MLC; Val Bergeron, Winnipeg Area; Julie Nagasako, Pacific Area; Ray McCracken, East Coast Area; Anne Petratis, Midwest Area; Brenda Fitzpatrick, MLNNA Representative to MSJC; A. J. Wagner, Development Director; Pati Krasensky, LFI; Carol Ramey, NACMS; Michael Pera, Marianist Young Adult Committee

 Via Latina
Via Latina
The October issue of Via Latina is available on line at The Society of Mary continues to welcome new members, including the first two novices from Haiti to make their first profession of vows. Click below to read more:



Beatification of Madrid Martyrs
Madrid Martyrs Photo

Pope Benedict XVI, has approved

four Marianists Martyrs for beatification

on October 28, 2007 in Rome.


Miguel Léibar, Joaquín Ochoa Salazar, Sabino

Ayastuy Errasti and Florencio Arnáiz Cejudo will be beatified along with 494 other martyrs of the religious persecution in Spain during the years 1936-1939.

To commemorate the beatifications, the US Province has prepared a prayer service for use by schools, organizations and communities. The prayer service was created by
Bro. Bob Jones of Purcell-Marian High School in Dayton. In addition, Bro. Bob Wood (Marianist Residence, San Antonio) has written a hymn to use with the prayer service. The prayer service is available in large and small group formats.

View the prayer service materials

(from Family Online)

All Saints and All Souls:
A Reflection
All Saints

Fr. George Cerniglia, SM, Assistant for Religious Life in the Province of the US, offers the following reflection for All Saints Day:

The first two days of the month of November call us to be mindful of the "saints" we have known. That is why the church names these days the feasts of "All Saints" and "All Souls." Karl Rahner captures the spirit of these feasts well:


All Saints Day and All Souls Day are the feasts of every saint and every soul who has died and gone home into the eternal love of God. All of them -- and therefore not only those already celebrated by name in the Church's feasts throughout the year -- but also the silent, unknown ones who have departed as if they had never existed. There are no legends about them; their lives are recorded neither in poetry nor in history, secular or ecclesiastical. Only one person knows anything about these saints, and that is God. He has inscribed their names in the book of life, which is the heart of his eternal love. [The Eternal Year, p. 137]


I urge you throughout this month to pray in a special way for the dead, for the "saints" you and I have known, who have given us a model of fidelity and perseverance.

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