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February, 2007
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winter sceneDear Friends, 
This photo was taken today, from my back door. Here in Canada, we enter into the desert time of Lent while winter continues to have its hold on us. Deserts and a Canadian winter share a beauty and a harshness. Both can lead us into stillness and contemplation. Both can challenge us with their extremes. Both can leave us yearning for the greeness and new life of spring. I pray that this Lenten season will be a blessed time for all of us, a time to cleanse and renew our hearts and spirits in preparation for the joys of Easter celebrations.
Peace to all,

Isabella Moyer

Commitment Ceremony in Hawaii Hawaii Commitment Ceremony

HONOLULU-Feb. 27, 2007-Twenty-four men and women, many of whom are associated with Chaminade University of Honolulu, formally committed themselves to being a part of a small Marianist lay community on Feb. 4. As newly committed lay Marianists, they dedicated themselves to living out the Marianist Charism in a special Mass held on campus at the Mystical Rose Oratory and promised to share their faith throughout the coming year before an enthusiastic crowd of colleagues, family members and friends.


"Many of us have been lay Marianists for years and just never had the opportunity to make a formal commitment," said Kay Stone, Chaminade University campus ministry director. "What made it even more special was the coming together of our four Honolulu Marianist communities."


Newly committed members from this year's Marianist lay community include: Tina Andrade, Barb Belle, Dave Coleman, Val Coleman, Rick Collins, Grissel Benitez-Hodge, Cynthia Estrella, Pi'ikea Hardy-Kahaleo'umi, Victor Hardy-Kahaleo'umi, Vince Hodge, Venus Ituralde, Jayne Mondoy, Julie Nagasako, Reynard Nivera, Yukio Ozaki, Jeannie Pinpin, Kristi Schulenberg, Nicole Stalter, Pete Steiger, Kay Stone, Uheina Tuihalafatai, Margaret Uiagalelei, Soane Uiagalelei and Lisa Vega.


'Oli Kahea
Hawaii Entrance

It is traditional Hawaiian etiquette never to enter a home or structure without the express permission of those within. One would ask permission in the form of a chant called an 'oli kahea which literally means to call out. Permission is granted through a chant called an 'oli pane which means to respond. Many of these types of 'oli were either done by visitors who were new to that village or by a student requesting permission of the instructor to enter. If the instructor did not reply, the student was expected to continue to chant until a response was made.Hawaii Celebration


This 'oli is particularly endearing to me because of the kaona (or hidden meaning) held within the 'oli. In the 'oli the person is standing out in the rain. The rain continues to get progressively worse and still the chanter stays calling out to be rescued. "Here I am, come and rescue me." The chanter does not falter, but continues to stand and will wait for as long as it takes for the master to grant an entrance.


Today, we ask not only to enter into the chapel for the committment ceremony, but also to enter into a commitment to the Marianist Family. There have surely been times in our own lives when we have been that person, standing out in the rain, wanting to be rescued. And I aspire to be faithful like this chanter. No matter how bad things seem to get, I must always remember that God will grant me entrance and rescue me.  

By Pi`ikea Hardy-Kahaleo`umi
In Mission With MarySM Chapter Logo

The Society of Mary has published a Report of the 33rd General Chapter that took place July 2006 in Rome, Italy. Included in the report are documents on a Marian Style of Church, being An International Community in a Globalized World, Stewardship, and Religious in the Marianist Family.


Also included is a Letter to the Marianist Family (p.24-25). "Members of the Marianist Family played a significant role in the dialogue of the Chapter. The Letter recognizes our shared Marianist mission." (Rev. Jim Fitz, SM)

Marianist World Day of Prayer 2007
Notre Dame du Cap Scenes
The Marianist Family of Quebec, Canada are preparing to host our next World Day of Prayer at the shrine of Notre Dame du Cap on October 14, 2007. Information on the Shrine in English, French and Spanish can be found at....

Via LatinaVia Latina 22

The II Encuentro de Responsables de la Familia Marianista de América Latina (2nd Meeting of the Leadership of the Marianist Family of Latin America) took place in Bogotá from January 13-17, 2007. The February issue of Via Latina 22 highlights this meeting and other international stories. pic Update

Having undergone a complete renovation last summer, the website of the Marianist Family ( is still incorporating new features that may be of interest to Marianists around the world.  If you have not been to the site recently, you might consider giving yourself a "tour."  Here are some items of special interest:

Most Recent Marianist Family News:  Right from the start you will see the latest news item with a link to more information. There is also a News tab which contains more detailed information about what is happening in the Family.

Photo Galleries:  Photos sent to us are shared in our Gallery section.  To initiate this feature, we have assembled a collection of photos of the Marianist World Day of Prayer from around the world.  The Gallery section is located under the Family/World Council tab.    

Prayer Intentions:  Many people have submitted their intentions for us to keep in our prayers.  Please take a look at these intentions. There are prayers listed in all three language sections.   Surely, they would be very grateful if you could remember their intentions in your daily prayer.

Members Section:  This is a section reserved to members of the four branches.  As such, you will need to choose a password and then use it to access the very convenient features contained in the Members Section.  Simply complete the Membership Request on-line form and submit it.  After a short time, you will receive an e-mail indicating that you are authorized to access the member's resources.

So, what is inside the Members Section?  Among other things, you have access to the database of information contained inside the SM International Personnel.  Thus, you can search for members of the SM and instantly find addresses, e-mail and other information.  There is also an Interactive Calendar that may be used for posting Marianist events.  You also have the ability to change and update your own database information (just for the website - not a substitute for informing the GA of  personnel information changes).

Latest New Features:  Our Forum section is ready for use.  Here you can post messages for others to read, have discussion groups, and share ideas.  It can be a great way to share your thoughts, questions and concerns with other members of the Marianist Family

For the SM, our on-line Necrology is almost complete.  Parts are already posted.  This will help interested persons to remember and view information about our brothers who have passed away over the entire history of the SM.

There are many more items available on our website.  These are just a few. You are encouraged to visit it often. If you have any comments, feel free to send them to the webmaster at .

By Bro. Michael McAward, SM
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