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International Organization of MLC- Region of North America, Asia, Ireland and Australia January 2007
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  • Lay Marianist Consecrations in Manila
  • Excerpts from Filipino Celebration
  • Hawaii Updates
  • Alliance for Marianist Lay Formation
  • Marianist LIFE
  • Cyber Communities Growing
  • Virtual Learning Community Courses
  • Call to be Christ-Centered
  • Ecumenical Appointment
  • February 2nd Feast Day
  • Gifts and Tasks -February Issue
  • Dear Friends,

    Many thoughts and images came to mind as I worked on this issue of ?Gifts and Tasks?. Those of us who attended the 4th International Meeting of MLC in Bordeaux might remember Bro. Dennis Schmitz and Kay Stone from Hawaii leading us in the song, ?Weave One Heart from the many strands.?. These many strands are apparent in the Philippines. The first MLC in Manila was founded by our FMI Sisters in Japan, and is now also supported by the new foundation of the Society of Mary, a truly multicultural community. I invite you to read the ?Alive in the Philippines? newsletter to learn more.

    The update from Hawaii continues these strands weaving across the globe ? from the Marianist Family Retreat programs from the eastern shores of the USA to Hawaii to Korea. They even reach to the heavenly communion of saints where our friend, Basilio Choi continues to pray for us!

    These stories also show how blessed we are for the ongoing efforts and support of the Daughters of Mary and the Society of Mary in our collaborative work of building communities in the Marianist tradition. Our Family Spirit is alive and well.

    Let's celebrate our Foundation Day on Feb.2nd with joy - joining our prayers, these many strands, in thanksgiving for our one heart, one family in mission with Mary for the glory of her Son!

    Peace to all,


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    Lay Marianist Consecrations in Manila
    Philippine Consecrations Multiple Photos

    Dear Isabella, Tony and members of the International Team,

    Yesterday I came back from Manila. Saturday (January 20th) were the consecrations of our Marianist Lay Community members. It was a simple and nice celebration. Finally 24 members made their consecration. There were 2 more, originally, but they couldn?t come for family and working problems. Hopefully they will do it in February, when Richard Joyal will go there, or in March, when I have to go back. Sister Fumiko Yamada FMI, with the president of the MLC- Japan, Ms Seiko and other 2 members of the MLC in Japan, were present. Sister Fumiko presented the candidates and the Japanese women gave them the medals. I am sending you some pictures and the ?rite? we used, some parts in Tagalog.

    Blessings in your works

    Pablo Rambaud, SM

    Excerpts from Filipino Celebration
    Filipino Consecration Group Photo

    PRESIDER: (Addressing the candidates)

    God manifests the mystery of divine love in countless ways. You have responded to the mystery of that love by your expressed desire to live the most faithful imitation of Jesus Christ, son of God, become Son of Mary, crucified and risen for our salvation. This is the mission for anyone who belongs to the Marianist Family. You will share in the prayer and good works of the entire Family of Mary throughout the world. We ask you now about your intentions.
    Ipinakita ng panginoon ang msiteryo ng pag ibig na walang hanggan sa ating buhay. Sinagot mo an misteryo ng pag ibig na ayon sa iyong pagpapahayag at gusto mong mamuhay katulad ni Kristo, anak ng Diyos, na naging anak ni Maria, ipinako sa Krus at nabuhay para tayo mailigtas. Ito ang ating misyon sa lahat ng miembro ng pamilya marianista. Tuwing kayo?y magdadasal ibabahagi ninyo ang inyomg panalangin sa lahat ng miembro ng pamilya marianista sa buong mundo.

    DELEGATE: What are you asking for?
    Ano ang iyong intention? Ano ang hinihiling mo?

    CANDIDATES: Gusto ko pong maging bahagi ng Pamilya Marianista lalo na sa kanilang mabuting gawain at mag spiritual na bagay.
    I ask to be consecrated in the Marianist Family and share its good works and life of prayer.

    DELEGATE: Do you understand the obligations you will assume as Consecrated Lay Marianist? Naiintindihan mo ba ang obligasyon na ito bilang bahagi ng Pamilya marianista?

    CANDIDATES: Opo (I do)

    Hawaii Updates
    Dennis Schmitz, SM

    Chicken Skin Moments in Hawaii!

    by Bro. Dennis Schmitz, SM

    I know that many readers from the USA are associated with Cape May and the Family Retreat Program. After a number of fumbling efforts, there are 4 Marianist Lay Communities in Hawaii which will be making their first commitments at a ceremony on campus on Feb. 4th. They are talking about leading a Family Retreat as a joint ministry project in September. Barb Belle, who worked on the family retreats at Governor's Island, has offered to coordinate these efforts. A few weeks ago the group got a call from people on Maui looking for someone to lead a family retreat. They already had a location, the families, etc. These families, who don't really know the Marianists yet, are seeing themselves as a pilot program for something they want to start on their island. The Hawaiian MLC's are borrowing a Cape May Program and some lay Marianists (Vince and Laura from Philadelphia) to help teach the Hawaiian MLC members and these families how to do this kind of retreat. One of these members, Jayne Mondoy, is the religious education director for the diocese and sees this as a pilot for what she wants to do in her programs. All of a sudden, this has all fallen in the Hawaiian MLC's laps. This seems to be an example of believing in something enough to move to action. Belief in the Marianist charism seems to move the members to share it.

    A recent phone call from Basilio Choi's (president of the Korean MLC's a few years ago) widow, Gemma, sparked a conversation highlighting that Basilio must be praying hard for the Hawaiian MLC's. Then Gemma revealed that the Korean MLC's are making their commitments on the same day as those in Hawaii. Gemma decided to send the Hawaiian MLCers a gift and the Hawaiian MLCers are sending the Koreans shell leis. Many parts of the country would say that something gives them "goose bumps" but in Hawaii everyone says, "chicken skin." There's a lot of "chicken skin" moments for Hawaii right now!

    Alliance for Marianist Lay Formation
    AMLF Group Photo

    The recently formed "Alliance for Marianist Lay Formation" gathered in Dayton, OH the weekend of December 1-3, 2006 to help discern the future of lay formation in the Marianist family. The meeting was convened and sponsored by the Society of Mary's Office of Religious Life. Present, left to right, were Brian Reavey (Marianist LIFE), Isabella Moyer (International Organization of Marianist Lay Communities), Marge Cavanaugh (MLNNA), Bro. Tom Giardino, SM (International Center for Marianist Formation), Bro. Mike O'Grady, SM (Office of Religious Life), Carol Ramey (NACMS), and Joan McGuinness Wagner (former director of the Lay Formation Initiative). Not pictured are Bro. Jack Ventura, SM (Office of Religious Life) and Pati Krasensky (CMSC).

    Marianist LIFE
    Marianist LIFE logo

    Dear moderators and friends of Marianist LIFE,

    Registration paperwork for our 2007 summer programs is now available online: pid=124

    Similar to last year, information will not be mailed to you and/or your institution. Therefore, you must download and photocopy all of the information for you, your administration, your participating moderators, and/or your students using our website.

    Please note these important dates:

    March 15, 2007 ... Pre-registration forms (# of students and moderators) and deposits are due to the national office in Philadelphia
    April 15, 2007 ... All moderator and student Registration forms are due to the national office
    May 15, 2007 ... Final payment due to the national off (checks made payable to Marianist Province)

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or our Administrative Assistant, Marie Wyman, at We look forward to another meaningful summer of building communities of faith with you and your students!

    Peace to you and your communities,

    Brian F. Reavey
    National Coordinator, Marianist LIFE

    1341 N. Delaware Ave. #302A
    Philadelphia, PA 19125
    215.634.4116 (office)

    "Let us attach ourselves to God alone, for only God is eternal." - Adele de Batz de Tranquelleon

    Cyber Communities Growing
    Marceta Reilly

    By Marceta Reilly

    The Harvest Women?s Prayer Group is a telephone MLC begun in September, 2005. The six members, five from Kansas and one from New Jersey, meet monthly on a telephone bridge line to discuss common spiritual reading and learn about the Marianist charism. The first book they read was The Cup of our Life by Joyce Rupp. Now they are reading The Rule of Benedict by Joan Chittister. The group has been meeting for more than a year and plans to host a Women?s Retreat in Hoyt, Kansas, at the end of February. Joanne McCracken, a group member, and Chris Suriano will be the retreat facilitators. Both Joanne and Chris are members of Our Lady of the Round Table cyber MLC.

    In June, 2006 another faith-sharing community based on the experience of Our Lady of the Round Table began "meeting" in cyber space. The group currently consists of five women from across the United States who e-mail reflections on the upcoming Sunday Gospel to the other members of the group. Few members knew any of the others before the group began, but intimacy and trust were quickly displayed in the postings. In the short time the community has been in existence, members have shared stories of anger, confusion, loss, and fear. In return they've received messages of support, hope, and love based on the common bond of faith they share. The group is in the process of inviting friends to share in this high tech faith-sharing experience.

    Brian Reavey, National Coordinator Marianist LIFE, from Philadelphia, initiated a weekly cyber group in November of 2006. Though only two months old, this MLC ?jelled? quickly! The seven members post ?lectio? reflections about the Sunday readings anytime during the week. The experience is like getting little spiritual ?boosts? at unexpected times all week long! And it has the added benefit of preparing one well for the Sunday Mass each week.

    If you are interested in becoming involved in a cyber community, contact Joanne McCracken at

    Virtual Learning Community Courses
    Community Image

    February 25-March 31 2007

    The North American Center for Marianist Studies (NACMS), in partnership with the Institute for Pastoral Initiatives at the University of Dayton, is offering two Virtual Learning Community courses in February 2007.

    An Overview of Marianist Charism, Spirituality, and Mission (New Course)

    What does it mean to be Marianist? This course will explore the concept of charism and what is special about the Marianist charism. Participants will delve into spirituality and the principles and practices of Marianist spirituality; as well as become familiar with the Marianist apostolate and its importance in forming Marianist life. The real and potential impact of the Marianist mission on the wider Church and global community will be examined. Ultimately, participants will have a deeper and broader understanding of what it means to be Marianist. (Course Facilitator, Ray McCracken).

    Community in the Marianist Tradition

    From the first days of the Church, people longing to know and live the Gospel of Jesus gathered into small communities. This way of being Church evolved into structures we now know as parishes. However, the need for smaller, more personal ways to develop one?s faith remained. Within Marianist tradition, community is a key component of its spirit and charism. This course will investigate both the general elements of Church life and the principles around which small faith communities operate and the particular characteristics of Marianist faith communities. Class members will be introduced to the Marianist Family, religious as well as lay communities. Various ways are described of how communities support members and address critical needs the Church and of our world, now and in the future. (Course Facilitator, Dan Jordan).

    To register go to vlc.udayton .edu from now until February 21, 2007. For more information contact Patti Gehred, VLC Coordinator (NACMS) at

    Call to be Christ-Centered
    Archbishop Roussin

    Archbishop Raymond Roussin, SM reminds us that we are all called to be more Christ-centered. His reflections can be found in The B.C. Catholic, the newspaper of the Archdiocese of Vancouver, Canada.

    Ecumenical Appointment
    Luis Melo SM

    Fr. Luis Melo, SM of the Region of Canada, has been appointed by Cardinal Walter Kasper, President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity a member of the Joint Working Group (JWG) between the Catholic Church and the World Council of Churches for the period 2006- 2013.

    Fr. Luis attended the 2nd and 4th International Convocations of MLC in Lliria, Spain and Bordeaux, France. He is also the spiritual advisor and member of the Circulo da Boa Nova MLC in Winnipeg, Canada. We rejoice with him in this exciting appointment!

    February 2nd Feast Day
    Founder's image

    February 2, 2007 is the 206th anniversary of the Foundation Day of Marianist Sodalities. The Marianist Family Council of North America invites all Marianists to unite in praying the ?Prayer of the Marianist Family? on this day, the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord.

    Gifts and Tasks -February Issue

    We need local and national stories, reflections, and photos for Gifts and Tasks! Please send submissions and ideas for next month's issue to by February 20th.

    And kindly forward this issue to contact persons within your country to help with its distribution. If anyone would like to be added to the subscription list, please send email addresses to Thank you!

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