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The Election: The Candidates and Natural Health
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October 31, 2008

...welcome to another OraMedia Newsletter.

Most of us are familiar with probiotics as the active cultures in yogurt.  In fact, as I write this I am sucking down some organic vanilla yogurt with "...our exclusive blend of six live active cultures..."

Yummy, huh?

Well, actually, I like it a lot.  I started eating yogurt again after a recent course of antibiotics to handle a nasty deep skin infection.  I have no idea how I got it but in doing more research (after the fact) it turns out I may not have needed the antibiotic at all.

Anyway, since the antibiotics were likely killing off the good bugs with the bad, I thought I'd supplement with yogurt to get some of those good guys back to work in my digestive tract - just in case I was wiping them out.

One article I read on yogurt made several suggestions about how the bacteria would not only be good for digestion but weight loss and even dental problems...


One of my customers suggested this a couple of years ago but the study provided to me at the time was a confusing Bulgarian study which made no sense to me - as well as to a couple of doctors I ran it by.  So I pretty much dismissed it.

But now I had to take another look and, lo and behold, there were more studies located and the results looked pretty darn good!

I got excited about it, started digging and tracked down a product containing a specific strain of Lactobacillus. This strain is found to specifically attack the pathogen responsible for tooth decay and at least one of the major players in gum disease; p. gingivalis.

This is GOOD news and I want to share it with you.

On with it...


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The Future of Dental Treatment?

As a child in the 1960s I recall listening to a radio talk show where a microbiologist was being interviewed.  He was talking about an oral rinse which would clean up the 'bad' bacteria and save us all from cavities and periodontal diseases.  I thought this was great news because then I wouldn't have to brush anymore, just rinse and spit.  Unfortunately, my parents missed the interview and hygiene wasn't all that simple anyway, but that was my introduction into an emerging concept in treating dental diseases with antimicrobials. 

The use of both antimicrobials and antibiotics sprung forth in treating these diseases but the dental profession has not embraced this approach while totally giving up on the surgical route.   Antimicrobial solutions may normally be used in conjunction with the surgical concept, since surgery alone does not remove the pathogen culprits - only the diseased affects  of the pathogens.  (Lasers actually do a better job on the pathogens than simply drilling at a specific site, but what about the rest of the mouth?) 

While there is certainly merit in going after an infection with the use of antimicrobials and antibiotics - we certainly need to stop an infection in its tracks as quickly as possible to prevent any (further) damage to tissue and prevent the possibility of spreading - there is also merit in respecting and maintaining the biological balance, or ecology, of the mouth.  A probiotic would be a specific organism which would prevent the growth and spread of a specific harmful organism while not upsetting the biology of the mouth. 

A gardener, for example, would apply this concept by employing ladybugs, praying mantises, frogs and certain snakes in the garden to go after insects which would be harmful to the vegetation, as opposed to the use of insecticide chemicals which would wipe out a broader range of insects, including those beneficial ones.  Since insecticides need to be continually re-applied to keep bad bugs away, they can be harmful to beneficial creatures and upsetting to the ecological balance of the garden.

Can you apply the same concept to your oral health?

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LacCaries ADP-1 Probiotic Probiotics LacCariesTM ADP-1
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Take a good look at a different approach in helping your teeth and gums remain disease-free! A natural Probiotic supplement in a lozenge form.  Taken after meals, LacCariesTM can help remove harmful bacteria from destroying your teeth as well as pathogens responsible for gum disease. 

This probiotic supplement is not a replacement for good oral hygiene, but can take your hygiene to new levels - and help in preventing tooth decay and gum disease in ways previously unavailable to you before now!



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If you're like those of us behind the scenes here at CFH - ardent supporters of natural health - you may find yourself shaking your head when the subject of healthcare reform comes up in the election debates and policy discussions.  What these folks are talking about is not healthcare reform.  What they're talking about is health insurance reform - the finance and administration of the "sick care" system.

A real discussion about healthcare reform isn't going to take place until natural health is included as part of the discussion.  And natural health has got to be a major part of the discussion at that, rather than referred to as a marginalized "alternative."  All the information we see today about natural health - wellness & lifestyle practices, dietary supplements and autonomous healing methods - is just the beginning.  It's no time to turn back!

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Part II - The Presidential Candidates and Natural Health

A candidate's position about health and healing - and not just the health care system, but also the nature of healing itself - might give us some insight into how that candidate might lead.   Would it be helpful to know where your candidate stands on natural health? Is the health of the Body Politic as important to you as your own health, and that of your family, friends and colleagues?   Continue

Also:  Where's the Health in Healthcare Reform?

Dr. Collins
Perio Toothbrush 
Dr. Collins Perio Toothbrush

Hey Tom,

I really want to thank you for suggesting that I change some of my oral hygiene habits. At the time, I was complaining of very sensitive teeth and very tender gum's. I purchased a ViaJet Pro oral irrigator, a Perio tooth brush ( I hope I NEVER have to use another brand ), Concentrace mineral drops, and your NARA tooth cleansing powder.

I started using the products feeling pretty good that I was at least taking better care of my teeth.

It was really about three weeks later I was chomping on some ice cubes and I realized that there wasn't any more pain in my teeth and my morning coffee did not cause any discomfort, my gums are a healthy color and the bleeding has all but stopped.

So, thanks!!!! for the help and I will be happy to continue using these products!

Leonard Lobo,
Fayetteville NC 


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