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Spring/Summer 2011

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GHANA Trip Alert:   


This weekend is the perfect time to join our Textile & Craft Tour of Ghana II in September. 


That's because our first conference call for registered participants only takes place this Tues, May 31 at 8:00pm EST.


You'll enjoy a unique mix of hands-on workshops (kente, batik, adinkra, beadmaking), artist presentations, sightseeing, entertainment, and shopportunities galore. Connect with the people & culture of Ghana through this unforgettable Experience!


REMINDER:  Several people have asked about a 2012 trip. If you're considering joining us, note that due to previous commitments, the CE Textile & Craft Tour of Ghana will NOT be offered for 2012, so make 2011 your year!!   --- lisa




Upcoming Events: 


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JUNE 2-6 - NEGRIL, Jamaica  Register Today!

Quilters' Retreat


JUNE 11-12 - NEW YORK, NY   

Empire Quilters  


Discharge Dyeing, Saturday, July 16  

Closer to home, we also have another workshop planned at the CE Studio in April, taught by yet another talented friends of CE, N'ketiah Brakohiapa, originally from Ghana, and now based in the US.       




  Interweave's Quilting Arts IN STITCHES eMagazine, Volume 3 features my article on Kuba Cloth.  This online publication has special interactive features, so you can zoom in on the photos and more.


To order the eMag for PC or Mac, visit Interweave. 



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