May 2012
Issue: 4



 In this issue we look at

- The latest fitness studies showing that sitting kills. 

-A warning from the FDA about Bone Drugs like Fosamax.   

-Acupuncture treatment for High Blood Pressure   

-Hazards of BPA, an endocrine disruptor found in some plastics  

-The research on Acupuncture and Stress.  

Acupuncture is good for your body, mind and spirit. Come in and see me!  Here's to a happy and healthy start to the summer!
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P.S. Link to an interview with me in the Examiner, a good summary.
Even Those Who Exercise Need to Move More During the Day

I discuss the recent study that shows sitting for 6 hours a day is harmful to your health even if you exercise.  The changes Gretchen Reynolds made personally were to stand each time she gets a phone call and to put in a standing desk in her office.  Click through to read the rest and why she makes these recommendations.  This article looks at a company that made lots of changes in the workplace to accommodate the newly recognized need to move. 
Acupuncture and Stress 
Peaceful Woman
Ahhh! Acupuncture...
Acupuncture lowers your stress which helps with mood, immune problems and pain.
As some of my current patients are aware, I have a
brand new system for measuring the stress response during acupuncture. There have been ever more articles on the topic, and I will continue my work because I'm convinced that with these types of tools we can make acupuncture results better, faster, and more useful. (And to be filed under "shameless self promotion" my work was recently cited.)

First Do No Harm: Bone Drugs and Judicious Use of Medical Care 
The  FDA issued a warningabout medications prescribed for osteopenia and osteoporosis such as Boniva and Fosamax. Because of issues with unusual femur fractures and osteonecrosis of the jaw, the therapeutic recommendations have been narrowed. I have been following these developments for a few years ever since my personal dentist alerted me to the issue. Consider weight bearing exercise and diet !!
Last month's newletter was devoted to "When Less is More"  in medical care. Here I discuss a recent book exploring Healthcare cost-containment and how it can improve outcomes.
"He also blames patients who have bought into the notion that more care - more treatment, more screening, more scans, more drugs - is better care. Many Americans, particularly wealthier ones, he says, are "gluttonous" in their consumption of health care resources and often use them unwisely."

Warnings on BPA  
Happy, Pregnant Woman 
Could she be carrying BPA with her baby??.

Prominent scientists are sounding the alarm on  BPA.
"Endocrine disruptors are everywhere. They're in thermal receipts that come out of gas pumps and A.T.M.'s. They're in canned foods, cosmetics, plastics and food packaging. Test your blood or urine, and you'll surely find them there, as well as in human breast milk and in cord blood of newborn babies.a chemical found in many plastics."
The author's recommendations, no bank or gas station receipts, don't microwave in plastic, no pesticides, but the hardest of all, NO canned food.
And to add to the fun, BPA may turn out to be implicated in breast cancer.


Acupuncture and High Blood Pressure

A case study of a patient of mine treated with acupuncture and herbs for High Blood Pressure.
The Longhurst group at UC Irvine has done both clinical and scientific work on Acupuncture and High Blood Pressure showing its effectiveness. Discussion of their Acupuncture High Blood Pressure protocol and study here. If you're interested in any other studies or science, just search for "High Blood Pressure" or "Longhurst" in the search box on my site.
In This Issue
Just Stand There: Rethinking Fitness
Acupuncture and Stress:The Latest
FDA Issues Warning on Bone Drugs and Sometimes Less is More
Warnings for BPA
Ancient Wisdom Made Modern: Your Way to Long Life

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