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The Foundation underwrites three major academic support programs:

  • Time for Academic Progress (TAP) offers after-school academic assistance in English, math, and science at all levels provided by B-CC teachers three days a week at B-CC and two evenings a week at the Coffield Center in Silver Spring.
  • CollegeTracks provides after-school and evening workshops, as well as trained mentors, to help with the college application and financial aid process for students who, although qualified, may be at risk of not going to college
  • Summer Academy is a three-week summer program for incoming 9th grade students who have struggled academically in middle school. Students work on English, math, science, study skills, and general school issues.

You can read more about these programs by clicking on the links above, and we'll be highlighting them in future issues as well.


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January 2012

Happy New Year from all of us at the B-CC High School Educational Foundation!  Many of you wrapped up 2011 by making a donation to the Foundation, and I thank you for your generosity. You can read a quick summary of the Foundation's current financial status below - like most nonprofits these days, we are striving to do more with less, but we are very grateful for the continued support of our community.


We are very excited about the continued success of our signature programs. At our last two board meetings, we heard presentations from representatives of College Tracks and Summer Academy.  Clearly, both of these programs are helping to fulfil the Foundation's mission of ensuring that all B-CC students, regardless of background or financial circumstance, receive the support they need to be successful, find a pathway to college, and pursue their dreams.


We'll be featuring College Tracks in next month's newsletter as we prepare to honor its founders at our upcoming fundraiser in March. I hope you'll save the date - March 8th - and join us (see story below).  This month, we spotlight the TAP Program. Over 1,000 B-CC students take advantage of this after-school assistance program, and we wanted to tell you a little more about it!


As always, we welcome your feedback, your ideas, and your support!


- Matt Gandal

2011 Closes on Strong Note...and Looking Ahead
Thank YouThanks to a very strong response to our Fall Fundraising mailing, the Foundation is in solid financial shape with approximately $73,000 raised. That's a little bit less than we raised last year at this time (approximately 5% down), but pretty much on track. We do, however, have our work cut out for us to fund our budget of $160,000!  


We are particularly grateful for the support of parents of B-CC alumni, who accounted for over 40% of donations, followed closely by B-CC alums themselves, who contributed almost 30%. Current B-CC parents weren't far behind at 25%. All in all, 463 donors supported the Foundation's work - and we hope that's just the tip of the iceberg as we move forward into 2012.

If you are not a current donor, we hope you'll join us. It's easy to donate - just click on the button on the left - your donations are quick & secure! 
Spotlight on TAP - A "Signature" Program!
SpotlightTime for Academic Progress or "TAP" is one of the Foundation's three signature programs. Initially funded at a level of $2,000 in 2003, the TAP program has grown exponentially over the past nine years, and now represents 29% of the Foundation's total expenditures, budgeted at $49,295 for 2011/12!

The program operates for an hour after school at B-CC (Tues., Weds. & Thurs.) and for two hours in the evening at the Coffield Center in Silver Spring (Tues. & Thurs.). Eleven B-CC teachers offer assistance in math, English and science. In response to popular demand, this year TAP also offers help with upper level math (calculus) and physics.

The program reaches well over 50% of all B-CC students. Thus far this school year, over 1,000 students have taken advantage of TAP, with math being the most "popular" subject!

TAP is coordinated by B-CC staff development teacher Stacy Farrar, who also oversees B-CC's internship program.

You can find much more information about TAP and the students it serves at the B-CC Foundation website. Click here for a complete history of the program, as well as interesting usage data. The Foundation is proud to underwrite a program that touches the lives of so many B-CC students.

On Thursday, March 8th, the Foundation will host its 6th annual community fundraiser at the Woman's Club of Chevy Chase from 7-9pm.
Wine Bottles
The evening honors College Tracks - a Foundation "signature" program - and its founders, Cathie Goltz, Nancy Leopold,and Nancy Zeller, and will feature a wine tasting with selections from around the world, as well as heavy hors d'oeuvres.

Look for your invitation in the mail in early February, as well an an e-vite in your in box. Hope to see you there!