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September 2011
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Greetings from sunny Jerusalem!  We trust you are well and have enjoyed your summer; we certainly have!


As a valued friend and partner, please read on to see what we've been up to as a company, as well as find out what's the latest in Israel and your favorite sites.


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What's New in Israel
march of million

March of the Million: On September 3rd the nation of Israel held peaceful demonstrations, reminiscent of Woodstock with rock concerts, as a reawakening to the social protests that started in July for the sake of lowering the middle class cost of living. Though the million-attendance marker wasn't reached, more than 450,000 Israelis took to the streets, the largest protest in the history of the nation. From the north to the south with Tel Aviv as the core, city squares and streets were crowded with people of all ages, continuing their struggle to see social changes within the government and nation as a whole.  


martha stewart

Stewart at the Dead Sea


Homemaker in the Holy Land: Ms. Martha Stewart herself recently was in Israel on a six-day visit, sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism. She came for a family wedding, but also was able to scope out locations for a new TV show, tour Holy sites, and of course to taste the extensive and delectable Israeli cuisine. The Ministry of Tourism continues to move ahead with its push to entice famous celebrities to visit Israel, which they hope will influence their American fans to follow.



New Sites & Site News

qaser el yahud

Qaser El Yahud: The  baptismal site is now a National Park and has regular hours of operation! There is no need to call ahead and schedule an appointment to visit. This change came about in part to our many visits and efforts.  The baptismal site on the banks of the Jordan River is a sacred site which is identified as the place where, according to Christian tradition, Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. The New Testament indicates that this event was about the "spiritual birth" of Jesus, as opposed to the physical birth. Therefore, the baptismal site is of utmost importance in the Christian world and is considered the third holiest site, after the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. Qaser El Yahud is also attributed as being the place where the children of Israel crossed the Jordan from their Eqyptian ownership, after 40 years of wandering in the desert. The site is located on the west bank of the Jordan River located about 10 km east of the city of Jericho and covers an area of 329 acres owned by the Christian churches.



island suites

Island Luxurious Suites

ramada netanya

Ramada Hotel & Suites

New in Netanya: Island Luxurious Suites  and Ramada Hotel & Suites are now open! Both hotels are on the beautiful Mediterranean coast, and are just a short drive north of Tel Aviv. Ramada boasts 180 suites with 5-star accommodations, offering the best in personal attention, service and style. Island offers 1 and 2-bedroom suites that can easily fit 4 to 6 people. Each suite features a fully-equipped kitchen, two generously-sized bathrooms, and all the latest in modern entertainment and business technologies. Please contact your travel agent for more details on these new hotels in Netanya.



Sar-El News & Specials


Restoring Courage: Sar-El Tours & Conferences operated a large part of Glenn Beck's Restoring Courage Rally which included 10 buses for a packed week of events and touring for the participants. Along with DuCar International Tours  from the States it was a wonderful experience for everyone involved. Sar-El Tours took care of the production team with transfer and their needs for the events, as well as providing services for many of the elite delegates on the trip. From the Roman Theatre in Caesarea, the Old Train Station in Jerusalem to the Davidson Center by the Western Wall of the Old City for the final rally, the events were successful in every way. All participants enjoyed a fully packed itinerary with wonderful tour guides provided by Sar-El. We are proud to facilitate rallies and conferences based on the right of Israel to exist and live peacefully with our neighbors.


Business Expansion: Amir just returned from a whirlwind business trip to London, Thailand, Singapore and Australia. His visit was very successful and helped generate much more business as a result. He also was a guest speaker at the Impact Conference at Bethany Church in Singapore, speaking on the significance of end-time prophecy.


Daystar: Samuel was recently featured as a guest on Daystar TV. Founders Marcus and Joni Lamb and their production crew spent a few days at their Jerusalem studio for live filming from the Holy Land. Samuel spoke on the local Messianic community, his family testimony, as well as the obstacle the Jewish mind encounters in accepting Jesus as Messiah.


TBN 2012: Partnering with our agents worldwide, preparations for next year's Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) world tour are well under way! 2012's tour will feature as the main guest speaker Pastor Joseph Prince of New Creation Church, Singapore. We are anticipating thousands of passengers to participate from the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. Stay tuned for more details.


Duggar family at the Sea of Galilee 


Duggar Family: In cooperation with Discovery Worldwide Ministries, we were happy to host the Duggar Family of TLC network's acclaimed reality show, 19 Kids & Counting. The clan of more than 23 people came for a Holy Land visit with their filming crew in tow, ready to get footage for the show. The family was also able to fit in touring time to several of the Christian holy sites.



Things of the Spirit
Where Is Nain?
by David Bivin from Jerusalem Perspective

"NEINSoon afterward he went to a city called Nain, and his disciples and a great crowd went with him" (Lk 7:11).


The name Nain, nain, or naim (pleasant), appears only once in rabbinic literature (Genesis Rabbah 98:12). In this passage, the name appears in the context of several other places located in the vicinity of Nazareth and Mount Tabor. This rabbinic Nain, therefore, is probably to be identified with the modern Arab village of Nein, located about 5.5 miles southeast of Nazareth.


However, there is also a Nain in Judea. Josephus mentions it in his account of the zealot Shim'on bar Gioras' raids in 69 A.D. throughout the province of Judea (War 4:511-513). In his account of bar Gioras' fortification of Nain, Josephus mentions the numerous caves nearby in a ravine named Pheretae. The Judean Nain probably was located in the canyons of the desert to the east of Jerusalem, since the caves of that area have always served as a refuge for insurgents. Also, since Shim'on positioned his army in preparation for an attack on Jerusalem, Nain must have been within striking distance. Again, this points to the western edge of the Judean desert.


Scholars usually identify Pheretae, which may reflect the Hebrew name perat, possibly the Perath of Jeremiah 13:4-7, with a rugged canyon known today by its Arabic name of Wadi Kelt. It stretches for some 10 miles across the Judean Desert from a point 6 miles northeast of Jerusalem to its outlet near Jericho.


It may be possible to identify the New Testament Nain with the Nain of Josephus. Furthermore, it would seem that this Nain may have been located near Wadi Kelt, as near as 6 miles from Jerusalem. If this is the case, then at least one of Jesus' miracles was performed in the countryside of Judea outside of Jerusalem, and there is the possibility of locating more of his ministry in that region.


A Word from Samuel & Amir

We're proud to say that we took part in the recent Glenn Beck events in Israel. It was extremely moving to see Christian pilgrims in the streets of Jerusalem during the slow summer months of August. We cherish in these times and seasons any token of friendship and support.  


This is the first news flash that we are including a spiritual and Biblical section. We have partnered with Jerusalem Perspective's Mr. David Bivin, a well-known author and friend. From now on expect to receive spiritual nuggets with every news flash! This is also our first issue sent

using Constant Contact. We hope you like the changes we've made!

Shmulik Amir  

 Samuel & Amir


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