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June, 2012 
Custom Damper Drives
Quest-Tec Solutions Level Indicators
Improved Heat Rate with Better Flow Monitoring
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 Custom Damper Drives

pneumatic actuator


Type K Damper Drives offer choices of Electric, Pneumatic, Rotary or Linear damper drives to meet your specific needs. Our unique ability to provide retrofit drives makes replacement as easy as possible. The replacement drive will be pre-measured and custom manufactured to drop right into place on your existing mounting bolts with the output lever in the EXACT position of the original. This eliminates the need to perform additional work building platforms, re-engineering linkage rods and making other adjustments required when purchasing "off the shelf" drives. 
Video of Type K TK Pneumatic Damper Drives
Video of rotary damper drives


Video of Linear damper drive
Video of linear damper drive


Quest-Tec Solutions Level Indicators

Gilson Engineering is pleased to announce the addition of Quest-Tec Solutions to the manufacturers we represent. Quest-Tec offers a very broad lineup of Level Indication Devices well suited to boiler and power plant applications.

  • Glass-Trac Direct Reading Sight Gages with illuminators, explosion-proof available
  • Steam-Trac Direct Reading Water/Steam Gages with illuminators and ASME rating
  • Magne-Trac Magnetic Level Indicators and Transmitters/Switches - Guided Wave Ready
  • Level-Trac Remote Level Indication System to 3000 PSIG for Boiler Drums, Heaters,
  • De-aerator, Condensers, and HRSG Drums, and Water Induction Protection for Turbines
  • OEM Spares for Gage Glasses, Gaskets, Viewports, and OEM Electronics Indictor Probes for Solartron and Clark-Reliance (2 year warranty)



Quest-Tec Solutions has the answer for boiler related level applications, small range or large, new installations, or top quality OEM replacement parts regardless of manufacturer. Please contact your local Gilson office and will be happy to assist in finding the best fit for your application. 


   Improved Heat Rate with Better Flow Monitoring
Accusonic ultrasonic flowmeter

Accusonic makes flow measurement systems for the Fossil and Nuclear power markets. They focus on the more tough applications, such as plant intake and discharge water flows, cooling tower recalculating flows and condenser cooling flows.


Any application with large pipe sizes, difficult installation constraints (i.e. limited straight run, buried pipes), and high accuracy requirements would be an application that they'd look at.


Accusonic is also qualified for non-safety related applications in nuclear plants. Monitoring these flows can help customers realize cost savings in terms of improved plant efficiency, reduced O&M costs and compliance with environmental regulations (i.e. U.S. EPA Clean Water Act section 316(b)).


The following link is a brief summary of an Accusonics application at Kansas City

Power & Light. They acheived a heat rate improvement with the Accusonic system.


Kansas City P&L application