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Puls DIN Rail Mount UPS
Seametrics Insertion Flow Meters
Rebuildable pH sensors
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Tim Pappert

Gilson Engineering is pleased to announce that Tim Pappert has been promoted to outside sales.  Tim has 8 years of experience with Gilson as an Applications Engineer.  Tim will be handling the territory previously covered by Denny Petrovich.


Denny is now working directly for Siemens, where he is the manager of the food and beverage group.


Tech Tip


Problem:  We're experiencing signal drift between the 4-wire field transmitter and the grounded receiver on our newly commissioned loop. What's causing this problem?


Moore Isolator 


Solution: The difference in potentials between two grounded, non-isolated devices may result in a ground loop.  Installing a SIY or SIX to break the galvanic path prevents the effects of ground loops, motor noise, and electrical interference.


This is just one of many Problem Solvers  featuerd by Moore Industries.

Puls DIN Rail UPS Provides Backup Power
Puls UPS
Puls DIN rail mounted UPS

Puls has introduced an innovative UPS design which has greatly simplified the process of providing back up/emergency DC power to critical hardware in the field. This product enables you to keep devices up and running even when main power is lost. The Puls DC - UPS Control Unit design utilizes a single 12 Volt battery to provide 24 Volt DC power to PLCs, radio based telemetry systems and other sensitive systems where the loss of data and long restart cycles cannot be tolerated.


This unique UPS system provides:


- DIN Rail Mounted package for compact installation

- Requires only one 12 Volt battery for a 24 Volt output  

   (No     need to match batteries)

- Complete battery diagnostics - including a signal when to replace the battery

- Electronic overload and short circuit protection

- 50% power reserves

- Selectable Buffer Time Limiter

- 3 year Warranty


View video presentation of Puls UPS

View video presentation of Puls UPS


Download Puls power supply datasheet 


 Seametrics Water Flow Meters


Seametrics insertion turbine
Insertion turbine flow sensor

Seametrics offers a wide array of water flow meter options that include insertion  paddlewheels, insertion turbines, and insertion magmeters.  Any of these styles can be mounted as fixed depth, adjustable depth, or hot-tappable (meaning you can remove from the line without shutting off your process), for a total of 9 different flow meter options that start as low as $500. 


Seametrics can provide an integral or remote mount flow computer with display of flow rate and total, and a 4-20 mA or pulse output with an accuracy of up to 1 to 1.5% F.S.  The insertion magmeter  has the advantage of zero moving parts and can be used to measure some dirty liquids where debris would foul a mechanical meter, depending upon make-up of process.


View video of Seametrics Insertion Flowmeters

View video of Seametrics Insertion Flowmeters


Submit Flowmeter application request



Rebuildable pH Sensors 


ECD PH sensors
Rebuildable insertion pH sensors

Besides death and taxes, another fact of life is that pH sensors require maintenance.  Depending on the application, periodic cleaning will be needed, and like batteries, the pH sensor will need to be replaced. 


Electro Chemical Devices (ECD) has a pH sensor that can easily be rebuilt in the field.  The electrode can be replaced for as little as $140.00.  This greatly reduces the costs over the life of the pH sensor.


ECD has developed over 25  application specific pH electrodes that can be used in situatiuons where a standard pH electrode fails prematurely.  Examples of these  electrodes are:


- Sulfide resistant

- Solvent resistant

- High temperature

- High or low pH

- Acid resistant


The ECD sensors are also available for DO, ORP, and conductivity applications.



Download pH sensor brochure


Submit pH, DO, ORP, or Conductivity application


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Join us at one of the following events that Gilson Engineering will be exhibiting in:


Wheeling, WV

West Virginia AWWA/WEA Show

Dates:        May 23-24

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