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MSA Trigard
MSA Altair-4X Multigas Detector
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We received a lot of positive response from our first digital newsletter in November.  We are including options to view more product videos.  Hit the YouTube link to view the product demonstration, installation, and troubleshooting videos from the Gilson Engineering Library. 

Tech Quiz


Which flow meter accuracy specification is better:


% of full scale, or % of rate, and why?

MSA Trigard & Tri-gas Monitors
MSA Trigard
Trigard with 3 integral sensors

There are several applications in the wastewater industry where multiple gases need to be monitored in a single location.  They generally want to detect oxygen, a toxic gas such as H2S and sometimes a combustible.  MSA has developed two systems, the TriGard® diffusion style and the Tri-Gas® sample draw which will satisfy just about any application.


Each utilizes the Ultima®X3 electronics which allows up to three sensors to be connected to one transmitter.  Then the sensors can be remote mounted in the area of interest with the TriGard or you can run sample tubing, condition the sample with filters, and do your detecting back at the Tri-Gas controller.


MSA Trigas
Tri-gas with 3 remote sensors


 Download Trigard datasheet


 Download Tri-gas datasheet









Omnisite Remote Pump Station Monitoring

Omnisite Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball Product overview

Are you monitoring all of your remote pumping stations? Would you like to have more information than a phone dialer offers, but don't want to pay the big bucks to purchase and maintain a full-blown SCADA system?

Omnisitet GuardDog

GuardDog Web Interface on-line demonstration














Omnisite offers inexpensive cellular phone based remote monitoring systems that will notify you of alarms AND simplify your data collection and reporting. Your data will be stored on Omnisite's servers for a minimum of two years and is accessible to you via the internet. Monthly reporting of information such as pump run time, station flow, and alarms is simplified by "point and click" programs that are maintained by Omnisite. The system gives you almost all of the information you get with a SCADA system, but at about the same cost of an autodialer.   

View video presentation of Omnisite Monitoring System 




MSA Altair-4X Multigas Detector


MSA Altair-4X
Altair-4X personal monitor


MSA's new Altair 4X Multigas Detector is the most advanced portable gas detector on the market. Designed to monitor Combustibles, Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, and Hydrogen Sulfide simultaneously, this unit is ideal for confined space applications.  The X Cell technology incorporated in the Altair 4X offers many performance advantages:


- Full Three year warranty (including the sensors)

- End of sensor life warning

- 24 hour run time, 71% longer than industry standard

- Exclusive MotionAlert & InstantAlert features

- Sensor response and clear times under 15 seconds

- Span calibration time of 60 seconds

- IP67 package rated for a 20 foot drop

- Compatible with MSA Galaxy Automatic Calibration Station



 MSA Youtube

View video introduction of Altair 4X


Download Altair-4X datasheet 


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Tech Quiz Answer

Answer: % of Rate


% of rate indicates that within the stated flow meter range, the accuracy will always be +/- % of the actual flow rate.  Example: a magmeter accuracy is 0.5% of flow rate, and full scale flow rate of 1,000 gpm.  Thus at 50 gpm (+/- .25 gpm), or 1,000 gpm (+/- 5.0 gpm).


% of Full Scale indicates that within the stated flow range, the accuracy will be +/- % of the flow meters full scale. Example: flowmeter with an accuracy of +/- 0.5 % F.S., and a full scale flow rate of 1,000 gpm. Accuracy will be +/- 5.0 gpm at high and low flows.