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Radar Level Transmitter for Solids
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MSA Altair-4X Multigas Detector
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We received a lot of positive response from our first digital newsletter in November.  We are including options to view more product videos.  Hit the YouTube link to view the product demonstration, installation, and troubleshooting videos from the Gilson Engineering Library. 

Tech Quiz


Which flow meter accuracy specification is better:


% of full scale, or % of rate, and why?

Radar Level Transmitter for Solids

The Siemens LR260 is a level transmitter that uses pulse radar technology.  It is great for measuring your bulk solids in silos, hoppers, or bins.  This unit performs well in severely dusty environments such as coal, limestone, gypsum, grains, and starch.  Unlike ultrasonic technologies, the radar transmitters do not lose their readings when dust clouds form during filling.  The LR260 is also a great alternative to a weight and pulley system because it is "non-contact" meaning it does not actually touch the product which can cause problems over time.  The LR260 transmitter gives you a continuous 4-20mA current output for constant monitoring.  The unit sets up easily with a Quick Start menu on the local display or on your laptop.  The ANSI flange has a built in easy aimer ball that allows the users to adjust the angle of the horn to ensure a strong signal.  For any silo or tank 66 feet or shorter, the Siemens LR260 is a simple measuring solution. 

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Gilson Flow and Level Lab


Gilson Engineering has completed a flow and level lab in our Pittsburgh office.  This lab includes many of the flow, level, pressure, and valve products represented by Gilson Engineering.  We make this available to any customer that would like to train on product configuration or troubleshooting techniques.  This is a safer and less expensive way to test a product than on an actual application.  Its also a lot warmer than standing outside in the middle of winter.


Besides customized product training, we have the ability to verify calibration of many types of flowmeters  from 1/2" - 2".


Contact Gilson Engineering for a list of available products in our lab, or to schedule an appointment to visit. 


Gilson Flow Lab












Take a video tour of the flow and level lab


MSA Altair-4X Multigas Detector


MSA Altair-4X
MSA Altair-4X

MSA's new Altair 4X Multigas Detector is the most advanced portable gas detector on the market. Designed to monitor Combustibles, Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, and Hydrogen Sulfide simultaneously, this unit is ideal for confined space applications.  The X Cell technology incorporated in the Altair 4X offers many performance advantages:


- Full Three year warranty (including the sensors)

- End of sensor life warning

- 24 hour run time, 71% longer than industry standard

- Exclusive MotionAlert & InstantAlert features

- Sensor response and clear times under 15 seconds

- Span calibration time of 60 seconds

- IP67 package rated for a 20 foot drop

- Compatible with MSA Galaxy Automatic Calibration Station


 MSA Youtube







View video introduction of Altair 4X


Download Altair-4X datasheet


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Tech Quiz Answer

Answer: % of Rate


% of rate indicates that within the stated flow meter range, the accuracy will always be +/- % of the actual flow rate.  Example: a magmeter accuracy is 0.5% of flow rate, and full scale flow rate of 1,000 gpm.  Thus at 50 gpm (+/- .25 gpm), or 1,000 gpm (+/- 5.0 gpm).


% of Full Scale indicates that within the stated flow range, the accuracy will be +/- % of the flow meters full scale. Example: flowmeter with an accuracy of +/- 0.5 % F.S., and a full scale flow rate of 1,000 gpm. Accuracy will be +/- 5.0 gpm at high and low flows.