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Wireless I/O Mesh
Rugged Submersible Level Sensor
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We received a lot of positive response from our first digital newsletter in November.  We are including options to view more product videos.  Hit the YouTube link to view the product demonstration, installation, and troubleshooting videos from the Gilson Engineering Library. 

Tech Quiz


Which flow meter accuracy specification is better:


% of full scale, or % of rate, and why?

Wireless I/O Mesh and Gateway

Elpro's 915U-2 combines multi I/O and/or gateway functionality with the reliability of secure, scalable, mesh distance communications. Featuring ELPRO WIBMesh™ technology, the 915U-2 IP based addressing provides mesh/self healing of network communications, multi-hop repeating and remote over the air re-configuration and diagnostics.

What does this mean?

Basically, the wireless I/O modules data automatically finds its way to the destination module. Should one of the repeater modules in the link fail, the data will automatically search for a new path to its destination.

The model 915U-2 module works with analog signals (current and voltage), discrete I/O, Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP.

Elpro 915U
wireless I/O mesh


  • 902-928 mhz FHSS License Free
  • Full 1 watt power
  • Remote over the air configuration
  • 128 bit AES encryption

For more details, check the following link.


Download wireless I/O Mesh datasheet


View presentation of wireless I/O Mesh



Rugged Submersible Level Sensor

PBLT2 Submersible Level Sensor

The PBLT2 Submersible Level Transmitter is manufactured for years of trouble free service even in the harshest applications.  The PBLT2 measures the height of the liquid above its position via a piezoresistive sensing element encased in a very heavy duty 316 SS housing.  This unit is designed specifically for operation in wastewater and slurry applications.  This system is suitable in sludge pits, clarifiers, alum tanks, sumps, lime slurries, oil tanks and reservoirs.  The PBLT2 includes as standard superior lightning and surge protection utilizing dual arrestor technology - eliminating both power supply surges and lightning ground strike transients.  The unit features an extra large 316 SS diaphragm to prevent clogging and is resistant to damage from floating solids and debris.


The unit is equipped with a 270 pound tensile strength, shielded, vented cable. Various cable lengths are available depending on your application. The transmitter is a two wire loop powered (13-30 VDC) design for simple electrical installation.  An intrinsically safe design is available for installations in Class I, Div 1, Groups A, B, C, D; Class II, Div 1, Groups E, F, G; Class III, Div 1 hazardous locations.


Download PBLT2 datasheet


Watch Video Demonstration of Submersible Level Sensor

 PBLT2 Youtube

Omnisite Remote Pump Station Monitoring


Are you monitoring all of your remote pumping stations? Would you like to have more information than a phone dialer offers, but don't want to pay the big bucks to purchase and maintain a full-blown SCADA system?


Omnisite Crystal Ball
Crystal Ball Product overview
Omnisitet GuardDog
GuardDog Web Interface on-line demonstration












Omnisite offers inexpensive cellular phone based remote monitoring systems that will notify you of alarms AND simplify your data collection and reporting. Your data will be stored on Omnisite's servers for a minimum of two years and is accessible to you via the internet. Monthly reporting of information such as pump run time, station flow, and alarms is simplified by "point and click" programs that are maintained by Omnisite. The system gives you almost all of the information you get with a SCADA system, but at about the same cost of an autodialer.


View video presentation of Omnisite Monitoring System 


Tech Quiz Answer

Answer: % of Rate


% of rate indicates that within the stated flow meter range, the accuracy will always be +/- % of the actual flow rate.  Example: a magmeter accuracy is 0.5% of flow rate, and full scale flow rate of 1,000 gpm.  Thus at 50 gpm (+/- .25 gpm), or 1,000 gpm (+/- 5.0 gpm).


% of Full Scale indicates that within the stated flow range, the accuracy will be +/- % of the flow meters full scale. Example: flowmeter with an accuracy of +/- 0.5 % F.S., and a full scale flow rate of 1,000 gpm. Accuracy will be +/- 5.0 gpm at high and low flows.