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January, 20114
Banner Wireless I/O
Alternative to Allen Bradley PLC
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        This is the first digital version of the Gilson Engineering newsletter geared towards the automation market.  We are including options to view more product videos.  Hit the YouTube link to view the product demonstration, installation, and troubleshooting videos from the Gilson Engineering Library. 
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Banner Wireless I/O Modules

The hot topic in just about any article you read or hear about is going wireless. There are many products available but Banner has a product which helps take the guess work out of the application with their DX80 line of Products. Probably the biggest single issue of whether to use a wireless unit is whether it is going to work or not. With the Banner DX80 system a site survey can easily determine this. All that is required are the DX80 modules themselves.


By going through a couple of pushbutton commands, the strength of signal is shown on the unit display and without any other device (such as a laptop) you know the application will work and how well it will work.


For an example of a site survey and to see the modules go to the link below for a sample demonstration.



Banner DX80 video  






View video of DX80 wireless


Download additional info on Banner wireless products  



Alternative to Allen Bradley PLC
Unitronics Jazz
Jazz series controller

The Unitronics Jazz series PLC includes a dual line HMI display with keypad for $140.00. The programming software is NO CHARGE.  The jazz series is available with relay outputs, Modbus communications, high speed inputs, RTD's and thermocouple inputs and programmable NPN or PNP inputs.  


In addition to the Jazz series, Unitronics also offers PLCS (Vision series) with bright LED 5.7" color touch screen displays for $750. The Vision series is available with a plug in I/O module or din rail mounted IO modules.  Unit comes standard with a slot for a standard SD memory card. Software is free along with utilities for the following:

  • Remote Access- PC based program that duplicates the HMI display and functions.
  • Data Export- utility to download internal memory for reporting
  • SD card suite- utility to access data on the SD memory card
  • UniOPC Server- OPC server to share information for PC packages like Citec, Wonderware 
  • PCom Protocol-Utility to communicate between PC and PLC
  • ActiveX.dll-  Methods for invoking read/write , locally or remotely
  • UniDDE Server- Method to exchange information between PLC and PC
Unitronics Vision 1040
Vision 1040 with 10.4" touchscreen

Don't worry, you can keep your AB's, as there is another utility to communicate between the Unitronics and the AB Via DF1. The Vision series include a built in web server with the optional Ethernet port ($90), as well as SMS messaging and cellular modem interfaces.   



 Vision 570 series controller





View video demonstration of Unitronics controller