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December, 2010 4
Wireless Mesh Network
Jordan Regulators
Rugged Submersible Level Sensor
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Utility for configuring Siemens Hydroranger for open channel flow, and well pump control applications.
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Tech Quiz

Which of the following fluid properties is important in determining if a magmeter is a good choice for fluid flow measurement?  See answer below

A) Density

B) Conductivity 
C) Viscosity

D) All of the above


Wireless Mesh I/O & Gateway

Elpro's 915U-2 combines multi I/O and/or gateway functionality with the reliability of secure, scalable, mesh distance communications. Featuring ELPRO WIBMesh™ technology, the 915U-2 IP based addressing provides mesh/self healing of network communications, multi-hop repeating and remote over the air re-configuration and diagnostics.

What does this mean?

Basically, the wireless I/O modules data automatically finds its way to the destination module. Should one of the repeater modules in the link fail, the data will automatically search for a new path to its destination.

The model 915U-2 module works with analog signals (current and voltage), discrete

Elpro 915U
Wireless I/O mesh 

I/O, Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP.


  • 902-928 mhz FHSS License Free
  • Full 1 watt power
  • Remote over the air configuration
  • 128 bit AES encryption

For more details, check the following link.


Download wireless Mesh I/O datasheet


View presentation on Wireless I/O Mesh


Jordan MK627 and 630 Regulators
  Jordan has introduced the Mark 630 and Mark 627 series gas pressure regulators to compete with the Fisher "Big Joe" (Mark 630) and the "Little Joe" (Mark 627). The Jordan valves will fill a need Jordan had by offering a high inlet pressure / high pressure drop soft seated regulator to fill the gap between the Mark 68HP and the Mark 6800HP.


Jordan MK630 high pressure regulator 

       The Mark 627 is a self-operated pressure reducing regulator designed to provide accurate regulation and tight shutoff on low or high pressure systems. It can be used on air, natural gas or a variety of other gases. The Mark 627 can handle inlet pressures to 2000psi. It features a tamper resistant protective cap and the top entry design allows easy in line maintenance. The standard 316SS orifice is available in six different sizes. The carbon steel body has FNPT end connections and is available in ", 1"and 2" sizes.  

        The Mark 630 is also a self- operated pressure reducing regulator but for high pressure applications designed to handle inlet pressures up to 1500psi and can be used on air and a variety of gases. The rugged design is available in

1" (WCB body) and 2" (Ductile Iron body) and offers brass or stainless trim.

        Both the 627 and 630 are soft seated with a flow to open plug. The flow to open plug gives higher flow rates in a compact body, but this makes the plug hard to control. To overcome this issue, a lever is used. The lever allows the regulators to control the plug with a softer spring and a smaller diaphragm. The lever allows the spring and diaphragm to manage the high plug loads caused by the high flows and pressures.

        Both regulators are available on the Jordan Valve Express program which allows for standard delivery of quantities of up to 5 in one week and standard delivery of quantities of greater than 5 in 2 weeks.


Download MK627 datasheet

Download MK630 datasheet

Submit pressure regulator application request 



Rugged Submersible Level Sensor

PBLT2 submersible level sensor

The PBLT2 Submersible Level Transmitter is manufactured for years of trouble free service even in the harshest applications.  The PBLT2 measures the height of the liquid above its position via a piezoresistive sensing element encased in a very heavy duty 316 SS housing.  This unit is designed specifically for operation in wastewater and slurry applications.  This system is suitable in sludge pits, clarifiers, alum tanks, sumps, lime slurries, oil tanks and reservoirs.  The PBLT2 includes as standard superior lightning and surge protection utilizing dual arrestor technology - eliminating both power supply surges and lightning ground strike transients.  The unit features an extra large 316 SS diaphragm to prevent clogging and is resistant to damage from floating solids and debris.


The unit is equipped with a 270 pound tensile strength, shielded, vented cable. Various cable lengths are available depending on your application. The transmitter is a two wire loop powered (13-30 VDC) design for simple electrical installation.  An intrinsically safe design is available for installations in Class I, Div 1, Groups A, B, C, D; Class II, Div 1, Groups E, F, G; Class III, Div 1 hazardous locations.



Download PBLT2 datasheet


Watch video demonstration


Tech Quiz Answer
Answer: B, Conductivity
In most magmeters, as long as the fluid conductivity is above 5 microsiemens (micromho/cm) the magmeter will work.  The magmeter measures volumetric flow.