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  September 2010


Kitchen Remodel

Welcome to Design News

Welcome to the second edition of Design News. The intent of Design News is to educate, inform, and assist by offering healthier greener alternatives. Our goal is to help you create healthy, beautiful projects, all while having some fun!

Over the next year, our six issues of Design News will cover these topics:
  • Interior Design Tips and Trade Secrets
  • Expert Color Advice
  • Remodeling Tips from the Pros
  • Healthier Green Alternatives for your Home
  • Design Trends
  • Feng Shui Tips
  • Design Trade Specials
We hope you enjoy our second edition of Design News!

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Whimsical Barn Door

Farmhouse Makeover
with Signature Style
"Clean, classy and casually elegant.  This quaint farm house in Northern California 's wine country transformed  from nothing special to a fresh and happening showplace where the owners proudly bring world-class musicians and wine industry insiders".

Begin with a historical farm house in the heart of Sonoma County's Dry Creek Valley; add modern yet classic clean lines, with a bit of farm-implied whimsy.  This fresh design approach is the signature design of Lorraine Alexander.  Alexander's keen sense of scale, practical use of space, and attention to detail, makes this project shine.

It all began with an extremely awkward floor plan that brought arriving guests directly on top of the master bedroom, eliminating any hope of privacy for the owners of this home.  To remedy this design challenge, the entry was expanded to create a unique art gallery wall, allowing for privacy while adding a striking entrance to the threshold of this new master bedroom suite.  Upon entering this quaint retreat for two, one is pleasantly surprised by an oversize lime-green barn door dressed with authentic barn hardware which now sets the stage for this handsome wine country project.


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Modern Interior
How to use an Interior
Design Professional

by Lorraine Alexander
Better understand the key role a designer plays in any project

Published in the Redwood Empire Remodeling Associations Building News

On any interior project, interior design is a key element that is often overlooked. A skilled designer is an essential resource that will bring your remodel or new construction project from ordinary to exceptional, by guiding you to the finest choices that reflect your personal style and budget. Unlike the role of an architect or contractor, interior designers look at the practical use and function of interior space, while creating a handsome aesthetic.

Whether a designer helps develop the floor plans or revises existing plans, a designer's recommendation will significantly improve your project. Their role in the planning phase is essential, as they skillfully assess furniture layout, function and the visual balance of the interior space.

Creating your design team...


Vancouver Island, BC
 Creek in Forest

Green Tips Logo
Think Green!
6 Principles of Green Design
The first rule of sustainability is to align with natural forces...or at least not try to defy them".     
                                                   Paul Hawken

There are six widely accepted "fundamental principles" of green design. Together they provide a good overview of how we can create healthy living spaces for ourselves and for the planet.

1. Low-impact materials are the foundation of a green design. Choose non-toxic, sustainably produced or recycled materials which require little energy to process.

2. Energy efficiency is a corporate and individual social responsibility and must not be overlooked. Utilize materials that use energy-efficient methods in the manufacturing, installation and usage processes. Design the space for efficient use of lighting and heating/cooling.

3. Durability and longevity make for longer-lasting and better-functioning products; thus, they will have to be replaced less frequently, minimizing production time, efforts and costs.

4. Design for the reuse/recycling of the textiles and products. Use materials that can be recycled, composted or reused in their commercial "afterlife."

5. Enhance indoor environmental quality (IEQ) of the space. The IEQ of a building has significant impact on occupational health, comfort and productivity. Whenever possible, design to maximize daylight, have appropriate ventilation and moisture control, and avoid using materials with high volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

6. Protect and conserve water. A sustainable building should reduce, control or treat site runoff. Use water efficiently, and reuse or recycle water for on-site use when feasible.


 Source: Lisa Adams, Closet Magazine

Green Tips LogoHome Savings Tip

Simple Flush

Create water savings instantly!Water savings for your bath

Eco-friendly dual flush upgrade.

Did you know that 40% of all household indoor water is used for the toilet?  If your toilet has average water use, Simple Flush will save you 50% of your water use instantly with the push of a button, without replacing your existing toilet.  Small and simple to install (do it yourself in 30 minutes). Dual flush advanced technology can be added to your existing toilet for under 120. Savings payback of 100. in 1.2 years.

For info go to: info@brondell.com 1-888-542-3522

Next Issue of Design News,  November... our Holiday Issue!

We appreciate your continued support and hope you find Design News interesting and informative. 

Lorraine Alexander
Lorraine Alexander Interior Design

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Design by Lorraine Alexander

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Farmhouse Makeover with Signature Style
How to Use an Interior Design Professional
Think Green! 6 Principles of Green Design
Easy Water Saving Tip
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Lorraine Alexander

Lorraine Alexander

Recognized interior design professional, has over twenty years in the field of design and interior color.

Green Building Certified, she is committed to greener, healthier homes for her clients, and sustainable design and building practices.

As an interior designer, she specializes in residential remodeling and new construction.

Lorraine serves on the Santa Rosa Junior College Advisory Committee for the Interior Design Program.

She is a Board Member of the Redwood Empire Remodeling Association, and Adviser and Chair for the Green Building Committee. 

As a chapter member
of  the US Green Building Council, she serves the Steering Committee as Education Chair.
She holds a certificate with Sonoma State University in Green Building. Lorraine works and resides in Northern California, and British Columbia.

  We support Green Education in the building trades

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