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  November 2010


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Welcome to Design News
Happy Thanksgiving

Welcome to the third edition of Design News. The intent of Design News is to educate, inform, and assist by offering healthier greener alternatives. Our goal is to help you create healthy, beautiful projects, all while having some fun!

Over the next year, six issues of Design News will cover these topics:
  • Interior Design Tips and Trade Secrets
  • Expert Color Advice
  • Remodeling Tips from the Pros
  • Healthier Green Alternatives for your Home
  • Design Trends
  • Feng Shui Tips
  • Design Trade Specials
We hope you enjoy this edition of Design News!
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 A Simply Grand Entry      
 Finding Your Curb Appeal

Entry door

by Lorraine Alexander
Whether your home is stately and elegant or simple cottage style, the entry to your home makes a statement, good or bad. Your entry is the defining element of your home's curb appeal.

Feng Shui Rules of Thumb for Fabulous Curb Appeal

Is your entry easy to see from the street?  The practice of Feng Shui teaches that Ch'i (pronounced chee) described as the natural universal energy, enters the home from the front door, making the entry to a home significant.  The folk-lore associated with this practice states that when the entrance to a home has good Feng Shui, the Ch'i (or cosmic universal energy) will flow freely into the home, and bring the occupants good fortune, abundance and wealth.

Whether you believe in this 5,000 year old ancient Eastern philosophy of design or not, most folks will admit that the approach to your home really does set the tone or mood for new visitors; making them feel welcome and at ease, or not. Read more...


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Are Energy Efficient Bulbs Healthy?
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High-efficiency bulbs, savings vs. health
Light bulbs

CFLs (compact florescent lamps) are the newest generation of twisted fluorescent bulbs designed to be as compact as a standard light bulb. Developed in part by the U.S. Department of Energy as part of the Energy Star Program. While high-efficiency bulbs save energy, they contain mercury; if broken, they can be a heath hazard. They should never be disposed of in your garbage can. Local retailers have recycling programs for responsible disposal. To find the closest recycling center go to Earth 911.

There is much controversy regarding the safety of CFLs. Research and make your own decision about whether these bulbs are a good choice for you and your family.  What should you to do if a CFL breaks? Read more...


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Eco-Friendly Gifts  

Margaret with flowers

Flowers add a festive tone to any occasion, especially the holidays.

When it comes to gifts, going green is easy. Consumable gifts with recyclable packaging, gift certificates from eco-friendly stores and floral arrangements are a few good choices. Choose gift bags with recycled content and re-use them the following year. Select soft ribbon instead of bows, (easy to re-use again and again). Make or purchase boxes covered with a natural fiber like cotton. These boxes can be reused and make wrapping a snap. Email your holiday greeting cards. One company that offers a variety of online cards is www.smilebox.com. Your gift to our future...reduce waste.

We have a few simple tricks great ideas to share.  Read more to save money and create gorgeous designer style in your holiday floral arrangements.  Read more......

Strive for simplicity


Strive for Simplicity...

Find the simple joys of this holiday season.



"The greatest gift is a portion of thyself."


                       Health, peace and happiness to us all.

We appreciate your continued support and hope you found Design News interesting and informative. 

Lorraine Alexander
Lorraine Alexander Interior

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A Simply Grande Entry, Finding Your Curb Appeal
Are Energy Efficient Bulbs Healthy?
Eco-Friendly Gifts
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Lorraine Alexander Interiors will participate in this festive fund raiser by decorating one of the rooms!

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